✳️ Mel Booker Music Steemit Contest #3 ❗️✳️ INSPIRATION ✳️

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Hey everyone! New Contest - Let's Go!!


  • What is inspiration?
  • How do we get inspired?
  • How do we stay inspired?

Let's Look

Inspiration In Many Forms

Inspiration is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as:
"The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative."

Inspiration can come from:

  • Great music :-)
  • A great book
  • A great friend
  • A great family member
  • A great movie
  • Great artwork

...you get the point.


Most often, we are moved (to action) by great things that inspire us. We continue to be inspired by continually seeking out these great things.

This reminds me of a time in my life when I experienced just that.

I was teaching music at a local store, years before I had my own school. In the studio next to me was a saxophone teacher.
One particular day, as he and I were both between students, he began to play some lines that just "grabbed my ear" - for lack of a better term. Nothing short of amazing.

I went in to his studio, and asked him what he was playing. He began showing me what he was doing, and I played it on my guitar. I'm not sure why I never thought to do that before.
Playing his horn lines on guitar was a new way of thinking for me, thus sparking a quest in me to learn about horn players, and add some of that style to my playing. Inspired was an understatement. As a result, I found myself (the guitarist) listening non-stop to Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy and Rahsaan Roland Kirk. Inspiration from a completely different instrument - a great feeling.

That's just one story. There are many others, but that will have to do for this post. 😊


The Contest

Now, having read my story of how being inspired by one great musician, led me to being even more inspired by other great musicians, this contest will be done the same. I want to find and acknowledge great people here on steemit.
I want "you" to tell of inspiring Steemians. 😊

Here are the rules:

  • Upvote this post
  • Resteem this post
  • The steemian who you vote for must have a reputation score under 60
  • 1-2 Paragraphs Only explaining why they inspire you.
  • 2 Winners - $10 SBD each (for the winning comments, not the person who inspired you)
  • Winning comments will be posted in the announcement post, as well as a shout out for the ones who inspire.
  • Feel free to discuss and get inspired by each other - that's how we roll on my page 😊
  • Contest expires when this post expires: 7 days.

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I vote for @klynic.
Everytime i meet him and we get into discussing. There is always this zeal on my part to do more on the steemit platform. Given that he was the one who introduced me to steemit, its pretty easy for me to be inspired by him.

Another thing is his creativity and his originality on the platform. This drove me to do something meaningful and helpful. So i decided to teach guitar music theory. I love music and decided to help other steemians in that aspect as well.

Thank you @melbookermusic for the opportunity. I really appreciate this contest.

I like your comment @aehiguese ... it reminds me of my son who has got the music bug and shares it with everyone causing more music babies! lol

Hahaha...your son and I are somewhat alike then... Thank you so much Ma for your comment

Thanks! I have followed @klynic

I was inspired by Carole King who wrote and sang songs about feelings, and hurts and fears and joys with such simplicity. I saw how the guitar need be the only accompaniment and the power was in the song, not the instrument!

It made me a great song writer. For example, my song Closing Time found here: http://closingtime.myftps.com/story_html5.html is how I write songs because of Carole King. I saw a neighbor going to a bar, but though many thought he'd only go to get drunk I knew he drank a lot a home, so I dug deep into "why" he went. This song is a product of that, and Carole King is the reason I produce songs based on life.

Wow! I love your song. I love this part, "what matters more is, can you pray? "

Such lovely piece... Well done @nancymoral

I upvote @xpency, this guy is great in what he does in steemit platform, his unflinching effort in reaching out to people and his words of encouragement whenever he holds a meetup is really amazing.
Although he hardly have chance to do all the check up to posts but i respect is sincerity because he never promised me to do it, he inspires me with his words and atittudes, which has propelled me to say I must successed in steemit.
I love motivational and inspirational stuff and i have decided to bring my motivational prowel to the platform to help my follow steemians know that they can make it,even with not knowing anybody.
Thanks @melbookermusic

Great page! I just followed @xpency Thanks!!

