QuillSpirations #1 ... CONTEST (10 SBI - and Great Prestige)

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Have you ever sat in front of your computer and wondered, "What the Hell am I going to post about today?" Your mind searches for great ideas, but is willing to settle for something "not terrible." Something funny, poignant or inspirational. Perhaps something intriguing or insightful. 

Something that elevates you in the eyes of your peers.

Arrgh ... you've got nothin.'

Alright then, how about something ... stupid?

"Hmmm ... I can do stupid." 

Et voila! 

I've come up with an idea that is so utterly ridiculous that I may have stumbled ass-backwards into brilliance (I'm not betting the farm) - and guess what ... I'm going to drag your ass, into that my morass.


On many Discord Channels, there's a digital tool of dubious utility called @InspiroBot. In a nutshell, you type in " 'q " (without the outside quotation marks) and a computer algorithm returns a random picture, overlaid by a manufactured quote ... which sounds like something the Oracle of Delphi would say if said oracle was on acid.

Anyway, when my creativity is at its nadir, here's what I do.

I head on over to the Power House Creatives' Discord Channel, type " 'q " in the comment bar ... and then compose a comment that attempts to interpret the InspiroBot quote in a way that sounds pithy and profound, and if I'm truly on fire ... inspirational. Using genetic code to do what the computer code is trying so hard not to do.

And hence a QuillSpiration is born ... a gift to my fellow PHC members. 

In essence ... bullshitting as art.

And so, I thought, what if I could share my gift? What if I could inspire you, too, to become absolutely full of it?

"Well, if Quill jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?"
"Yes, mother ... I would. He's a genius."

OK, below are the three InspiroBot Quotes I received and my attempts to turn them into QuillSpirations:

InspiroBot Quote #1:

QuillSpiration #1: 

Well, 'Murder’s' a word ... it's use oft absurd
All things have place and a time,
They drove us insane, became they a bane,
And now ... are dead all the Mimes.

InspiroBot Quote #2:

QuillSpiration #2:

Feelings are shit
... So use it your wit.

InspiroBot Quote #3:

QuillSpiration #3:

Imagine that you're polite, sane, and extravagantly, tumultuously fantastic.
Now drop the superlatives ... and strive not to be an asshole.

The QuillSpiration Contest

So, here's what you're going to do:

  1. Type " 'q " (without the outside quote marks) into the comment bar on any Discord Channel with InspiroBot, or alternatively, go to InspiroBot's Discord Channel, click the "#general" tab and type " 'q " (again, without the outside quotation marks). 
  2.  Copy-paste the InspiroBot Quote you receive into the comments section of this post;
  3. Interpret away. You have wide latitude in both style and substance.
  4. In your comment, tag someone who you hope likes you ... I need participants.
  5. Upvote this post at 100% ... I'm trying to break even.
  6. Go to any live post by @jaynie and leave the following comment, "Happy 50th Birthday." Feel free to add graphics/video if you like. Drop a link to said post in your comment on this one.
  7. Honor-Code: Some of the InspiroBot Quotes are more asinine than others. The odd one is actually pretty good. You take what you get. No going back to the well over and over again until you get quotes that you like. I will take into account "difficulty" and will be suspicious of quotes that sound to good to be true.
  8. You may leave up to three InspiroBot Quotes/QuillSpirations in your comment. Each will be judged separately and upon its own merits.
  9. I will judge all QuillSpirations to determine who's the biggest bullshitter on the blockchain. 
  10. 1st Place Winner: 5 SBI >>> 2nd Place Winner: 3 SBI >>> 3rd Place Winner: 1 SBI
  11. There will also be a 1 SBI Mystery Prize Winner. The point of this prize is to build mystery and suspense: "What will Quill do? What criteria will he use to bestow such a prestigious honor? God, I so desperately WANT to WIN that mysterious Mystery Prize. I bet I'd become famous and fabulously wealthy." Hint: 'Sappy Mirthday ... Laynie.'"


So there you have it, big money for big baloney.

Good luck and may the biggest bullshitter win.


All images are linked to source, are QuillFire originals or are modifications of images in the public domain. Videos and images may also be parodies of original works, therefore relying upon applicable exemptions from copyright. 

You guys know the QuillDrill. Be verbose ... but articulate.

And remember ...

Go Love a Starving Poet

For God's sake ... they're starving!




I am definitely an eccentric individual and do not follow the herd. That has led me to being somewhat of a 'Black Sheep' of the family, but hey... I am definitely happy and don't mind so much being different! Many thanks to Inspirobot for giving me an easier one! 🤪

Come and play with us, @traciyork 😁

...and birthday greetings to @jaynie:

hahahaha Brilliant @thekittygirl!!!!! xxx and yes come come @traciyork!


That actually sounded ... halfway profound. :-)

Great QuillSpiration.



Absolutely in. I love working with them bots. Hot last days of spring.

Funny. I'll definitely give it a try tomorrow.


Drugstore is a professional term for "in the middle of nowhere".

Drugstore, yes - it helps beat the bore.
Pops that blister in a pack and puts you on a new track.
Pro or layman, "nowhere" is a good place to find,
whilst you lose your mind.

