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First, all of the entries were brilliant premises! The choice here was not easy. But ultimately, I chose the one that would be the most amusing to write for anyone that wants to join in the fun. So...

Congratulations to @btcnoodle, the author of the winning logline in Round 1!

This is their logline (and the prompt for Round 2):

"A plucky young writer from Boston heads West to stake his claim in the California gold rush only to have his dream crushed upon realizing he has arrived too late."

Imagining this taking place in present day tickles me to no end, since it's generally common knowledge that the gold rush ended well over a century ago. Meaning something comical must have happened to cause him to miss that vital detail. Now, I'm not sure if @btcnoodle intended it that way, but that was my first reaction when I read it and I found it pleasantly amusing, so I hope they don't mind. ^_^;

Now, on to Round 2!
For which @btcnoodle gets to guest-judge if they wish.

Round 2

Based on the promt above, write an opening to this story that ends with a cliffhanger and two choices for how the character should proceed.

The limit is 100 words, including the choices.

Example from previous post:

He awakes to the sound of a loud crash outside his bedroom door. And errie silence follows. He decides to:

Option One: Investigate.
Option Two: Hide.

Again, you'll want to create something more compelling than that. But still, mind the word limit. Note, the words "Option One" and "Option Two" won't be counted, but the contents of those options will.

How To Enter:

Write your entry (100 words max) as a direct reply to this post.

Entry Deadline:

20 December 2017 at 16:00 CST / 22:00 UTC

Winners Announced:

On 21 December 2017


5 SBD and a guest-judge spot for Round 3!

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The logline has been added to the SteemIF Twinery-powered page, and it now awaits the first entry in the story. ^_^

Check out the first post here if this is your first time seeing this and you want to get up to speed so you can join in the fun!

Round 2 Begins!

Good luck! Have fun!

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"Sea Of Choices" cover art and Lotus Text Separators by @PegasusPhysics

He flipped the worn business card between his fingers as he contemplated calling the number. He was beaten. He had spent every credit he had to get to California. There was no going forward and no going back. He could hoof it to the New California colony or he could make the call. A call would mean a debt owed. Does he:
Option One: Call the number on the business card
Option Two: Start walking to the New California Colony

Thank you for your entry! ^_^

Yay!!! So happy. Thanks for the great contest and of course the nice prize! I will be glued to the contest to see how it progresses. Your comment on my logline was very intriguing. It will be a trip to see where it goes next.

Wow! Congrats @btcnoodle! A deserving winner 🎉

runs off to write for round 2

Thanks! There are some great writers here so I'm humbled. I can't wait to see the final product.

I wanted to give a little extra credit here to @pegasusphysics for sticking to the original terms of SBD. The recent run up of price changed that dynamic obviously but you stuck to your word. Thanks for being an honest broker.

Thanks @btcnoodle. The way I saw it, it just made my prize more valuable. ^_^

Thank you for the fun entry! I'm excited to see what people come up with too! ^_^
Also, if you want to enter round 2, you don't have to judge. Totally up to you!

I think I would rather sit it out and see what other people come up with. Much more interesting that way.

Since it looks like there has only been one entry for round 2 I guess I'll throw my hat in the ring. So, I will not be the guest judge. Here's my entry;

Jerry fidgeted as he waited for his name to be called. Dr. Fischer had done him a solid by fitting him in so soon. After the last attack he had been left feeling completely tweaked. Ever since he started playing “Pioneer World” on his VR he just couldn’t muster an interest in his job at “Gamerz Rool” magazine. He used to love working there but ever since his in game persona “Phineas T Boone” was born everything else had taken a back seat. He wondered what he would say when the Doc asked him about this latest impulse.

Option one: truth
Option two: lie