Very motivating and inspirational... nice work my friend!
What do you do outside of Steemit... are you a speaker of some sort?
Keep up the great work my friend and thanks for your support so far :)
With Love
Hart Floe Poet

Quoted above, is one out of many comments made by @hartfloe on my posts that have really endeared me to him, making me stimulated and inspired to do more and put more effort into my posts in order to bring out the best that can be out of me, especially in poetry. That particular comment was made on this blog post of mine. Just like you were inspired by the Saxophone teacher who's lines, "grabbed your ear", @hartfloe does not only inspire me through constant encouragement, but being the poet I am, a visit to his blog avails to me so many poems that "grab my heart". These poems of his stimulate, inspire and spark up fire in me to write more great poems and try to be the best at what I do. (Here's a recent poem of his which inspired me so much. It explores the potency of thought and the fact that we all grow and our true beauty shows, when the time is just right)

If there is anything I want to be, I would want to be hardworking, very friendly and write really good poems. I am inspired and motivated by @hartfloe because that is what he really is. I wish I could go further but I am constrained to two paragraphs so I'd better stop here before the hammer is dropped on me for flouting the rules 😀. Anyway, thank you @melbookermusic for this inspiring contest. Yes! the contest in itself is inspiring😁😁. Remain blessed and stay great Sir.

Wonderful music.
I like it.

I vote for @portilloart

I am not sure how "i discovered" him, maybe it was from a resteem in my feed or a curation from @cervantes. He's a talented artist who captivate me with his abstract paintings; he shares his creative process and final masterpieces and i really love his style / work. I think this is one of the first post i read : https://steemit.com/art/@portilloart/pintura-contemporanea-neofigurativo-o-nueva-figuracion-proceso-creativo-detallado , and i love the composition, the colors, the time he took to educate us about the complete process. I also like this paintings a lot : https://steemit.com/art/@portilloart/paintings-works-of-art-from-the-series-faces

All my life i have been a fan of abtract art and since a few years ago i felt the call and urge to create, to draw and paint and even when i have not fullfilled or nurtured this desire so much (because my #1 passion is singing and i prefer to spend my time on it), i am truly inspired by @portilloart and makes me feel more committed to buy art stuff and play around, try his techniques and tips, have fun while trying to create something nice and share it on steemit

Thanks @melbookermusic for this contest and wonderful opportunity to reflect on ourselves and our passions

I vote for @pechichemena as providing inspiration to me. He was one of the first musician/guitarist that I followed on Steemit and gave me the idea to start recording videos for the OpenMic contests. He also had a post about personal guitarists that have influenced who he is today. I thought this was a great idea as it helped followers know a little more about him and his background with music and the guitar. That post inspired me to write a similar post sharing my personal guitar heros. Steemit has been a great platform for inspiration. Thanks @melbookermusic!


I'm following @pechichemena already - cool!!! :-)

Amazing music, I like it 👍

First of all, a huge thank you to all people taking the time to actually show their empathy towards fellow steemians and their work; that separates this network from any other. It's truly inspirational to be able to share this path together and more than that, to follow one another is a true example of what we can achieve, by showing respect and appreciation to everybody's work inside and out of steemit. Kudos to you and a special thank you for Mel and his team, you are the reason for us to share our views, opinions and passions. Thank you! My entry for this contest is written on the next two paragraphs.

"I'm going to try something different here because, having been only 42 days on steemit, I haven't had the opportunity to interact as much as I would've wanted with many people that have made me feel not only inspired, but grateful to be here and to be able to learn and even to speak our minds, asking what we feel necessary, aiming for success through our best work mindset; and that's why who I'm going to give my vote to, hasn't even given me an actual reply, yet I aim to change that by my own work and constancy throughout this life experience called steemit. What made me feel so inspired was this opportunity to finally make my work shine and to use this motivation for actual growth in this community and also around my town. I'm inspired by this user because his motto and main goal is to show/teach 10million people how to grow their own food! To reach that number would mean something as great as giving the world an infinite supply of volunteers, who would commit to fight hunger issues worldwide, and bringing awareness to the fact that we are constantly led into thinking that we shouldn't get involved in this sort of activities, when in fact it is something that we all should at least learn how to do, in order to survive and work for better days, for humanity's itself. There's a reason for us being able to work together. I believe that we can make a difference by showing support to local farmers and homesteaders, organic growers, because it's both challenge and a great job this "magic trick" that growing food is! Please, just take a moment to do the math, how much food would 10.000.000 working people be able to bring to their families, neighbors and entire towns?

