✳️ Mel Booker Music Contest #2 ✳️ What Is Your Passion? ✳️

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Hey everyone - New contest!!!

Pursuing Your Passions

What does that mean? How do we even do that?
I know that pursuing your passions will mean different things to different people
Let's discuss it!!


I was very inspired by all of your thoughts on success from the last contest, so I want to get inspired again. In fact, I think we did a pretty good job of inspiring each other. The discussion format was a lot of fun.

As for pursuing your passions, it can come in many forms:

  • Family (kind of obvious, but of course I needed to include it)
  • A Hobby
  • A Career
  • Business
  • Learning (which is entirely different from going to school)
  • Being an Entrepreneur
  • A charity or philanthropic endeavor
  • Networking/meeting new people

Pursuing something you are passionate about is one of the great pleasures of life.
Even if you hate your job, school, etc. you can always run to this thing, this passion. It often renews your energy, and excitement and often wakes you up in the morning. Well, for some of us creative types, it keeps us up at night. 😊

Maybe your passion is not your current career. It could be that your current career can provide funding for what you really wish to do. I have written about this several times on this blog, and will continue to do so. Remember, just because you are not able to pursue your passion full time, does not mean that you will never get to do so in the future. Pursuing your passion on your free time sure can help you get through the days at the job you hate, or hours of grueling homework and study.

The Rules

2 Winners $10 SBD each at the expiration of this post.

  • Post in the comments 1-2 paragraphs only!!
  • Resteem this post
  • Upvote this post

I want to know/discuss:

  • What are you passionate about at the moment?
  • Why are you passionate about it?
  • What will be the result of your achieving it?

Be sure to comment and discuss with each other - I think that is what makes this community great.

Use Google Translate to view these instructions in your native language.

✳️ Ready ✳️ Set ✳️Go!!! ✳️ 😊

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Steemit for rock n roll

Yes indeed!!! :-)

Hellow @melbookermusic! :)
At the moment, I am passionate about teaching children and helping them go very far in life and mold them to become learners and be productive citizens of our nation. Some people say that teaching is boring and tiring but I never saw that way. In my heart and soul, it occupies everything that I cannot live properly without teaching. I cannot end my day without teaching. I cannot feel the essence of my existence without teaching. Hence, teaching is my driving force each day and night and no one can stop me from doing it.
At the end of the day, I feel comforted and perfectly happy knowing that I shared my knowledge with those young ones who are yet to know about the world and this world is still foreign to them. I am proud to be an unlicensed teacher who stays at home, educating children who are not able to go to school for they need special attention and care. I am proud to have this passion that has clamored over the years and stood the passing of time. I am proud for who I am and where I am today.

That is so great!!! I have been teaching guitar since 1993 and I love it still to this day. I know that your young ones appreciate you. It is a great feeling to be able to teach and lead kids to new, productive things that will enhance their life. Much success to you!! :-)

Thanks much for your compliments @melbookermusic. Looking for more "Question and Answer" challenge in the future. :)

I am proud of your selflessness and dedication.
Continue the good work, because in teaching we learn.

wow......amazing post.i love melbookermusic.
i appreciate your contest.i witting for your every music.
i appreciate your life my friends,

thanks for sharing blog,i like your art.
i wittting for your next post.
best of luck my dear............resteemit.

I have been looking at this contest since the day it started and whenever i try to place an entry, i am always faced with indecisiveness. What i wanted to talk about as my passion was music but i can't deny the feeling i have in my heart. That passion which i am not ashamed of. I am no longer for the prize but the passion.

