✳️ Mel Booker Music Steemit Contest: What Is Success? ✳️

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OK Steemians here we go! :-) Let's get everyone sharing about success, goals, and things they would like to accomplish.

My staff at Mel Booker Music will pick 2 Winners each getting 5 SBD

And yes, I hope to grow this and help this community learn about work, and achievement. 😊

Contest Rules

  • Comment Below Only 1 Paragraph on what success means to you.
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Please comment, discuss (upvote), and inspire each other's comment. Lot's of encouragement can come from our peers, so let's help one another! 😊

I am very interested in reading what all of you aspire to do my friends. I have great friends who inspire me, so I would like to do the same here.

The winners will also be featured in a post on success/achievement with a shoutout.


Contest ends in 7 days when post ends.

Let's do something great today!



Success to me is living with authenticity, passion and a sense of wonder. It means committing to only that which lights my fire, feeds my soul and challenges me to be my best. Success to me means living my truth, sharing my gifts and making my unique contribution to the world ..having a plan is definitely important on your road to success.Too many people measure how successful they are by how much money they make or the people that they associate with, meanwhile true success should be measured by how happy you are.. Being productive with your time is essential in working towards your goals.

But In some cases, only those with determination are successful, only those with positive mindset are successful.

Well said. How happy you are ...sometimes that is harder than everything else.

Success to me is more than a job, career, relationship or any other accomplishment that we achieve in life. Success is finding our own happiness and living our lives everyday to the fullest. We should never choose to simply exist, instead We should strive for Greatness but not be disappointed if we don't reach our Peak for as long as we put forth every effort into living this beautiful thing called life.

Exactly, no one fails, only quitters fails. Fact said

I like that: never choose to simply exist - Love that.

Hmmmm. This requires much more dedication

Great initiative, what does succes means to me:

Succes is relative when it comes to being succesfull in your job, financially. True succes for me is when things are going right for me and my family, that we are happy, healthy and in the circumstance to be able to do the things we love. I feel I am succesfull when you can follow your dreams and make them come true, when my kids doing great and live their lives by the values that are most important, respect, love and with dignity. So from that point of view I am proud to say that we are succesfull :)....

Thanks for this opportunity, have a great day

Yeah. Success can as well be defined as happiness and being satisfied. You made a good point

Exactly, and trhoughly, for me I feel succesfull being happy with the things we do and have, being satisfied whith al we accomplish together... Thanks !!

Ofcourse i ment Truely :)

You're welcome! Thanks for participating in this contest. Family is the most important. Much more success to you!

Success can mean: feeling that tingle of excitement about what you do, sticking with what matters through hard times, living a life you can feel proud of in retrospect.

Sticking with what matters through hard times ... yes indeed. If you have been following my blog, I have written about what we had to go through to build the music school up to where it is now. It was worth it, but extremely hard.

Just be persistent in working positively towards achieving success, then success is sure

Mhm difficult question, for me it's not how successful you are in your job or how much money you make. It's is trying to be the best version of yourself and applying it to everything you do and to every person you come in contact. Being a garbage man is as important and you can be very successful in it as being the CEO of a bank or a famous rockstar.

Yae...no matter your class, success is achievable.... I love your piece Boss

@geenizzy Being the best version of yourself- YES YES YES Thanks! Oh and if you are posting for the contest, be sure to resteem this post :-) Thanks so much :-)

@geenaizzy I love your insight towards success

My thoughts on success, in a nutshell:

Success is not given for free, it is very hard to work for it. I do this too! Failures often happen, but I know they really help to succeed. Success does not have to be measured exclusively in money! Indeed, it is far better to consider human relationships as a standard. Since I focus less on money, there is less failure, and it is a joy to me to cooperate with people. I help them and they help me - it's a kind of symbiosis - or STEEMbiosis.

Yes @kalemandra hard work and persistent + positive mindset results success. But only quitters fails, standing up when you fall, try again and again makes you a success

This is true, hahaha :)))

@kalemandra Yes, it is very hard to work for it. I have failed many many times, cried, no sleep etc. But my aim is to always help people - I wish for the students at my music school to always play music. You are a great (successful) steemian.

Success is the ability to do what you love every day. This may sound simple but what you love changes over time and having the ability to change what you are doing to match your passion is true success. This has nothing to do with money, wealth or status as each person has different passions and loves.

Great - do what you love. I have had that conversation many times. You will for sure remain happy if you are able to do what you love. Thanks!

Oh, If this is for the contest, don;t forget to repost :-) Thanks!

Success is having what you want when you want it and to be acknowledged by men.

You've said a fact about success and I acknowledge your buoyancy

I'm still working on that. :-)

Lol...when i said all men, i meant everybody(men and women inclusive). I was using the lingua of the Bible.

Lol. The optimist has spoken

Yeah... Hehehe

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I wish you all the best for your contest Keep it up you are doing good

Have a nice day

Thanks for sharing success goals i likes your post..

@melbrooker success is enjoyingbwhat you have and having a great sleep all night

Being able to rest well - there is a lot to be said for that. We often worry, and fret about things we can't change. Good one.

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Nice contest I hope your day is always fun

Success is the ability to live life, as you wish, do what you enjoy most, surrounded by people you love and respect. hold a good contest about life including the music world, 100% can benefit others and for ourselves. and I wish you success in providing benefits to others.thanks @melbookermusic

Great observation. Esp being surrounded by people you love and respect.

I start by thanking you and everyone here supporting everyone's cause. We're all in this together. To me this is success, because we're talking about something that gives you a better result every time. We are not talking about ambition or even fullfilment, even thought they share similarities. Success comes with the notion that you didn't only achieve something, but to look at the road you took and to earn credit and feedback from others, and mainly from yourself (you did well, you did great). You don't necessarilly need everyone or many people's approval. But you certainly do need to make things right and better each time. When I think of success I think of someone whose charisma and character sets the bar every time he does anything. You can be positive but you also need the capacity of a winner, even when you lose or fall, you need to understand that success is what you feel after practicing anything for a great and happy part of your life, to gain something every day and to have the ability to get it right and know that it is so. You can trip but you can win if you work your ass off, If you train and learn, act like a champion would. Kudos to you rockstar, and to everyone reading this... we can be heroes!

Very well said. Many people don't actually get recognized as a success even when they are. I know many single moms and dads who have made great sacrifices to raise their children the very best they can-it's often a thankless job. Thanks for your post!! :-)

Success is whatever you define it as. You are successful if your ideal is sitting around a table with family and friends and once a week you get to do that. You are successful if you decided one day that you wanted to make a living taking photographs and now your the most in demand wedding photographer in your home town. You are successful every day if your health is low and getting out the bed and facing another day is a challenge for you but you do it cause you have too. We can find success in ourselves. Face challenges. Set your goals and once you get there no matter how big or small, enjoy that success because in the next moment you need to work hard again to find some more.

Awesome. I always tell people that I would prefer to die "in motion." Always finding new things to learn, always reaching for new goals. Thanks for your post!

Success to me means making other people happy as the amount of happy people around you defines the extent of your success.

Thanks! For posting! :-)

I honor your idea on this