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RE: Friday Poets, Round 8, Contest and Community Building

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Hi, @prydefoltz. Times are hard; nothing better than poetry to get by. Thanks for the iniciative, the invite and my share ☻

Hi, everyone ♥

Here's my contribution for this week:



Excellent poetic approach on the circularity of time. Philosophical reflections that show us a vision to the eternal questions about the movement of life and the behavior of the forces that regulate it.

The wind, like air, like the river, like time
flows in circles, attached to the earth,
like a serpent biting its own tail.

Very good, @marlyn. I loved the treatment of the subject images.

Time inevitably passes all the activities of the human being. Nobody escapes from his domain.

Wonderful philosophical piece. I for one believer there has always been something ... even if it is just this moment:)

Thanks, pryde.