This is my Entry

My current and forever passion is preaching the Gospel of Christ. I am passionate about it because God loves me that he gave his only son to die for me that i might be saved and because i want others to receive that same salvation and the rewards i have in heaven. ( John 3:16, I John 4:19 )

My result would be the the massive salvation of souls, joy in heaven and eternal life.
( John 3:16, luke 15:7 )


Thank You. Caring about others is always a good thing. :-)

I'm passionate about few things i do now as a man. I do few works, first as freelancer, as a programmer, as a Poet, a bassist and as a writer. Of all these, I'm most passionate about ART- Poetry, Writing and Music. I am a lover of art and i daily pursue to be a better person than i was yesterday. I am majorly passionate about it because art sets my heart ablaze, it makes me a better person, better see my world.
Fulfillment is subject to different definitions by different people. There is no greater fulfillment for me than attaining the heights i have set for myself, it is a record fulfillment. The result is first to simply show people who never believed arts works in Nigeria that it really does and secondly touch life with every bit of my works.

I too love the creative arts, music, writing art, it fascinates me.Much success to you show the arts to Nigeria!

Thank you Mel booker. Thank you for letting me share my dream story.

Arts liberate people from the shackles of mediocrity. Writing frees the mind of unhealthy thoughts. Keep up your good work.

Truthfully spoken bro. I've beome a great deal of a man through Arts generally.

You definitely depicted your skills in this post. I am much more like you - maybe that's why we have almost same usernames. I programme and write too.

Art definitely has a place in this country even though it's less appreciated. But still I think each person can't go a day without relating with "art". Art is a representation of our mind and thoughts. It is the voice and tone of communication.

Nice one. Pleasure meeting you

I'm pleased to meet you. For me, art is number one love, then coding. Are you into front end or back end?

I'm more of a front end person. You?

Front end too, but i must confess, i'm still learning.

Thanks for asking this question! I'm sure it will light a fire in any heart that has a passion!

I am passionate about changing the way people think about education. Making people understand that you learn for your life, not for you exams. Giving them problems that makes them think instead of making them memorise stuff. I am an engineering student and I love learning and teaching! I am so passionate about such a seemingly small thing probably because this is not a small thing, this is the most important thing one can learn or do, teach effectively! I have always admired the power a teacher holds. You think an engineer is smart? An engineering teacher handles(and yes, trust me, we need to be handled) more than you would care to be left alone with it. A particle physicist is brilliant? Well you get the point.

I believe that teachers need to realise that power. And they need to use it for the greater good. You can imagine the possibilities that would come if the teachers just buckled up and took their job seriously. Pardon me, not job, profession! And yes, do not take up this profession when you fail at everything else. Take it when you succeed at everything. This is not a last resort. This should be a childhood dream, to teach!
Cheers to those who agree!
Think harder to those who do not!

Wow...teaching is something great.
We all are because we've been taught.

you are right my friend.

Teaching isn't just impacting, it is a light to the tutor and the taught. The teacher gets opened to learning new ways to what he's teaching while the student learns a new art.

I am a fan of teaching myself and I would definitely love to teach one day

Truer words have never been spoken.

You are right friend. There must be a unique shift in how education and not academics now is been handled. All parties included i.e the students and the teacher mustbe equiped to be team players.

I'm passionate about Helping others in Making their Life Better Because it is worth living and giving, my passion to live the best life possible is by helping as many others live better lives, along the way my life improves, by sharing knowledge and opinions in the hope that others can learn and profit from it, my hope is that someone can one day offer a solution to a problem from me helping them wanting to dig deeper into themselves to bring out the best in themselves for themselves.

Hope this is something that helps you find your passion, don't look for money making things in life, look for solutions to helping others, the money will follow.

Thats a noble passion to have...helping others.

That is a noble cause. You have a good heart.

Freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants. One does not necessarily have to be enslaved to be not free. In modern times, a lot of things may oppose a person's freedom, be it political and ethnic oppression, ignorance, or financial constraints. I live in a society were the most sort after kind of freedom is financial abundance. With that in mind, my passion is to become a successful entrepreneur. To be specific something relating to the culinary arts, because I love good food.

A while ago, I read a book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. This became the foundation of my passion to become a successful entrepreneur. Thoughts of been in a position to give back to my family is what keep me going each day. By achieving this I hope to inspire people, especially young girls like me, that they can be successful if they set their minds to it.

Hello to the budding entrepreneur. Let me say we share the same thing. Recently, I have been searching my head for ideas and all in the quest of bringing to the table a ground breaking entrepreneurship innovation.

