The Upcycling Contest!

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Greetings, crafty Steemians! It's time for a new contest, so I decided that this week I would do a #needleworkmonday -inspired contest, largely inspired by @cryptocariad's neat upcycling project. It's time to get your craft on and upcycle!

image from Pinterest

How to Enter:

Make a project where you upcycle something. What's upcycling? From
[uhp-sahy-kuh l]
verb (used with object), up·cy·cled, up·cy·cling.
to process (used goods or waste material) so as to produce something that is often better than the original"

An excellent example is @cryptocariad's eyeglasses case, but you could do anything. Turn an old torn piece of clothing into new clothing. Turn scrap fabric into curtains or a draft dodger (a thing you stuff along the bottom of a drafty door to keep out the cold air in winter; I once made one with old socks). Turn pallets into one of the 10,892 project ideas on Pinterest. Make a bucket compost system with cat litter buckets. Make a birdhouse out of scrap wood. Crochet mats for homeless people to sleep on out of your stash of plastic grocery bags. Whatever! Just take something old, used up, "trash," and make it into something new and wonderful! You're saving resources, keeping trash out of landfills, getting something new or making a gift, and being creative. Upcycling is awesome, imo. ;)

If your project is a big one, you don't have to finish it in a week. Just make a post with your progress (or finished project) for us all to admire, and share the link in the comments below.

Three shares of @steembasicincome are up for grabs, sponsored by the ever-generous @lyndsaybowes!

Winners are chosen by my cats >^.^<

(take that, random number generators!)

Enter before this post pays out.

That's it! See y'all in a week! ^_^

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A really good idea for a contest, Phe! I'll see what junk or trash I have. I honestly don't have much because we recycle, reuse and upcycle everything!

Yay, that's awesome! 😃

Great contest idea! It’s great that this is #NeedleWorkMonday inspired! 😃

There have been quite a few great upcycle projects being shared lately. This will be fun to see! 😊

Very nice of @lyndsaybowes to sponsor your contest~

I hope there are a lot of entries, I love everyone's projects!

Hi. @phoenixwre. I like a Lot your contest/the upcycling. I Made a video. Es en español . I hope mañana pueda hacer el vídeo en English.


En Español es bien! I will just have to watch it later as I am getting ready to go to the dentist. 😊

Hehe cool! What a neat idea!

Haha, good idea 😊 We have lots of excellent upcyclers!

I think so, too!

Good idea to make a contest!!!! I am so curious to see all the project (becauseI am super uncreative with upcycling...)

I can't wait to see all the ideas, too!

Aaaaand resteemed. I'm living with 2 women who love this!

Right on, thanks! :)

Here is our first entry.

I haven't even told my expertas about the contest yet!

I love this! Using up all the veggie parts to grow new veggies. <3

Wonderful idea to be crafty and as well as be innovative.. make use and reuse..

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Thanks! 😊 Do enter if you decide to make something!

Yes i will.. im still thinking what it will be.. hahahaha

This comment was made from

I'm not sure if saving seeds counts as recycling, but I definitely put the seed collecting bags to a new use 😊😊 Here's my entry 😎.

Sure, I'll take it. You're upcycling seeds into new plants. 😉

hiya @phoenixwren, I have seen a comment by @marblely and I am grateful that I can enter into this contest.
As an upcycling freak there is a lot that I do with old used things, this is just one of many projects that I have been working on.

I hope all like the work that has gone into this. I will hopefully be finishing the project later today. weather permitting haha.

thanks for this opportunity. I have followed you to see more contest like this. :D

Right on, thanks for entering! :)

Winners are chosen by my cats >^.^<
(take that, random number generators!)

😂 😂 😂 Indeed!

I look forward to seeing the entries (and the choo choo choosing ceremony) Phe!

LOL, thanks! I tell the kitties they have fans on the internet all the time. ;)

very original idea for the contest! we have girls-true masters in this

Thank you for the mention @phoenixwren... Can that post be an entry ? My life so far has been about recycling and upcycling ... honest... In fact, I feel more at ease reusing and recycling than using from new. It must be an element of self-forgiveness ; if what I make is not perfect, it doesn't matter because it's re-used :D
If you look at my post today, it's fixing and upcycling in a way... :D

Yep, I will totally count it as an entry! :) I have to go see your new one, too.
I feel you on the self-forgiveness! I feel that way, too. Maybe my things aren't as "good" as store-bought in a "professional" sense, but they're better, I feel because I reused instead of wasted, I made it instead of sweatshop labor, etc. :)

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