@halcyondaze really is a truly ambitious and committed person. When I was as fresh as I could be on this platform I had no big expectations to what sort of activities and work I would find here, and boy was I surprised. I include the word ambition because I believe that in order to inspire others, one has to be courageous and passionate enough to show your work as an example above your desires, setting a new bar every time and making others believe that your goals can be great, especially when they're about helping others and the entire environment. What does @halcyondaze actually do? He runs Epic Gardening and he isn't just about showing his tricks, lessons, knowledge and hacks, but also takes the time to find new information to share through continuous learning, acquiring new experience and methods to be succesful into growing plants and therefore, the ones that really count. the healthiest food: vegetables and fruits! To me this is something beyond inspirational, because it's really a way to bring people together into caring about our planet but also allowing ourselves to stop wanting every food to be just up for sale, without being a part in this activity that can make such a difference in how we live and how we literally grow healthy enough to thrive through any adversity, sickness or disease. @halcyondaze is a leader showing us the way it's done, how you can be succesfull yet ambitious enough to realize, that your goals can be even bigger and better when you include everyone else's into account as well! To be pushed to greatness from people like you is something which I will always be grateful for. And I think that this is the way that we all should carry ourselves, in an inclusive and proactive way of making our planet and entire nature an environmental success. We can help the world to be as healthy as ourselves! This guy finds and manages his time to look out for people who like me, have been working to bring healty and organic food to many more families and entire communities, and always takes the time to make these people show and talk about their work too. This is something that I know as a fact is making a difference into this world, into society's itself. We need to reconnect with nature, with our planet. Every day we can be the change humanity, the entire planet desperately needs."

You never cease to amaze me @steemdan. Thats just what i can say now.
Your care for our ecosystem truly sets you apart.

Thank you @blessedben ! You too have a great gift of admiring both art and nature. You are special and you are also helping to heal this world with your art and passion. Have a great week anc congrats, cheers!

Thank you master! It's truly something to be able to be read by others and to also share our thoughts and work towards one another. I'm happy to be a part of this building of a community. Cheers and have a great week everybody!

this great music I like it sir

Very informative post in this post a great lesson is present through this we become happy thanks for this post @melbookermusic

Question about the "rules". It says to "VOTE FOR & TAG A STEEMIAN WHO INSPIRES YOU IN THE COMMENTS". I did upvote someone that did inspire me in the comments, but how do you "tag" them too? : )

use the @ symbol like this : @nancymoral in your comment here to vote for someone here on steemit. Thanks :-)

I want to find and acknowledge great people here on steemit.
I want "you" to tell of inspiring Steemians. 😊

This post has received gratitude of 9.06% from @appreciator courtesy of @melbookermusic!

I vote for @edprivat as providing inspiration to me.
When im feeling down and lazy his music inspires me to work hard and keep at things, keep thinking about others, and in bad situations Keep the Faith and never give up. Also the general idea of just working as hard as you can to do the best you can do. NOt that this ideas were new to me, but he does put the motivation in me alot of times. I think of all the stuff he can do, all the crap he went through, his hard work etc.He had a desire to be the absolute best, which is what I strive for in my job. One of the things that makes him great is the idea of accepting song request from steemians everyday and finished the production the next 3 to 4 days.hardwork is one of the responsibilities that comes with greatness and I understand that through him

Thanks! Following @edprivat now. :-)

I vote for @kesolink. The truth is Kingsley and I don't really have a cordial relationship but I have been greatly inspired by him for just one reason; His Passion and Hardwork towards promoting Steemit by introducing many to the Community​. He has successfully introduced hundreds and normally collates them in batches with their introduction links for records. I joined and stayed in Steemit because of him, it wasn't really easy at first for me when I joined but I'm now getting to understand the community more; thanks to him.

Having seen how beneficial Steemit has been to me and knowing that I got here by introduction, I have been inspired by @kesolink to go out there and promote the community, for others to enjoy what I am enjoying.

Thanks @melbooker for this opportunity.

Thanks! I am now following @kesolink

hay good post follow my id

Wow..i like music.
I appreciate your contest..resteemit

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