The “Not An Artist”Contest- Stick Figure Fun!!!

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There are many contests on Steemit for artists and those with talent, yet there are Steemians here who are witty and creative but couldn’t draw if their life depended on it. . . This is the contest for all of you!

Let’s have some fun with this one!

Rules are simple:

  1. Draw your best stick figure piece of artwork. It could be anything. Use your imagination. Use bubble quotes, NSFW, whatever. The ideas are limitless. It has to be your own creation.

  2. Do a Steem post with your stick figure creation and link the post in the comment section. Use hashtag #notanartistcontest

  3. Have fun!

50% of this post SBD rewards will be paid to the winner when rewards are paid out on this post. I will be the judge of all entries.

Have a good time! @rawdawg is looking forward to your entries.



Very comic you such stick with figure I like much! Please upvote all my post and follow me and my friends and my mom and my sister and my dog has account too. Mash potato to you gud freind!

I will stick figue :soon:!

Ok, I actually started this ... then I failed and found out it wasn't even funny. I will try again :soon:!

Failure is not acceptable! :)

When's the deadline?

You have until this post rewards are paid out so 6 days

You are the winner of the stick figure contest!!!!

Wooohooo! Thanks!

good contest, people like you are needed on steemit. Steem on

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Planning on making my entry today

Hello fellow not artist's. Not sure if this qualifies but here's my entry anyways.

Unfortunately it has to be hand drawn.

all good at least i had fun