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RE: DnW Poetry Contest #5 New Theme and Announcement of Winners!!

in #contest4 years ago

This is my entry :

It was quite fun to draw again! I love that it is a requirement. Also, even though I could write Freeverse, I wanted to try a rhyming couplet (without syllable counts). Hope you enjoy reading :)


Wow, syllable counts. A haiku is a big achievement for me and it's quite hard. How much more 4 quatrains with syllable counts. I want to try that.

But anyway, thank you for joining again. :)

The more professional rhyming couplets are 2 lines per stanza (so wouldn't be quatrains) as well as written with a specific meter (both syllable count/length and emphasis on syllables is similar). Having said that, I never write it that way hahaha. Rhyming is already hard enough. I never learnt about meters and the emphasised syllables, it's not in my brain!

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