Keep moving, we'll get there.

Thanks @mrbreeziewrites, it's really to cool to see someone who share in my perspective.

It's a pleasure.

@tej37 I commend you on your choice of books, and your desire to be an entrepreneur as well. I have several Kyosaki books - very good reading. I also have The Millionaire booklet by Grant Cardone, and a host of others. Much success to you! I will visit your blog. :-)

Thanks, I'd see if i can get my hands on that other book. Thanks again, for giving me a place to rant about my passion.

"Once you stop learning, you start dying", so said Albert Einstein. My passion has always been to learn, to acquire knowledge, knowledge that empowers, knowledge that propels me unto the achievement of greater things. My life thrives on my passion for new knowledge, so in the dull repetition of my life's daily activities, reading something new, knowing something new lights up my day.

That nameless thrill and the feeling of satisfaction that comes from knowing is what makes me so passionate to learn. Even now, I write this post because my passion to learn led me to research about cryptocurrency and thus my subsequent discovery of steemit. It is rather unfortunate that learning is a continuos process so one cannot say he has achieved knowledge, but i'll be proud to know that my successes are a result of knowledge gathered from learning as well as the postive impact i'll have on people. This also gives me a cause for tommorrow because there's always something new to learn.

Thank you @melbookermusic. Lets live, lets learn.

Learning is like a superpower. You become more and more knowledgeable. Learners are leaders, the inventors and the successful people out there.

Nice one. I believe in continuous learning myself.

That is great. Learning, like music, never ends. There is always something new we can learn, and there is always a benefit.

Thats true, and that is why i have made learning a passion. Oh i learnt some music too, i can nowplay the piano after trying for some years, haha.
But learning something new is altogether intriguing, thank you.

Certainly true

Yes, it is. Thank you Friend.

My passion is playing professional Scrabble. I used to believe I can't forget anything I read, until I had to start memorising word lists(especially the four letters) and words literally disappear from my brain, this and the fact that no scrabble game is ever repeated are my greatest drivers. I naturally love reading, so since I also have to study word lists for up to 6hours a day to get to the top of the game, it's more like second nature to me

When I achieve my aims of being the national, African and world champion, I'll be able to further my present efforts in training younger ones to play the game professionally and in the process help themselves and their families with the rewards.

Love that! Studying word lists??? Very cool. You can certainly learn a lot about things doing that.

Trust me, it's a great opportunity to learn, I learn things I can't even imagine. Thanks for the opportunity to share my passion

You are on your way to be a world champion, my friend. I hope to share that glorious moment with you when you hold that trophy in your hands and the world is at your feet.

Thanks man, I appreciate the support.

Check out the two letter and three letter words.
Those are game winners trust me.

I know all of these already, including their front and back hooks, I've actually gone far in the game, I have a WESPA(World English Scrabble Players Association) rating of 1450+

Wow, That's very good.
How do you join the association.

You need to locate the local Scrabble club closest to you and register with them, and if you don't mind, where is your exact location, I may be able to contact someone that can reach you.

I stay at portharcourt.

Please visit the Shell Club and ask for Mr Mpakaboari Jack or Mr Oshikena Ojior

Okay. Would check it out next weekend.

Basically, i am passionate about making life a better place to live in for me and people around me, this is as a result of where i come from, a country where there is a good number of people who wish things could be better, people who deserves better. My plan is to make sure i develop myself to enable me touch as many lives as i can.
Achieving my passion would only result in having lesser sadness in the world and thus, a better earth for us all.

That is great. The world needs more people who care about others.

The world needs more people like you to help realize the perfect type of life we all dream of.

its a nice drive

That is the right part you have chosen.
Keep working on it.

i like your music.
i appreciate your contest,,,thanks for sharing this blog.....resteemit..

My name is @kamalkennedy and one of my biggest passions in life is writing. I hope to be a big time writer someday and that is the reason why I put in a lot of time developing my writing skills. My favourite genres are trillers, politics and comedy. I have a lot of work going on right now and I hope they start to come into completion soon.

