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Today's Theme?

It's coming up to your 10th Birthday!

Your parents have taken you to the toy store, so you can pick your present :)

What toy do you choose that would turn back the clock to your childhood?

What's the prize?

I'm awarding 50% of all SBD generated in this post to my favorite GIF!

What are the rules?

You can only comment with 1 GIF no more or you're out!

Deadline for entry?

Completion of Author payout in 7 days time.

Do I need to upvote the post to enter?

No, but any support you can give will build the pot for the winner.

Do I need to resteem post to be eligible?

No, but any sharing of my contests are always appreciated :)

Do I need to hit follow to participate?

I will never ask you to follow @o07 to submit an entry.

How do I find a GIF?

You can do this via a google search or on https://giphy.com

How will I know if I've won?

I will comment and advise the winning GIF in this post at the end of the contest.

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That's all I have to do?

I know right, just have fun and potentially walk away with the prize :)


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A crane game that you get two for the price of one!

ย 4 years agoย (edited)

I can't quite put my finger on it, I remember these but what are they called?

giphy (21).gif


I wanted to put oddbodz in but couldn't find a gif :(

Playing Pokรฉmon Yellow on those were best days

They sure were mate!

I wanted the skull mountain one of these so bad when I was a kid, but it was too expensive.

Ah man, same here but my parents couldn't afford :)

Transformers Robots In Disguise!


So cute doggy toy


I think that puppy is ready for a nap :)

Yep I guess you're correct :D

Also on a side not RIP Woody :( #hegotcrushed


She's got mad skills!


And here is MY Entry:

I never managed to complete mine as a kid :(



Dexterity and mental toughness at its finest!


I wanted Gizmo, not the toy but my parents got me the toy. lol
U5drY1Wpzw3seW5GVvjBixvNgjBQMjq (1).gif

You game boy picture describes my childhood.

ย 4 years agoย (edited)

Definitely on the same page!

Other than Pokemon, my favorite game was Legend of the River King :)

He's in for a world of fun :) #gobabygo

I couldnt find a gif so i had to make one.

Nice work man!


Damn that gif makes me want to go find the lazer in the junk drawer to mess with the cat.

The funny part is it's having fun :)

8DB5BC61-A287-4353-8887-EFCEDD2F4701.gif home alone 2 talk boy

What a great movie :)


It's a tough life being a Furby when animals are around...


A hippo always needs to eat :)

๐Ÿ™€๐Ÿ™€๐Ÿ™€ That is one hungry hippo!!! My goodness!!!
lol one shot drink too lol

I think that was just his morning tea lol

hahaha wouldn't want to know what is for lunch and dinner then.

My dream was to have a bicycle and then for 30 years I did not get out of it.

Safety first, make sure you pick up a helmet before leaving the store :)

tenor (1).gif


When my Dragonzord and my friend's Megazord came together:

I was a always the blue power ranger!

That kid has the skills! #bmxchampion

giphy (1).gif

Karaoke Penguin in the house!


I'm guessing you picked the duck?

Hahaha now I would definitely pick the cat, lol โค๏ธ


Looks like they should have got me an instruction manual too ๐Ÿค”

Somebody call that kid an ambulance! #deadly



There was also so many different types of models when this craze hit!

giphy (19).gif

nickelodeon popcorn GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants-source.gif

SpongeBob getting some quality TV time by the looks of it.


Endless amounts of fun can be had with a remote control car :)

If the contest was out beat my gif, you would be king. I tip my hat to you, but have you played this game!

Congratulations @kubbyelizabeth you're the winner!

The author SBD payout was 7.283 so 50% of this is now in your wallet.

I tried one of these when I was a kid but was not coordinated enough to do it :(


A toy with exercise is always a winner! #unlessyourmrpotatoehead

giphy (20).gif

Your most welcome :)

They recently made a mini NES console, which seemed to explode in sales at launch :)


Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

My Pleasure :)

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