WINNERS!!! Plain Mike's Writing Challenge Week 1 Winners Announced & A New ART Contest!!

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Who is ready for some winners???

We had 16 amazing entries in the Plain Mike Week 1 writing challenge. You all really made it tough to pick winners!

First a bit of housekeeping.

Our judge panel was to be myself, Hopehuggs, and Arbitrarykitten. Unfortunately, Aribitrarykitten had some real life things to deal with this week which precluded her from participating. So Hopehuggs offered her opinions, and I weighed in on them myself as well. In the end, we liked the same top posts in different order. So We have Co-winners!

Here's how the payouts are working considering how things played out. As a reminder, I posted the contest with a $10, $5 and $3 first through third place and $2 reserved for runners up. The new payouts look like this:

Co-Winners - $8 (x2 payouts)
Third Place - $3
2 Runners up - $1 each

Two of our entries got curied. As much as I liked these entries, the curie upvotes far outweighed any prize money I could offer, so I eliminated them from consideration. I do want to acknowledge these participants. I hope they will agree with me that it is best to spread the wealth. Our two curied entries were:

Current Payout tally - $90.72

Current Payout tally - $107.91

Thank you both for your participation! Congrats of the Curie votes! Don't spend it all in one place!!!

And now to our winners!!! Remember, Our writing prompt this week was:
Original art by @svdsdragunov. Please make sure you visit his blog for his amazing artwork!

And our winners:

Co Winners
@ascharya with "Meera, The Forgotten One"

@mother2chicks with "Bionica"

3rd Place
@rensoul17 with "Periphery 2.0"

Runners Up
@decimus with "NEXT"

@creativesoul with "Elysia One"

Congratulations to all of the winners!!! Thank you all so much!

Payments are in your wallets. Here's the proof of payment:

Now. We've already got our second prompt out there for you all to write about. See the week two challenge prompt here:

**We need new art! **

Week 3 is fast approaching, and I don't have an artist lined up for it! So I'm offering $5 SBD for the artist who contributes our next piece of art for people to write about. If you are an artist and would like to be featured, please submit a link to your art in the comments. If you are not an artist, but know someone who might like to participate, link their work here, if it is chosen and they agree to allow their art to be used, I will offer you a $3 SBD finder's fee in addition to the $5 for the artist!

So get out there and find me some art!!! And get those entries in for the Backstory of Randowhale!!

Thanks for reading! Support co-operative creativity, give us an:


100% of the liquid rewards from this post will be used to continue the work of fostering art and creativity on the Steem Platform. Thank you for your support!!!


Definitely considering the Atharian Princess! Got a couple more hours for folks to post, but that one is in the current top 2 for sure!

Here's some of my deep dream art that I posted for gmuxx's art contest:

Also @dillemma also makes really cool art that you might check out

Really like the top one of yours. Stay tuned! :-)

I completely agree with your decision and congratulations to the winners! I can't to be a part of the next contest, thank you for throwing it!

Had a great time writing for this challenge -- more sci-fi!

Resteemed your article. This article was resteemed because you are part of the New Steemians project. You can learn more about it here:

That piece by @svdsdragunov is stunning!

Exciting about your contest! I look forward to see the new entries for that and just followed and upvoted!

Thank you for promoting art! Hearts are more than 1/2 empty with out it!

Thank you alot mate! We need you as you need us :) CHEERS!

Thanks for saying so, amigo! :D He-ART on!!

Thank you so much for your support in this contest. I was very surprised to learn that I was a co-winner. Thank you for encouraging me to keep writing. It was a fun contest! 🐓🐓

I am so thankful for this. Frankly, me as a cowinner wasn't what I expected. Thank you so much for setting this up and I am glad that I became a significant part of it. speechless. :)

There were 3 that got curied off your contest. ;) love the winners! Way to go everyone who participated :)

ooooohhh. we even talked about that on discord didnt we? im so sorry i failed to mention your curieing. is that a word? LOL

well done!!!


I would love to see more stories inspired by my art, but if there is anyone that wants to join, please. I really loved that, i need more!!! Just tell, i need one more reason to paint! GIVE ME MORE :D CHEERS MATES! GRATZ TO THE WINNERS! GOOD GAME, WELL PLAYED!

Oh Wow. I Am honored, thank you so much, this has been a trying week but this third place win has brought the sun back out in my life. Again Thank You. And to all the winners I celebrate with you.

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congratulations to all, so very excited for you all!

Hello Mike!
Glad to hear you need an artist. Here is some of my work. You may use it as you please!
Cheers and good luck!

Hey @spokerman12! Thanks for the offer. My office's firewall is blocking me from looking at it right now, so will have to check it when I get home this evening.

Appreciate you offering! Looking forward to seeing your work!!