My other passion is music. I still record rough samples of my rap that no one listens to but me.
You would be surprised how good it sounds but I can't rush into the market until I have a strong enough ground financially. Thanks to @melbookermusic for this wonderful contest

Writing is a great endeavor. Steemit is the perfect place to develop writing skills.

Thanks Sir. I would continue developing myself here on steemit

With hardwork and dedication, I doubt there is any goal one can't accomplish. Focus on your strengths and feed your passion bro. The sky is the limit.

Wow...i love writers, sometimes i write too.
Cant wait to read your works.

my passion!!!...it might sound weird but it's true. my passion is COMPETITION..competing against myself or others..i found this to be what makes me happy alot...because i always want to beat my best..right from my childhood days up till now, have always found joy in competing with my best, if i have 60 in one subject now, i always want to do better the next time. .and this gives me the drive and motivates me always .. and this competitive spirit has always help me improve myself.
and i do find great joy and satisfaction in this passion. i feel very happy whenever i outdo myself. and i think its a great passion i have there....
thanks for the opportunity to talk about this @melbookermusic..and its a great art you have up there

Not weird, it's great to push yourself to new standards, and new goals.

thank you sir

Totally agree with you.

I really don't think it is weird, we all have different drivers.

It is never bad to be different. Moreover, competition mostly brings the best out of you. It is more like a catalyst. It puts more energy and will in you.

Nice one

exactly. .and bringing out the best in yourself is very important. thats why i like it..i get to do things i don't even think i could do in years to come.. i make records by myself and i do break them again myself. its really helping , so it has become part of me.
thanks once again

Keep it going fam. You're on track.

Competition is good, but I advice you keep it healthy, so that you don't create unnecessary enemies or become envious when you do not win.
Competing with yourself is excellent.
Keep on improving you.

thanks for that. .and i will keep that close to my heart..

It might sound weird and probably unserious but I'm passionate about talking!!. Sharing ideas I have with people, advice people and have them just listen to me. I would like very much to be a radio presenter or to even anchor a talk show one day.

Not weird. Not weird at all. ever heard of DTube? :-) Start your own radio show, start your own talk show - right on DTube. New technology eliminates "someday" and enables you to reach millions right away. Good luck. ...and tag me when you start your show! :-)

I'll check it out and I'll definitely tag you when I start too😇

You know these guys, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey? They like to talk too. And look at them now, they rich af. So maybe weird is the new normal.

Would also love you to tag me when you start.
I love to see new ideas bursting into realization.
Good luck.

I'll definitely do that😊

Talking is definitely an art. Ted X is surviving today because of the talkers. Trust me, if you put energy and build yourself correspondingly, talking could put you on the platter of gold.

Do tag me along too

I am passionate about two things, and those are my family (my wife and my kids) and my music. I can get real energy from the both of them. While I love to talk about music a lot in all it's forms and enjoying it to the fullest, I can get really emotional (passionate if you like) seeing my kids grow up, discovering life with all it's ups and downs...And supporting them in their journey. Doing everything for them to accomplish what the want to accomplish that's my passion....

The same goes for music.... it's a passion which I can't really describe, but I can't certainly live without.....It's the motor of my excistence...

Thank you..

It is very fulfilling getting to watch your kids grow up and see their journey.

absolutely man, there is nothing more important to me....And it gives me drive every single day again...

family is life

Absolutely, my breath...

Good to know you are a music lover.
And the way you talk about your family is admirable.

Ah thank you very much...appreciate it !!

In this part of the wold where I live, it is commonly said that family comes over everything

totally agree...that's the same overhere.. But not all people are seem to be living this 'standard'. I see it around me, people who choose their own glory and fun above their family... I can't, won't do that..... I would give my live for my kids and wife !!

Hi,My passion is to prove my self .My name is Lavanya and Housewife.I completed my degree.My relativs always asked me what you do to get degree also.You have no capacity to earn like this,I always face this type of words.

