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RE: Quest In The Realms: the adventure begins!

in #contest3 years ago

It's a nice contest, but if you want to award the first winner, why do you need to process email with answers? There are several ways to hide prize in blockchain (for example, if you use several accounts for a contest, you can hide private key from prize account or do something similar). Blockchain games and contests must be provably fair if it is possible, isn't it?


Thanks for the idea. We're a selfless community of fiction writers and we focus on the quality of our literary content. This email solution seemed a good one to everyone but we can always improve, we don't have programmers between us and any suggestion is welcome. The email gives us a precise time in order to determine the first participant that forwards the solution. A screenshot will be posted and we have 16 steemians guaranteeing for the result (our core members) + an independent third party steemit witness, @crowdmind, to certify the authenticity of the outcome.

Thanks, I do not blame you, just suggested the idea, how to use advantages of the blockchain and cryptography. I'll try to participate, if my English level is enough to understand stories =)

I think it is, indeed. Thanks again for the pro-tip and happy treasure hunting 😉