Winner announcement and new Contest (Name the Photo Contest Prize 1 Steem)

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The winner of last weeks contest is @cryptictruth The calm before the storm! Congratulations and 1 Steem is in your wallet.

This is the new photo for contest #2 “Name that Photo”.

Last week’ photo and the winning caption.

I got this crazy idea about a contest when a made a post with a photo the other day and one of my commenters named the photo “A Road to a Better Place”


Thank you @artonmysleeve

Write in the comments a name or caption for the first photo in this post. The best caption wins.

Rules: Please follow the rules. Not everyone did each item on the list. I hope this contest grows and one day we can reward 10 or more Steem. Thank you!

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Have fun!

Thank you!



"Let nature come back into the light"

Thank you for this game :)

Thank you for your entry!

"Tomorrow's Bright Beginning"
Awesome contest my friend!!

Thank you and thank your for your entry.

Resteemed for Papa Bear!!

Thank you and thank you @papabear

You wellcome friend. I like the idea of this contest. It is so interesting and required creativity :)

Waooh! Congratulation to the winner...this contest is getting interesting and brainstorming, I like it.

That picture, I name it..."The eden view".

Goodluck to me.

It would be great if many people participate and we can gice even more to the winner. Great entry!

The Light After the Darkness

Thank you for your entry!

unspoiled peace with a view is the only thing I could say about this picture, it is beautiful in many ways, it is somewhere I would like to go if I had a lot of stress on my plate and go and destress. a glass of wine and watching them wave go back and forth, really nice :D

Thank you for you comments and your participation.


Sent to the winner @cryptictruth Congratulations!

Resteemed by @resteembot! Good Luck!
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