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I wom some delegation power from @danielsaori competition last week and pledged to use the power to boost minnows hope on the steemit platform. I have been going around ever since then upvoting links i find original.


Iwish to do more before this delegation power expires in 24hours time.

what did you find interesting on my blog?

Thats the thing to commnt about and get upvotes for the first fiften people.

Upvote this post
Drop ypur comment .



Bro I find all your posts interesting but the one I enjoyed most is the one you talked about color mixtures. It helped me understand the secret behind color mixtures as a designer.

Congratulations and I appreciate your kind type for touching and making impact in life of others to keep moving the spirit of other Steemians.

ThAnks so much sir .

It is good someone's honest with whatever he/she says or does. Keep it up bro

Good job you for giving back
to the comunity this way
-resteemed 👊😎

Thanks so much sir for constant help and support.

@michaeljerry0 i love your work and support bro...keep it up👏 💪

Seriously i am behind you 💪

Thanks so much. Pls dont forget tp resteem sir.one love. See you on top

@michaeljerry0 yes boss ✌...done that

Thanks so much sir

Yeah, keep making impacts.
When you're trustworthy with little things, then you can be trusted with bigger things.
Weldone @michaeljerry0

Thank you for not being greedy. Continue the good work.

@michealjerry0 keep it up . you are doing a great job. I love the way you encourage minnow. I have been a beneficiary.

Well, I ain't a follower of your blog, I just happened to see this message cos @cassy24 resteemed it (I am his follower, Cassy, take note) but I have to say that this is quite an honourable act.
I mean, if u can do something as helpful as this when u aren't yet a whale, what would happen when you are a whale?
I wish you the best of luck Bro, keep steeming.

Great mind.....keep it up

Congratulations for winning contest :) and thanks for helping minnows :)

To help others is strictly ones choice, no matter how comfortable you are........ What you've chosed to do is actually the replication of you. Thanks for being a good person, nice one.

this isa nice thing you are doing man!!! keep it up

Such a Lovely Post . You're doing a Good Job helping out the Way You've been doing. Kudos .

Nice one bro cool post