On this time,I strongly decided I prove my self .I live in my earnings only don't ask anything others.

That is great. Many times others do not see or value what we value. Much success to you! :-)

Thankyou very much

Knowing our worth is the best that could happen to us. Thank you for taking up the passion to prove yourself.

It is very important to me in my life.

You are certainly a good example to women. Keep chasing your dreams and proving your self.

Thankyou very much you give new energy to me.

Quite inspiring. I believe trying to prove oneself in fact makes success more achievable. It drives one to continue and eliminate discouragements

Yes,i agree with you.

Wow...wonderful art..i appreciate this life...

I am quite passionate about people especially helping those who are less privileged. Well for now, I am an electronics engineer, I am happy doing what I do, especially when I am able to solve people's problem with their gadgets and devices. The expression on their faces as the devices come back to life is in itself satisfying.

I however dream of helping people beyond just fixing their device issues. I want to see people's faces lit up. I want the less privileged to get more privileges. I dream to have a foundation, and specifically, to help the deaf ones or people hard of hearing. I volunteered my time and effort to learn American Sign Language, I try to the best of my ability to help the deaf whenever I see them. This is my dream. This is my purpose. This is what brings me joy. This is what am really passionate about!

Man, that is great! Looks like you have to find out what are the requirements to starting a non-profit/charity and get started. I have two students that have started a charity to provide clothing for kids in the U.S. Foster Care system. I think most people would love to help you - just show them the way. :-) Much success to you!

You have good intentions and that is a noble thing to have

Hi Mel. My biggest passion? Well we could start by saying that my great passion is football (soccer) ... why? Since a very short age I began to realize that in my house there was a big rivalry ... my father vs my two brothers, FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid ... my father and my brothers fought to draft me into their teams, but only one game and one player was enough for me to make that important decision ... Ronaldinho Gaucho. It was May 2005 and on that occasion FC Barcelona beat Real Madrid 0-3 under a Ronaldinho football lesson, even all Real Madrid’s fans at the stadium got up to applaud and cheer him... it was the most epic thing I saw in my life. Since that day I’m a huge fan of this beautiful sport, and it has made me live unique moments… it has made me scream, cry, feel euphoric, upset, sad, desperate, anxious, and another endless emotions. And it is important to note that this rivalry is more alive than ever in my house, my two brothers vs me and my dad.

With music is entirely different, because I not only enjoy to listening it or watching concerts ...I develop my talents in it. With music I express myself, I try to speak through it, just as I try to listen what musicians want to transmit through it. Music is a divine gift. When I get angry or despair, I'm not one of those who hit the wall or give a cry to the sky, I simply connect my electric guitar and let my emotions flow through notes. Music is a language and a way of life. That's why music is not just my passion, it's my life.

Very cool @javiervasquez ! I grew up watching American Football, but now Soccer as we call it, is gaining quite a bit of popularity. As for music, yes, speaking through your instrument is the only way sometimes.

Welcome brother. I am a Barcelona fan.
I have been one since I knew what football is.

excellent mmusic contast.

My names is @kwistii....i am passionate about making a difference in anything i do and being successful. This makes me work extra hard in trying to be the best and do things with a difference...it pushes me towards to success.
Apart from this another passion is art....pencil drawing to be precise, whenever i pick up my pencil and produce something amazing there is an unexplainable joy that fills my heart...
Thanks @melbrookermusic

That's great! I admire artists. I am not very good at art/drawing but I have many friends who are. I know several tattoo artists, painters, and drawing experts - amazing people. Much success to you! :-)

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Okay so this question has made me think about myself and my tendencies.What am I passionate about? I am passionate about very few things in this world, but what I am passionate about shapes me. My main passion stems in finding true happiness in life. Many people chase grades, money, people, when in reality none of those things will truly help your happiness. When you get a good grade on a test, you're happy for a short time, then you're stressing over the next one. When you make a good amount of money, you can afford the best purse at Kohls, but what about the one in the Gucci store? The point is you'll always be chasing something higher, and you will never have time to truly be happy in your state. My passion is having happiness within myself no matter what the situation.

