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The best thing about Steemit is the ability it gives to authors both professional and not, to express and share their ideas and for the readers to read valuable and great contents flooding on their news feed on a daily basis. But I must say that the worst thing about it as well is great content doesn't mean great returns. Most of those who get most of the votes are those who are supported by whales or those who are whales themselves. They just upvote themselves and get the best payouts rather than those who actually make great contents.
Here is my link :

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The best thing about Steemit is the friendships that build when you join a fabulous community, for example #freewrite.

The worst thing about Steemit is when you bust your ass to create a post, that you think is awesome, and you receive 0.07 at payout. Sometimes I'm happier when I see a comment, more than when I see an upvote. At least I know someone was watching 👀

Oh this is a great answer, very true, this has won a resteem and an upvote. CONGRATULATIONS

Very true, I feel similar, but I get satisfaction that I'm building a brand, and feel like I'm presenting a different prospective.

The best thing about Steemit is the support and value it gives to those people who show their talent on this platform. The bad thing is the amount of created users who do not move their accounts generating garbage in the steemit community.

Here I leave my post https://steemit.com/spanish/@jadnven/2xacmv-la-alegria-mas-que-una-emocion-es-una-forma-de-vida

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Sando answer to the question, I will begin first for the bad, I certainly consider that the changes made in the platform last week brought as a consequence that the newest in the blokchain will be the most affected for the realization of the various transactions in steemit, especially for publish, affecting in one way or another a large number of users; but that in all is not the bad thing for me, since it clearly understands the purpose for which he made those changes, the bad? is that regardless of whether they have the potential to assemble excellent jobs with a high profile in the network, new users will be limited to these publications, slowing down so that we enjoy excellent works for our enjoyment.
With regard to the good, are the endless advantages that we find in this platform, the most outstanding for me, the opportunity to interact with a large number of people worldwide with diverse and complex conversation topics, which in fact that was what attracted me to register in Steemit.
My link:https://steemit.com/fuerza-latina/@janettyanez/el-reto-de-100-post-por-venezuela-8-100-serie-parque-nacionales-venezolanos-3-parque-nacional-laguna-de-la-restinga

Oh this is a great answer, very true, this has won a resteem and an upvote. CONGRATULATIONS

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