Community Poker: Hand 9 -=- WIN Total SBD Earned + 50 VOICESHARE (FLOP & HANDS)

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-=- Winner takes all -=-

Sorry for the delay. With the issues on SteemIt and other personal/business matter it was difficult to complete this post earlier this morning. Thank you for your continued support.

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You have until 6 PM PST / 8 PM CMT / 9 PM EST on SATURDAY to respond and to upvote this post.

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Community Cards



@angelgarz has 2♠ and J♣
@artistannie has 6♦ and 2♥
@boatsports90 has 7♣ and 5♦
@breakthrough has 8♦ and 3♠
@chops316 has 9♠ and 2♥
@christ2169 has 2♦ and 7♠
@costanza has J♠ and 6♦
@davor27 has 2♥ and J♣
@dksart has 3♣ and 3♦
@jjb777 has Q♦ and 10♥
@jpederson96 has 7♥ and 7♣
@linux911 has J♣ and 6♦
@lokii has 3♠ and 8♠
@marzi has 3♠ and 8♦
@mikepm74 has A♥ and 5♥
@rougebot has 3♥ and 5♥
@solarsherpa has 9♠ and 2♦
@steeminator3000 has 10♣ and J♠
@tbnfl4sun has Q♣ and 9♥
@thundersam has Q♣ and 9♣
@pawanregmi28 has 4♠ and K♦
@j-pool has 5♦ and A♦
@jozef230 has 8♣ and 6♣

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Thank you to @bitrocker2020 for the gif. Looks amazing


@lokii has 3♠ and 8♠

I call.

Good day @nicnas I appreciate all the info and hard work thank you :) Followed

I will call with my Q 9!

Call this opportunity!

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A lot of 9s out here. I'm definitely staying in! Call.

C'mon Queen! Call.