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RE: DnW Poetry Contest #5 New Theme and Announcement of Winners!!

in #contest4 years ago

I cannot help but notice that all winners had a rhyme.

Any types of rhyme are acceptable.

This means that Freeverse poems (no rhyming) are not accepted for the contest?


It's acceptable :) Any form of rhyming will do as stated in the rules. You did the freeverse poem with a digital art right? It was good. I love the story, we love it. However, it's not only me who evaluated the entries.

Yeah, that's fine! As long as it is accepted I will be posting a free-verse again (most likely). I know that there are many poems, and many of them are of incredible quality, so I am not too bummed out about not winning ;) I just did not want to be disqualified, that's all :D

Yes, just follow the rules. We didn't disqualify you. I really appreciate that you keep on asking questions for some clarifications. Thank you for joining and we'll be expecting your entry for this week contest.

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