Tell My Story Contest!

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For a while now I've wanted to throw a contest, but I couldn't really think of a concept. Some of the replies on my apocalypse girl post gave me an idea finally and I think I'll try to make this a recurring thing depending on the results.

I wanted to do something a bit more inclusive than an art competition so this is going to be a writing competition. The subject is the image above. Tell a story about this image. I figure this is a good way to spam my artwork across steemit as well as have fun and engage with the community :D

Right click and open in a new tab to see the full resolution image

The Rules to enter

  • Write an original story with the above image as inspiration.
  • Resteem this post
  • Create a post with your story and link to it in the comments. (Important because I don't have, and am not making a hashtag as of yet)
  • Post the above image(the one without the title obviously) in your post and credit @midlet
  • No rule on length, but keep in mind tldr is a thing for a reason. Also, if your story is "There's a guy in a garage." That probably won't win. So just use common sense and I'll see how it goes.
  • English only(sorry)
  • Contest will end one week from the creation of this post so 9/8/2018.


Bear with me that this is my first contest and it's an experiment and therefore could totally explode in my face, but I want to try to do decentralized judging. So the person with the most upvotes, wins. NOT THE VOTE VALUE. 1 vote is 1 vote, whether it is .001 or 10.00. So people can also vote for multiple entrants and we'll just see how it turns out.

*edit, just realized this might be unclear, but to vote on someone's story, vote on their comment in this post. That is what will count as the vote for their entry.

Will it just be a popularity contest? We'll see. I'll structure future contests based on how this one turns out.


  • First Place will receive 10 SBD
  • Second Place 5 SBD
  • Third Place 3 SBD

Of course I'll be going through and voting on my favs as well. Let the games begin!


Here is my entry and try at your contest. I do wish it did not require a resteem, as now I will have the same image posted twice on my blog/post page, and that could confuse people. It is one of the reasons i do not like the resteem requirements. You however have done some resteeming, so I am honoring that requirement. I have ignored several contest opportunities fro others that require resteems, when they have no resteems at all on their own page.

I think a better way of advertising is to have the name of the contest:
@midlet's Tell My Story Contest! in the title as I have done, then the post title, "The Garage" - Molenvator Journey's, Episode 1. Then a link back to the contest in the post itself. Just a suggestion.

When new users join steemit they are often told by people to be careful about what and how much you resteem, to not clutter your steem/feed with to much stuff your followers may not like.

Thanks for entering and thanks for the suggestion @bashadow, I'm already done with your story, very cool! As for the resteem, I think that makes sense. I don't want to change the rules on this one since it's already going but I do like that better. I'll do it that way in the future.

Thanks for reading, I work with the @newbieresteemday group, one of the off shoots is @newbiegames, they use the tag #newbiegames, and will advertise/resteem for free contest that do not unduly burden new users, which yours qualify for, so it is likely someone will come and resteem your post.

Awesome, thanks! I appreciate it.

Here is the link to my story. Thanks for the opportunity, @midlet.

Loved it @pyemoney! Thanks for participating! :) Really cool how you incorporated different elements from the image.

So glad you loved [email protected] I was trying to do something different with my fictional story. I was always taught whenever you write from an art prompt you have to respect and appreciate what the artist is trying to convey.

Here is the link to my story

Thank you for this contest. It seems like a great way to share your art indeed. I loved the art and it gave me a story to write.

Very cool @athunderstruck! I like that you managed to put a clear beginning, middle and end in such a short story. It's also very connected to the image. Thanks for participating!

Thanks for your kind words about my story! :) I had a bit of an idea where I wanted to go based on the art. But the start was a bit of a trouble until I got the idea for where I'd let the story take place. Looking forward to try and participate in more!

Not so humble, pretty gripping tale. Really enjoyed it.

Wow...really great entry @mudcat36! Don't want to give out any spoilers, but yea, please read this people, you won't regret it. Thanks again for participating!

Thanks for participating oma25! Really interesting interpretation :) Reminds me of a Japanese drama I saw a long time ago called "One Liter of Tears".

Wow thanks. Although I have not seen the drama, but thanks anyways.

Wow, I really love the way you linked the picture to the story. Very smart.

Nice writeup, wish you success.

Hey @pyemoney You should get in on this!! You're an amazing writer! (^_^)

I have taken your advice, @beatking13 and entered the contest. If you like my story please upvote it under my entry link below.

@midlet, First of all i really want to appreciate you for this contest which is unique because here we have to push our imagination and have to come up with something really unique.

And these kind of contests are really important to increase the Engagement levels and at this moment we need more engagements because many people are stopped posting due to low Steem Price.

And for sure contests really boost the spirit of many because it motivate Steemians to come up with their best piece and this way they can expand their work and also they can get the effective exposure.

Kindly find my piece for this contest below.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Cool story @chireerocks! I like that you have pictures of your own to go with it as well. :) Also thanks for the kind words about the contest. I hope you have fun!

Thank you so much. Yes, i always find contests really fun because it push our imagination and also push us to do out of the box. Waiting for more creative contests. Stay blessed. 🙂

Thanks for putting this contest together and giving us a reason to write something. Here's my entry:

Awesome story @cyemela! If I was judging the contest this would be the winner, great job and thanks for participating!

Thanks. Really appreciate it. These writing contests put Steemit over Facebook for me. Lot more enjoyable.

Cool....using the Win, Place, and Show format.

A contest is such a great idea @midlet to showcase your artwork to the community. Just remember, writers sometimes see art prompts different from the artist. Get ready for some wild and creative stories.

Whatever people see is what they see, it doesn't matter to me one bit :) Just hope people have fun.

This post has been resteemed by @newbieresteemday. Great contest and keep up the awesome work.

I love this concept what a great idea! I'll see if I can come up with something myself. BTW I found this under new posts someone wrote their own story , before reading that story I came to this post too see what the contest entailed. Now back to read the other story :)

You probably don't care but figured I'd explain how your steemit profile surfaced to view for me. Well done!

ok @midlet I took a stab at it, look forward to reading the other stories as well.

Very cool @twirlspin! Definitely leaves you wanting to see where things are going to go from there. Very engaging read :)

ty for the feedback @midlet never tried writing a story like that just let my mind wander looking at the image.

Just an FYI, @midlet, it is hard to get voters to come back and upvote under the comment section. They are still voting for my story but on my page. I even put a note at the bottom of the story telling them where to go.

A wonderful contest ! Good luck all writers <3

Awesome contest you have there, @midlet.
And the prizes you offer will definitely attract some entries.

Thanks for the heads up, @bashadow :0)

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