I love to spend time playing guitar. For me, it is a time to unwind and ponder over the activities of the day passed. Of late, I have not been able to indulge much in it because of my erratic work schedule but I hope to get back to it soon.

I love guitar too :-) Even now, I would play all day if I were able to.

This post had me thinking.
Being happy should be everyone's passion.
Because you cannot make anyone happy if you are not happy.
Nice one @warudo.

Normally I'm passionate about my music and my gardening. I find it more difficult to be passionate about most things in the winter with my seasonal depression, but I keep trying to focus on continuing to work on my music as best I can. It helps me get through the winter.
I like working on tube amps, but I don't know if I can actually say that I'm passionate about it, it's more of a hobby for me. It's interesting, but I'm not driven by it.

It seems winter depression happens quite a bit to people. At least you do have music stuff to keep you busy.

With your gardening you are making this already polluted earth greener. The world such worship gardeners as they strive to keep the earth eco-friendly. I applaude you bro.

Love this its inspirational I have passion for showing love to other people I do this because I want love to be shared around the world and in a place of love the world will end up to be a better place for everyone including steemians

That is really a great thing. If people loved more, and fought less we would be on our way.

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How we can participate

The Rules

2 Winners $10 SBD each at the expiration of this post.

Post in the comments 1-2 paragraphs only!!
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I want to know/discuss:

What are you passionate about at the moment?
Why are you passionate about it?
What will be the result of your achieving it?

Be sure to comment and discuss with each other - I think that is what makes this community great.

Use Google Translate to view these instructions in your native language.

My most genuine passion started when I realized that plants didn't have dna, yet they were alive and kind of breathed but in reverse. Trees have the power to clean water and soil, pollution and basically repair everything that our human nature either contaminates or destroys one day at the time. They make possible not only all food that we need, they also made and are meant to shelter and protect every creature, animal and biological system throughout the entire planet. Trees disipate sunlight, they already achieved what we're currently developing with solar panels, they clean the air and not only that, they also produce oxygen from water and are simply the foundations between the forces of light, water, air and earth. Plants have a natural way of propagating themselves, and once I understood what I could give them to thrive and multiply, I didn't stop. 8+ years have passed and since I started with only 25ish plants from 4 or 5 species, I have now a stock of over five thousand, and more than 50 different species distributed between 3 or 5 gardens at the same time.

It's been a long journey for me, but I'm barely starting. My passion for science made me not just a farmer or a gardener, it made me an engineer. Even though I didn't finish Engineering at college, I worked as much as if I did, studied and learned many things as well. And now I'm at a point where I aim to spread my work and knowledge as much as I can. I teach seminars at schools, and try to raise awareness not only in climate change, but in human change as well. We have the power to turn this planet into a better spaceship, it's the only one we've got right now and we need to be more passionate about it. It's very difficult for me to reach people and convince them into wanting to do something about pollution, our trash, recycling methods, etc. I learned that only one tree can make up to 200 pounds of oxygen per year, and if we messure well enough our nature, we can find a balance between that and human kind. We have the power to manage and make a better environment and climate as well. Only by owning a couple of plants you are building oxygen, and that can translate into cooler temperatures and less contamination, where you live and around you too. We can make a change. Help the world in and out!!

That is so cool. I often forget about trees and how vitally important they are, that is until some reminds me :-) so thanks for that. There are a few tree farms where I live, and many trees, that have been planted, as Southern California is really just a desert. Very cool man to learn about that man - thanks!

Thanks to you! Thank you Mel for bringing all of us together. I'm beyond honored by just being here. It's refreshing to see as many people sharing this building of a future together as I do in your posts. It's been amazing to read all of your thoughts, followers included. Every artist deserves a shot, and we all, since kids, were artists. It's up to us to keep believing in it! I must say I didn't include a paragraph, I had to cut it to be able to participate without breaking the rules! It was the first of three, but I thought that these two deserved to be here lol.. hope we can continue to share our thoughts and hopefully become a new example for all communities; to become as strong as a champion team would, we all matter and each one of us has something special to contribute. Cheers and a happy weekend to all of you!

