Pick a Story for me to Write and You Could Win $175 SBD! ROUND TWO, Scifi! And Today's WINNER!!!

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Welcome to day 2, of my You Pick the Story Contest!

Here's how it works! I'll share five prompts and you vote for the one you like best. You're welcome to add any ideas to your vote, but, I'll only obligate myself to the prompt.

Once you've decided on which prompt you want me to write a story about, by tomorrow, leave your vote in the comments, follow me and upvote this post to be entered! If you'd like a second entry, tag a friend! Three entries? Greedy bugger, Resteem the post. You can only choose one prompt. If you do all three, and your prompt is the winner, your name goes in three times!

The prompt with the most votes will be my inspiration. I will create a completely original short fiction by the next day, based on that prompt of at least 500 words. In addition, I will use the winning voters name as a character in the story!

Choose one prompt per day, but come back often!

Here's Today's Winner!

So, today's winner is @bearbear613

I'll be posting the story by this evening. @bearbear613, you will be a 25% beneficiary of that post automatically upon payout, through Steemplus, direct to your wallet! CONGRATS!


Today's Story

Here's Today's 5 Prompt Choices!
  1. You wake to find yourself in a cramped, dark space. When you escape, you discover you’re a stowaway in an alien travelers luggage.
  2. You’re an off-planet worker, commuting between worlds in a molecular transporter beam, when it breaks down, stranding your consciousness between worlds.
  3. When all of the service bots on your planet suddenly lose interest in work, the humans have to remember how to do menial daily tasks, they’ve not done for generations.
  4. You are the inventor of the latest game fad, a Virtual Reality experience that allows users to glimpse their afterlife
  5. Your city is under siege by an armada of gigantic houseflies, the size of elephants.

Okay, so, you know what to do!

  1. Choose your favorite prompt from the list of 5 scifi prompts above
  2. Follow my profile
  3. Upvote the post
  4. Leave a vote for your fave in the comments!
  5. Earn extra entries by tagging a friend or resteeming!
  6. Earn one more extra by actually writing a post and linking to my contest!


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I choose Prompt #3. Mad jealous of your hat collection :o

Man, you should have seen my theater studio, used them as decor there along the tops of the walls, over 400 hats! Sold almost all of them. This is my personal collection, those were for costumes. Thanks for playing! Here's the story from yesterday's prompt. #

Today's Story

I'll go for #4, the afterlife intrigues everyone.

Well, it's a big topic! a lot of intrigue to go around, I guess! Here's the story from yesterday's prompt. #

Today's Story

Thanks! I appreciate the extra promo! Here's the story from yesterday. #

Today's Story

Prompt #3 is my vote!

Great, thanks, check out the story from yesterday's prompt. #

Today's Story

Prompt 3.

Got it, check out the story from yesterday's prompt. #

Today's Story

Number 3 - A wish regarding some of the bots on Steemit!

Great choice! Check out the story I wrote from yesterday's prompt. #

Today's Story

Hi, I didn't get an upvote for this account according to steemstats, so, I can't enter your vote in the drawing for the win. Sorry.

Okay, I'll vote for #3. It'd be a sci-fi take on the evergreen niche, prepper fiction. It'd be nice to see the same challenged presented in a science-fiction format.

Followed, upvoted and resteemed. Feel free to verify all three.

Thanks, I appreciate it. Here is the winner from yesterday #

Today's Story

Prompt 2
Will want to know how the humans connect.

Great! I like it! Here's the story from yesterday's prompt. #

Today's Story

I am really digging prompt #1. I always tell family and friends when they're going on a trip, that they can just pack me in their suitcase. Would be awesome to see what you'd come up with for that one. Congrats @bearbear613!!

HA! Yes, I've wanted to write this one since I wrote these prompts a year ago. Here's the story from yesterday's prompt. #

Today's Story

Very cool contest - so happy to have discovered it!
Although others seem to favor #3, I wouldn't go with that because looong time ago I read a novel - some post apocalyptic Earth where people had to re-discover how to do everything.
I'll choose #1 - maybe the aliens are funny...or not...
I'm not sure about the rules, but I'll tag @honeydue to join...

Thank you for the tag, @ladyrebecca, although personally, I'd go with prompt #2 ;)

Great, thanks! Here's the story I wrote from yesterday's prompt. #

Today's Story

Great! Thanks, and look at that, there she is! Here's my story from yesterday's prompt #

Today's Story

Hey, back for some more! Great! Here's the story from yesterday's prompt. #

Today's Story

#3. It reminds me a little of the movie, A Day Without a Mexican where rich people in Californian are permanently separated from their housekeepers. This is a great idea by the way. Resteeming as well.

