Friday Poets, Round 8, Contest and Community Building

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Friday Poets

It is Friday and time for those of us without a date to get our our pens and imagine one, or to gripe about the state of world affairs. In these millennial days, that is what you do on a date anyways ... that or watch Netflix and veg.

Johann_Heinrich_Wilhelm_Tischbein_-_Goethe_in_the_Roman_Campagna_-_Google_Art_Project (1).jpgAttribution

We are lucky. In the olden days ... pictured above ... it was veg and no Netflix, but they did have Snuggies and their pens had feathers and weren't threatening to take over the world with their developing intelligence. No wonder there were so many poets back then. It was safer. But not now ... poetry may be for fainters but it's not for the faint of heart.

And so who is ready to flirt with disaster and AI armageddon ...

First the rules

  • Up vote this post and re-esteem it. I check:)
  • Visit at least three other Friday poets and comment and up vote their COMMENT here. You can also upvote their post if you got the upvote power but it is not necessary.
  • Drop your link below to a poem you wrote today … that’s Friday wherever you are.
  • Make one of your tags #fridaypoets and place @prydefoltz in the title
  • I will upvote and comment, to the best of my ability, on everyone who takes part having followed the rules. I should be able to get to everyone within the week. So that will be two upvotes one for your comment and one for your post.
  • The liquid payout from this post (SBD) will go to the winner and participants.
  • I will take part in the contest by writing a poem but I will NOT share in the SBD payout.
  • Have fun and maybe crack a smile.

Last week we earned 0.008 SBD and even when I added in the steem payout the cupboard was still pretty much bare. I works out to about 0.1 SBD. Exchange rates make it hard for me to give you an exact number. I want to keep this thing going and so I have sweetened the pot some. We had five awesome participants and you will each receive 0.05 SBD for participating and I hope you also earned some author rewards both on your poem and your comments.


Have fun folks with your dismal dismay and star-struck longing. Don't forget to share with the world. Over-sharing shows you care.


Beautiful piece, Pryde! The smoothness of the images paints a scenario of sublimated encounter, a kind of spell or conspiracy to produce the creation of a world imagined by two beings.

sparkling clear
sublimating air
shifting chromatics

figured by two

Excellent work, Pryde!

Thank you, ZC:)

Hi, @prydefoltz ☻ I'd pay to do this ♥

Cut and pasted:

Oh, girl! And that’s how you build an empire! A trace like that lives forever.

braille tellings
of tales more ancient
than the Earth
leave prints and patterns
invisible but permanent
laid upon bared flesh
mystical tattoos

The transcending romantic erotism of these lines captivated me, and yet there’s something more to them—to the whole poem, indeed—I don’t know what to call it but it must be some word which means at once architectural, symbiotic and emphatic. I don't know if synergetic would do; probably not; I'll bet Japanese have a word for that.

Awesome, @prydefoltz

I'm coming back to upvote when it bumps up ☻

It is a rewarding pursuit:)

I see a connection of a person who seeks the freedom of his body with an artist that goes beyond imagination. There is a peace in silence.

Thank you, CS:)

Very suggestive images portray the desperation of a very sensitive being struggling with his perceptions of reality that color him with chaos and helplessness and the vision that there are no exits.

From the twilight
I wear the color
from the abyss
on my shoulders
and a vertiginous fear
around me.

Good job, my brother.

Hi, @corderosiete. Here's my comment on your post. I enjoyed reading it:

Love the imagery, @corderosiete
I particularly like the first half:

From the twilight
I wear the color
from the abyss
on my shoulders
and a vertiginous fear
around me.

This shows me the speaker in your poem has been there in the depths of that abyss; he know what is like, and yet he's walking the plank.
Well penned ☻

Hello colleagues from @fridaypoets! Another Friday, faster and faster, more surprised at the speed with which the days go by. Here I bring you my poem today: "The vertigo it made me fall in the shadows"

Venezuela, cruel and unusual Who would have thought that a small vengeful group would embarrass more than 30 million Venezuelans,

Hi, my dear @zeleiracordero. Here's my comment on your heartfelt poem:

Deep as always, dear @zeleiracordero

Your poem reminds me of Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" in his Republic, and, of course, it makes me imagine a flow of young shadows (you've referred to already very well).

Thanks for sharing, dear.

Thanks for your nice comment, dear @marlyncabrera.

Hi, @prydefoltz. Times are hard; nothing better than poetry to get by. Thanks for the iniciative, the invite and my share ☻

Hi, everyone ♥

Here's my contribution for this week:


Excellent poetic approach on the circularity of time. Philosophical reflections that show us a vision to the eternal questions about the movement of life and the behavior of the forces that regulate it.

The wind, like air, like the river, like time
flows in circles, attached to the earth,
like a serpent biting its own tail.

Very good, @marlyn. I loved the treatment of the subject images.

Time inevitably passes all the activities of the human being. Nobody escapes from his domain.

Wonderful philosophical piece. I for one believer there has always been something ... even if it is just this moment:)

Thanks, pryde.

hahaha, I love you. ;)

Thank you, hun:):):)

I was looking forward to reading your entry, @mamadini; you know you're amazing. Next time ☻

<3 Thank you, darling Marlyn. I have been tending to other things in my life, however, I do plan on being back, full steem ahead as we get more into the fall season.

Wonderful work. NYF:)

Hi, @newyorkfever. Here's my comment on your post. Beautiful pic and well picked filters by the way; loved it:
Hi, @newyorkfever ☻ It must be a mesmerizing experience, despite the dangers implied, to get to discover such beauty.

Thanks for sharing ♥

Beautiful view that falls in love with who looks at it. Your poem speaks of eyes in love with beauty contemplated with beautiful words threaded. The photographic shot is spectacular. Good job, @newyorkfever.

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