Wait for It.....5 SBD for the Best Comment!!

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This video is from a show I went to with @choose2bhappy, called Absinthe.
What an amazing show! My jaw was hanging watching this part!!

I really want to hear your best comments!

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Rub one out for Harambe! 🦍 🧐


YES!! 😂😂

Haha! I was like, well, this is indeed weird. Then WOW! OK. Then I was like, hey, were's the rest of the show???

Looks like a fun time. Cheers @ogc!

@ogc you are so beautiful, intelligent, and sophisticated. While all of the women of steemit are wonderful, you truly are the creme of the crop. Simply to have seen your smiling face has irrevocable altered the course of my life in an undeniably positive way 😁😁

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Does that count??

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Wow @metama! I guess I didn’t really clarify that the comment should be about the actual video 😂
That is definitely a wonderful comment, thank you!

Haha I learned at an early age to bend the rules when I was able to

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I think people might go bananas with this video!

I love that monkey custome but it kind of seems weird. Nice video, good work! Thanks for the 5sbd.

I'd Nine Inch Nail her... gorilla suit on.

For a reason I can’t quite put my finger on, I was not expecting a woman to appear.


That looks like some monkey business.

I see what you did there! :)

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At first I was cool it’s king kong but then omg he turns sexual and strips and it’s a lady! 😅😅

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I never expected it either!