Oh... and NO I will NOT be wishing my pretty 39yr old arse a happy 50th ;) hehehehe

Great idea @quilllfire xxx

oh and wakey wakey @zord189...
TAG You're it!


Hi Jaynie.

Today is Father's Day and Katie and I went down to the beach for lunch. While there, she was laughing about my post and filled me in on the latest young folks lingo ... which, in retrospect, explains a lot.

50 ... is the new 39!

No one tells me anything ... I did not know that. Here I thought you were just in denial and in need of an intervention. But now I know what "39" actually means ... metaphorically ... in all makes sense. So, now that I'm clued in, let me wish you a Happy "39th" Birthday.

BTW, did you know that I'm ... "William Shakespeare?"

Great QuillSpiration. :-)

Love ya, darling. :-)


"Simply being persistent,
doesn't mean that you're
not a sea captain...."
...you can be reliable AND awesome bro
do you.

@blueeyes8960 do you want to play?
Comment link: https://steemit.com/powerhousecreatives/@jaynie/jaynie-1560634357361-family-time#@justatouchfey/pt7cgm

hahaha well played!


Hmmm ... are they inferring that Sea Captains aren't persistent? I'm willing to bet some of those rat-eating, sailing-off-the-end-of-the-Earth early explorers would have begged to differ. And what about pirates? I don't recall reading that Black Beard lacked stick-with-it-ness. "Give me your earrings or I'll cut your throat" ... well, I suppose that's actually "insistent." Food for thought. :-)

Great QuillSpiration.


Sometimes InspirotBot just loses its mind and it becomes difficult to guess who is more harsh, You or InspiroBot ;)
Your 6th requirement is really hilarious.


Hey Blue.

That 6th requirement ... let's hope that really takes off. As I've written before, if I'm not in trouble with some woman for some thing, my world feels off kilter. Lately, I seem to have hit a dry spell so I need to re-establish a sense of balance. :-)


Okay, I'm not going to do the birthday thing. I have moral objections to it. But I'll resteem this post and tag @SteveR82. I think he likes me, but you never know. These uncontrollable artists are so unpredictable. And just in case he doesn't like me, I'll tag @blueeyes8960. She'll at least pretend to like me.


"Behind every uncontrollable junkie ...
there's an uncontrollable artist (who writes Free Verse).


Probably avant garde.

I am just here for the prestige.

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HAHAHAHAHA come on @zekepickleman.... you know you wanna enterrrrrrr :P


Zeke ... the fire is building within you, I can FEEL it. Channel your inner smarty-pants and drop a wisdom-bomb. :-)


No time to play with that crazy bot now, but perhaps I'll give it a go later on. Should be some fun ones for this!


You know, InspiroBot ... is pro-vegan. This is your opportunity to become the Confucius of the Cruciferous. Tempting, n'est pas?


"Robots Unite"

It's as though this inspiro bot knew I was about to write on your post knowing our disdain for bots here!

"Robots Unite,
We've got to fight,
Against these humans supreme.

We'll do what's right,
To affect the trending site,
And manipulate it to the extreme."

Stand up against them at your peril but whatever happens just say what you feel.

Now if only they could be used with manual curation initiatives to really accelerate the trending feed to how it should be and give massive rewards on good quality content... There's a thought!

I've wished @Jaynie many a happy 50th but will do it again in a more grandiose style in this comment - happy 70th Jaynie!

Good luck on Voice if it ever launches 😉

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Love it!

Haha glad to hear it! All thanks to Quillington and the Inspirobot for this rendition

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Nic, my man ... Beautiful QuillSpiration!!!

I've wished @Jaynie many a happy 50th but will do it again in a more grandiose style in this comment - happy 70th Jaynie!

Mission Creep. :-)

In fairness, she wears it well ... she doesn't look a day over 45. Granted, she's had "some work" done but one must give credit where credit is due. She once DM'd me some Before and After photos:



Needed... Urgently! Time travel, she's got the gun! @quillfire

It's amazing what they can do with a little bit of surgery isn't it?

Thought you'd like the Inspirobot quote and what followed. It wrote itself really

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No fear, my dear...You are in so much trouble. You really are a womanizer, aren't you?


I showed your comment to Katie. Well, that triggered hours of on-and-off again giggling and smart-ass remarks. I didn't think it was THAT funny. Her English Literature teacher said I was a Renaissance Man. Apparently, Renaissance Men are not as in-demand as they were ... during the Renaissance.

Anyway, I'm going to ignore my daughter's derision and answer, "Yes ... I am a womanizer. Indeed, even as we speak, there are nubile nymphs all over my back lawn." I have included a music video that I think is apropos (despite it possessing some of the most painfully pathetic lyrics in history):

Speaking of history, I know you're quite the afficienado. I thought you might like these snapshots explaining, perhaps, Rasputin's otherwise inexplicable charms:




Being obese can be like being a zombie, but
Now That i am size zero again and all the fun times are gone. Stay in the middle and stay Healty we love you anywhay!

