It is very great contest.

I would totally enter if it weren't for the resteem element. Not because I'm a selfish jerk who doesn't want to promote people whose work I support, but because I really don't like the current setup and I'm holding out for the next version of Steemit to support the ability to create a new tab or toggle on/off whether resteems show up on your blog as they currently do, because the current setup makes it hard to establish your own voice, especially if you enter lots of contests. It does make me feel bad because other people have resteemed my stuff before (though I've certainly never mandated it) and I want to reciprocate. Fingers crossed that they fix the problem in the next update because I think it is a major UX issue. Anyway, from speaking with other people on here, I know I'm not the only one who either holds off on or is very selective about participating in contests which require resteems, so I'm trying to let people know when I see it so they know that there may be a tradeoff in participation vs. how much exposure they get.

Alright, I tried it for the first time in this giveaway. Thank you so much for your feedback! I wanted to put it down in my next giveaway but you wrote something that I will respect. I will put it down right now.

Totally up to you! I don't know if anyone has experimented at all with seeing the benefit of requiring resteems in terms of getting more exposure vs. the benefit of suggesting but not requiring it and getting more participants. You might try both and see if it affects turnout at all? As I said, if they figure out a new UI for resteems where it's easier to differentiate on your blog, I'll happily resteem. :)

Thank you very much I have been chosen as the winner of the past period, this life will feel beautiful when the others want to help each other in order to lighten the burdens of each other. At the moment one is in distress, others come to help and help. At a time when one needs help, others are willing to help. It is wonderful that this always happens in our living.

Hey @patrik.malinsky ,,,You do a noble job by giving 5 SBD every week, I hope it becomes your charity .. hopefully god will reply ..

Yea saya dengan senang hati membagi kan info kepada teman saya

I am very interested in this offer, because the information is interesting and hope I can win this extraordinary opportunity.


Thanks for your idea, greatest

i hope i can win the ga hahahahaha 😂

I like your initiative and I know that not only I am very excited and to the expectation for projects like these to help us. Thanks for thinking of others. God bless you, hugs!

This is a unique contest and I am happy to share it so it can be in the run by many,
Have a nice day @patrik.malinski


Very interesting👍👍👍
Make you more knowledge and make you must writing something😁


I love it and you do not know how excited I am to participate in these raffles because you help the people that we can grow up so you will get very far friend I always support you, I send you a big hug your Venezuelan friend

Congratulations! You won this giveaway! I will send you 5SBD right away!

wow what an exciting win, :D how nice is to wake up and see someone sbd accredited in your purse I love this contest I hope to participate in next you do and win you will always have my support friend, I send you a big hug from a distant place called venezuela

Get your post resteemed to 72,000 followers. Go here

Done! Congratulations to the winner! I hope to win this next contest, good luck to all friends! Very good contest, upvote and resteem! Regards!

interesting how you do a contest, maybe I will try to share with other steemit partners

i'm going to share this info to my friends y the Whatsapp group of Steemit Venezuela, and i can win the price! Best to you, boss.


Nice,I am wan to participate in your contest.


Hi friend, you must be a very handsome man, I hope to be your girlfriend .. hehe

I think the winner is not just one person, add the winner to two or three people ..

I am sure you are a Czech, I really hope to visit your country, I heard that Prague is a very beautiful city ..

Your contest is not well known, hopefully small fish like us can introduce it to people...

That would be so good!

Greetings to you.😊

DONE....A very good contest, just commented here we will get a prize ..
I am happy can to join in it.

If someday your contest is growing, I hope you can add the prize and also the winner slot it ..


Could I possibly win in this contest?

Sharing is not about how big and how valuable you give, but how sincere you want to give.


I want to participate in your contest, hopefully I can get the prize

I hope I have the chance to win it ..😊😊😊😊

Done..Great contest..
I love it..

Congratulations to the winner, I hope to have good luck in the next contest! Thanks for the contest, regards!


It is very good contest..

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