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RE: Quest In The Realms: the adventure begins!

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At the end of a long they when I traveled on the lightning rail to the Shaman of Man Ha... Meden Rudnik, met with the Sages of Digits and Currencies in Kame... Karnobat, drank the heavy wine my father has bestowed upon me... I have been reminded of another adventure waiting to jump upon my drowsy head...

Wake up and smell the Potassium!

Great to have it started, maties! Onward to ... well, onward!


Give me your pusher's name!! He must have prime quality potassium! We're happy to see you here with us, proud adventurer of the Realms!

giphy (13).gif

Four and then some hours of not going to sleep took me there... Let's see if I can do it again without the potassium boost and stay coherent enough to reply to those authors of a fun and also fun adventure.

I trust my brain to self produce the needed drug mix 😜 let's see, let's see!