Tagging @zekepickelman and @nickyhavey

Oghhhhh and age is just a number , @jaynie is 21 just like me


I upvoted offcourse but if i win the prizes Will be for the powerhousecreatives account. Building the house !

Great initiative


I'm glad I didn't get that one. :-)

"50 is the new 39."

No wait ... it's the new 21.

Really? God, it's hard to keep up. Is there a website for all these Millennial aphorisms? :-)


Looks really interesting, but I couldnt find the inspiro bot stuff...

Can any one guide me?


Hey mate. There's a link to InspiroBot's Discord Channel in No. 1 of the Contest's Directions. Just click on that link and follow the directions.


Thank you for an immediate response, will check it now

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I think it is only for the members, Its alright...

Let me a member first in the near future if so???


Join and become a member.

In any event, here's one you can use:


Hahah....loved the way you replied to me and now it is my turn to show up rather blame any one....

And I just tried...dont know how it feels

  • There is no forest in rain forests, but its is always warm
    Like my girlfriend who makes me always smile and brings out best from me.
    But she always remains a puzzling complex like
    A mystery wrapped in an enigma..


"A puzzling complex, like a mystery wrapped in an enigma."

Well, ain't that the truth.

Women ... Nature's Great Conundrum. In fairness, life would be a lot less interesting without them. More sane ... but less interesting. :-)


You said it exactly Sir, that is really a worthy statement...Without them the world looks empty....

And also that say Behind every successful man, there is a woman...is it?

GREAT Idea @quillfire. InspiroBot is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get. HAHAHA
I've had some I just blink at and think how incredibly random.

Wow, talk about random 😝 The only thing that comes to mind. Stay away from organized religion. They claim to save your soul. Get you to believe their man made rhetoric. Then once your eyes are opened you realize the 'pit' you fell into .

I already wished @jaynie Happy Birthday. And there is nothing wrong with being 50 😝😜 I have 5 months left before a graduate from 50.


The only thing that comes to mind. Stay away from organized religion.

I thought it meant, "Stay away from peaches." :-)

And there is nothing wrong with being 50...

That's exactly what I've been saying. @jaynie seems to be having a hard time making the transition though ... and that's why she needs us, her friends.


Word jugglery is an art that takes priests and politicians to the top of their game, regardless of whether it's truthful or meaningful.

Your post has at least brought home the idea that it's @jaynie birthday. As a Gemini then, I now understand her penchant for media, literature, wordsmithery and the gift of the gab. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the winged Messenger of the gods in astrology, so being an editor and curator is about write, pun intended.
Thanks for the advice on the Inspirobot, though I have more than enough juice to fill another 250 posts, at 50 it comes out of your ears of experience, pun intended.


... at 50 it comes out of your ears of experience, pun intended.

An alliterative pun ... nice. And true, too. @jaynie may be as aged as old cheese, but with that age ... comes old mold. And that's not nothing.


"Public life is exactly like outer space"

  • All coherent thought and good sense are sucked into the black void.

Here's the link to my pick of a @jaynie post with my birthday wish: https://steemit.com/powerhousecreatives/@jaynie/jaynie-1560455333031-removing-self-doubt-one-conversation-at-a-time

Now I'm tagging @traciyork

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org


Actually ... that's pretty good. And pretty true.

Nice QuillSpiration.


Who wouldn't want to be part of this? Tomorrow, my friend! I will sleep on it and hope the bot is kind to me.

Sort of like you are.


In the afterlife, what we have asked for cannot be unasked for.

Spirit World, doom slayer or star dust,
Zooming around on my Cadillac broom,
Dropping fairy dust making a fuss/mess all over the place,
No better, no worse than life as we know it....
Your turn to interpret!

Handing the batton over to @dswigle for some fun along with @mariannewest

NB: QuillSpirations

“Xennials” - born between 1977-1983 laid waste to dream ~ FOH, you slay me...

Visit to the amazing @jaynie with message left for her - https://steemit.com/powerhousecreatives/@jaynie/jaynie-1560634357361-family-time#@justatouchfey/pt7cgm


Damn Joan ... you out-crazied the crazy bot.

Well played ... I guess. :-)


@quillfire crazy bot is nudging me into a tight corner,
deliberately pushing me to get a learner license for the broom!
One foot in the grave, the other flailing round......

Oh my gosh, what have you started? I don’t know but your intro had me laughing out loud! It is going to be interesting to see what comes of this!


Hi Jayna ... where is your entry!?

Listen, no one likes a grown up so stop hiding behind the fuddy-duddy desire to preserve your reputation. Go make a fool of yourself!!! As you can see, you'll have plenty of company. :-)


Way beyond me this, but I have to return your kind visit and vote on my post.
All strength to your contest Quill.


That is your pride talking, your desire to not make a fool of yourself in public. Well, take a look around, mate ... that boat has sailed. This is Steemit.

Give me a QuillSpiration!!!


Hahaha, we are all fools my friend.
But challenge accepted and I well see what I can do tomorrow.

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This is contribution to the crowd on par with the transmission of syphilis ... but your gratitude is nevertheless appreciated. BTW ... have you wished @jaynie a Happy 50th Birthday?


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