Vote Lottery #6

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lucky steemian.jpgUpvote this post to have the chance to win the prize pool for this vote lottery.

The winners of this lottery will be announced after the payout in a separate post.

How does it work?

Each day, I will start 3 new vote lotteries. During the next 7 days (until the payment for the lottery post is completed) you can enter the contest, simply by doing this:

  • Upvote this post with 100% and become a Lucky Steemian.

Why is it mandatory to upvote with 100%?

The upvote with 100% is mandatory to make this as fair as possible. A 1% upvote that results in a win is not fair!


  1. Every day I will upvote 3 posts from Lucky Steemians, that comment on one of the 3 daily posts, with a link to a post of your own.
  2. If you resteem this post, there is another upvote waiting for one Lucky Steemian.

The Prize Pool and how it works

  • The prize pool will consist of 60% of the SBD received for the lottery post. If this is under 1SBD, there will be only one winner who takes it all. If it is higher, it will be split like this:

    First prize will be awarded with 50% of the money.
    Second prize will be awarded with 30% of the money.
    Third prize will be awarded with 20% of the money.

  • The other 40% will go into a pool that will be payed out every Sunday to the Lucky Steemians.

  • 50% of the reward from this post will always go into SteemPower and all the SteemPower of this account belongs to the Lucky Steemians.

What is a Lucky Steemian?

You are a Lucky Steemian as soon as you upvote one post with 100%. You buy yourself in for a lifetime. With every upvote you make, you buy yourself more shares from the pool. Every Sunday when I will send the money to the Lucky Steemians, I will also make a post with the shares everyone owns.

When can you see the winners?

The winners for this round will be available after the payout in 7 days.
Follow me and participate in each of the 3 vote lotteries a day.
If you want to upvote every post automatic, leave me a message on the official discord channel.

Good luck!



Hi tyrone, i am just confused, why so many flags? what is the next idea?