My acrylic painting: make good comment and win SBD

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Hey guys ;
Today I'd like to share with you This beautiful acrylic painting, that I called it " sails" made by me mister-dreamer

So steemians what is your opinions, good comment will receive SBD as rewards ( depending on the prize pool of this post)


The rules of the contest

UPVOTE this post to increase the prize pool ( more upvotes more SBD winning)




I would like to know how do you decide on the colors? They seem to be very well balanced but I can't put my finger on why. Pinky and Spiky would love to sail in these yachts (although probably Spiky would be afraid of water).

@organduo, thank you for upvote and the resteem
Choosing colors is not easy because you have to think about the general balance of the painting sometimes I start again or I change the color theme competently
And how I choose the colors it is a question of senstation
excuse me for my English ( not good)
My respect

Beautiful color choices. Very unique!

Thank you for your kindness i am followins so please if don't mind folliw me i am new here
My respects 😄

This is so rich! Amazing work my man!

I also wanted to ask, what is the price for this? I love it!

You mean the price of this painting?

If I remember I sold it for 350 $

oh its gone :( well anyways , super work :)

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