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RE: Win up to 5SBD !! New Giveaway Announcement - 6.6

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I would totally enter if it weren't for the resteem element. Not because I'm a selfish jerk who doesn't want to promote people whose work I support, but because I really don't like the current setup and I'm holding out for the next version of Steemit to support the ability to create a new tab or toggle on/off whether resteems show up on your blog as they currently do, because the current setup makes it hard to establish your own voice, especially if you enter lots of contests. It does make me feel bad because other people have resteemed my stuff before (though I've certainly never mandated it) and I want to reciprocate. Fingers crossed that they fix the problem in the next update because I think it is a major UX issue. Anyway, from speaking with other people on here, I know I'm not the only one who either holds off on or is very selective about participating in contests which require resteems, so I'm trying to let people know when I see it so they know that there may be a tradeoff in participation vs. how much exposure they get.


Alright, I tried it for the first time in this giveaway. Thank you so much for your feedback! I wanted to put it down in my next giveaway but you wrote something that I will respect. I will put it down right now.

Totally up to you! I don't know if anyone has experimented at all with seeing the benefit of requiring resteems in terms of getting more exposure vs. the benefit of suggesting but not requiring it and getting more participants. You might try both and see if it affects turnout at all? As I said, if they figure out a new UI for resteems where it's easier to differentiate on your blog, I'll happily resteem. :)

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