Right? Thanks for the resteem! Here's the story I wrote for yesterday's prompt. #

Today's Story

I'm going with #3! resteemed as well. I love the idea

Thanks! Well, it's a win/win for me, no risk on the prize, automated handling, and if you guys get me enough attention, me and the winners make out great! LOL So, here's the story from yesterday's prompt! #

Today's Story

I'd love to see you write #3

And I'd also like to invite @byn to come join your contest.

Yes, I'm a greedy bugger :)

Awesome, check out the winning story from yesterday. #

Today's Story

Been there, read that :)

Cool? what did you think?

It surprised me in the direction it took, but not so much in an original way. Honestly it seemed a bit forced, but I suppose that can happen when you're under a deadline...it's certainly happened to me. I'm still looking forward to the next stories though.

Wow, okay, well thanks for the honest feedback.

I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Maybe it's just my reading of the piece. I certainly couldn't do what you're doing in writing a story every day. It's kinda like Harlan Ellison isn't it?

LOL no i was serious you gave honest feedback. No hurt feelings i wrote that piece in thirty minutes. I think expanded it wouldn't feel so rushed

Just read the story too...., and i really loved the way it went...,

I guess we all just have what we look forward to in a piece...,

Nonetheless @markrmorrisjr We are looking forward to more stories from you

Congrats @bearbear613!
@marmorrisjr I would be happy to see you write about #3 :D, upvoting here too :D

Hey, awesome! Looks like a popular choice. here's the story from the prompt for yesterday. #

Today's Story

PROMPT 2 (That seems like a really COOL TOPIC!!!!)

Prompt 4. Would be interesting to see how you write about the afterlife.

Cool, I'd like to work on that one. Here's the winner from yesterday. #

Today's Story

duly noted, wow this is taking off, now if some dolphins and whales will just stumble in here and give me some prize money to give out, I'll have a waiting list! LOL

I think the dolphins and whales could possibly be on sabbatical..... I don’t see many around dishing out anything to anyone.

I like #4. I'd be interested to see how you spin that one.

Cool, thanks! I will put you down as a vote for #4

I was tempted to go with #4 but after reading your amazing story from yesterday's prompt, I think I'd like to see what you can create with #3.

Okay, thanks, and thanks for your kind words about my story. It was fun to write.

Hey @markmorrisjr! I would absolutely love to see you dive into #4! What a great prompt!

Cool, thanks! duly noted, and I agree, I remember when I wrote it wanting to dive into it, but had too many others to write at the time.

Hi friends. I saw your video. And I think victoria coin. I hope it is right.

No, today's winner was @bearbear613

And i choose #3

Oh i failed. But you will be help to like my post. Please

Since I did not receive an upvote from this account, I can't enter you in the contest. Sorry

Mmmmm i want you to write about the #4, that's my choice.
Wich one would you choose @fauxine?

My vote is for prompt #3

prompt #1 would be awesome

Hey @masterpiz,come here!

If tagging would earn me another
I'll pick #2

Second entry for the same prompt

I vote for #4. It could go in so many directions!

Congrats @bearbear613!

Decisions... decisions.... I have to go with number 2 again.

Great, thanks for playing, here's the story from yesterday's. #

Today's Story

Dude! turn your phone when filming! ;)
I choose #3
easiest way to get your video from your phone to your computer is to plug in an USB cable in your computer and phone. another way is to use dropbox or google drive or another cloud.
all roads lead to rome

Yeah, I'm aware. But, Youtube is much faster and more reliable than either of the above.

I like one, But with a twist of Mr Magoo, where things done wrong just turn out right

If I can criticize you and you not take offense. Not on your writing, but on your video. I have followed you for a few week and do appreciate your posts and stories. So please read that I am not speaking against you. ( I am often misread).
Your camera angle on the video, If I can suggest you keep the camera an eye level, (Fixed if possible). Slightly above eye level works good. I think it would have a name like the Chin Up Theory. If it has a name, ask me to explain if I make no sense

Yeah, the video yesterday was a mess. Duly noted. Funny, I actually taught short film. LOL

Prompt 3
I really hope that this one gets chosen, because that is one story I would love to read!

Looks like you are in the clear majority in that hope.

Well I can not wait to see how it plays out in your story!

Bites lip in anticipation...

All prompts seem very interesting and kinda funny.
But i go with prompt #3

Fin I understand this correctly I get a 2nd vote for resteeming. If that’s true I will pick #2 as my 2nd.

no, only one vote, but you'll get a second entry for the first vote!

I actually like #2...@whalez habroz come peek this biko

I vote for prompt #1

and I'd like to invite @diamondoreva to join your contest!!

I chose no. 3. Teach human not to be lazy.