Beautiful piece, Pryde! The smoothness of the images paints a scenario of sublimated encounter, a kind of spell or conspiracy to produce the creation of a world imagined by two beings.

sparkling clear
sublimating air
shifting chromatics

figured by two

Excellent work, Pryde!

Thank you, ZC:)

Hi, @prydefoltz ☻ I'd pay to do this ♥

Cut and pasted:

Oh, girl! And that’s how you build an empire! A trace like that lives forever.

braille tellings
of tales more ancient
than the Earth
leave prints and patterns
invisible but permanent
laid upon bared flesh
mystical tattoos

The transcending romantic erotism of these lines captivated me, and yet there’s something more to them—to the whole poem, indeed—I don’t know what to call it but it must be some word which means at once architectural, symbiotic and emphatic. I don't know if synergetic would do; probably not; I'll bet Japanese have a word for that.

Awesome, @prydefoltz

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It is a rewarding pursuit:)

I see a connection of a person who seeks the freedom of his body with an artist that goes beyond imagination. There is a peace in silence.

Thank you, CS:)