@steamdan Thanks for visiting my page :-) This format is great for me. Not everyone shows up in my feed, and I am busy a lot and not in front of a computer :-) I know their are many full time steemians, but I have several other things going on as well. We will have lots more of these discussions. I am learning a lot from all of you.

Wow. This is inspiring. You are so goal driven. I bet I don't know this much about plant.

It's good you moved past just reading but performing experiments. You're a genius.

It does take a while, and a bunch of mistakes to get to the point where you learn a couple of new things. But in this case it's been always better for me to build something new (at least maintain) than just transit an already built roadway! I'm humbled by your comment, thank you for your kind words. Cheers!

Sure, it does. But as they will say, practice makes perfect. Keep unlocking new feats.

It's a pleasure having you around.

Thank you! It's amazing to be able to do your work and earn respect for it. Sometimes we just want to make things happen and it can be very hard. I'm sure everyone needs to be acknowledged at some point, and without goals it can be very difficult, but one has to believe in the power to get things done!

These guys make a lot of oxygen and even help me paying the bills! It's fun to me to see how most people only look at them as if they were merely props!

What is my passion? My Passion, my driver; effortlessly moving me beyond thorns without a glitch and injecting in me energy whose unit of measure is subject to a research. At this moment, my passion is all about web programming.

I find it engaging, research driven and mind building. It is the only place where my imaginations could be represented in lines of code and get actualized. It offers me superhuman powers as I could be whatever I want. By achieving my goals in programming, I will build softwares and programs that will be locally and globally impacting. Thanks.


That is cool! I wish I was more technical at times :-) I feel that I am the most non-technical person in the world. :-) I also wish I had a developer/programmer near me. I have so many ideas, but no way as of yet to implement them.

Smiles. Well, I can say almost everyone is at least 10% technical. It then boil down to interest and passion to go in that direction.

I'm surprised about you not having developers around. I believe there's always at least one some around.

However, you can reach out with your ideas, probably we could build the next best thing together.

It would be really cool if you explained what you do to help the world be a better place with your superpowers.

Technical relevance is avoidable in every aspect of our lives. With my knowledge, I could help businesses build more presence by providing website or mobile app. development services. Auditing firms could benefit in my data analysis skills too.

Tech. is wide in relevance, ideation is the needed. Accomplishing is what I can offer.

Thanks for the comments

nice one there

Hi there, my amen is @Josediccus, during my high school days I picked up a muse for writing poems, however I was on the path to being a doctor, however it was really unfufilling, my life revolved around art and spoken words however, since my father was bent on me being a doctors, I sneak out go to poetry gigs, I perform poems like for people without even collecting a single cent.

Im passionate about poetry because it's in Me, it's like food to my hunger, It was like my shadow going around with me, even now, I write poems and just collect a little money to keep up with life, even when it Is not so lucrative in my country I can do something else, it's my life.

If I became an established poet, the world firstly will have another great mind in the art department, it will also add meaning to my life and give me a purpose to go on with, in life.

thank you @melbookermusic

Wonderful feeling to meet another poet, although I usually need a muse. Where do you reside?

That is great. I should try more poetry. I can write blogs etc, but can't seem to write poetry or song lyrics.

I suppose we have the same problem. I adore song writers and poets as I can't conjure couple of lines of music or poem.

Chuckles. I do poetry too though. I run a blog which promotes poetry and other writings.

I could give you tips on writing one :)

I write poems too.
You can see a couple on my blog.
Nice meeting another poet.

@melbookermusic I guess you have been very busy.

Yes, very busy. I am going to have the winner post/blog tonight. Be on the lookout for it. West coast USA time. Thanks!! :-)

Ok Sir. Keep up the good work.

hello sir. .have you picked the winner for this contest already because have been following you up enough to know who won but have not seen anything yet

Hi! Yes, my staff has picked the winners. I am getting the post ready now. Thanks :-)