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Hello guys, welcome to the fifth edition of complete the story contest. If you are feeling lost, and don't have any idea what this contest is about, feel free to click HERE.
A short explanation of the contest is that you win sbd for completing a story.

For the fourth edition, I present to you the winner.
The winner is @cuddleme. Your 2sbd has been transferred to you. Screenshot_2018-07-09-16-37-58-1.png

Feel free to join in the fun, put your creativity and talent to the test and also stand a chance of winning 2sbd for the best story completion.
There are just simple rules to follow in order to participate.
resteem the post to get more audience
story completion should not be more than 400 words.

Now to the story for this week.

Maryann wanted to explore the city terrains. Its been almost six years she last steeped foot at home. There had been lots of changes. Her parents did warn her to be careful and to also try coming back before sunset. There had been casses of mysterious disappearance in the city but no culprit had been caught yet. As Maryann walked around, she came across some old friends and they obviously had lots to talk about. She had spent so much time outside, it was already getting dark. She was on her way back home when a young man stopped her, asking for directions to a particular place. As she talked with this man, a Van pulled over with the door wide open. The young man who seemed lost shoved her into the van and off they drove. Maryann had been kidnapped.

Bbring out your creative and imaginative mind and may the best story win.
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I think i should try this one of these days. Well done brother.

Thanks, its open you should definitely try it

No worries brother.

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Nice contest, though am not a good story teller.

Awwwn, would have loved to see something from you

Awesome contest bro.

Thanks. Feel free to participate

Hey @pasaift, I am a curator of the Whaleshares Curation Team. I have selected your post to be presented in a live curation discussion on Monday 09nd July. Your post will be awarded a 100 Whaleshares vote on the night. I do hope you can come along and spectate. The event will be held in The Curation Lounge on the Whaleshares server. Here is a link to a post explaining things:

Thanks, actually saw this late.

No worries - If you would like to have a listen to what was said I did post a recording of the show on my page :D

Hello @pasaift I just want to ask:

Note that the added submitted story should not be less than 250 word or more than 350 word.

Is this still applied or do you change the range every post (like on the fourth edition) this fifth edition post doesn't state a word count range though, so, I assume it's the original as quoted above? Or, is there a new word count? Thanks.

Thank you very much @pasaift. I got the 2sbd reward. I didn't know it will be me. Thanks again.

I'm participating again.

Congratulations once again, you can help resteem

Wow.... @pasaift is here again!

Nice contest. Good host.

I just resteemed it. I'll also try to take part in this one. Lots of fun doing it!

My Entry:

"Be calm young lady; and stop screaming. Nobody is going to harm you if you cooperate with us," a man said in soft but confident tone from the rear seat.

The voice made Maryanne realize that apart from the driver and the very man who held her by pointing a gun at her head, someone else was sitting behind her. She instantly turned to have a glance but that was met with a black piece of cloth that was thrown over her face and blindfolded her. Everywhere was now quiet, except for the sound of the vehicle that soon spade into an unknown destination.

This was not the best time for her mother, father and siblings. They kept on trying to reach her on phone but each time, the response was: switched off. It was already 11:25PM. Kidnappers being on rampage was no news. And Maryanne would not keep this late without informing her people.

First day went by, second, third and finally, it was a whole week since the day Maryanne disappeared. They waited, waited and waited until they became afraid of waiting.

Suddenly Mr. William's phone rang. Williams was the father of Maryanne. Fairly rich, Williams was providing comfortably for his household.

The phone rang from the dinning table. He anxiously snatched it like a hawk swooping on a chick. The number was Maryann's but the voice, masculine – that was the kidnapper, dishing out instructions, demanding $50k ransom and threatening fire and brimstone should Williams try anything funny.

Reporting to the police was unforgivably funny and the penalty was always the death of the victim. But here, in the course of waiting, Williams had already reported to the police who were now leading in decision making.

The kidnappers chose a location where they wanted to receive the ransom and swap the captive. The ransom was raised and delivered after moving from one location to another, and Maryanne was released to her people.

The police planned to use the ransom as a bait to close in on those men of the underworld. It was too shameful that of all the previous disappearances, the police was yet to apprehend any culprit. So they planned that once the victim was released, they would continue tracing the kidnappers but just as always, they failed in this plan.