💲10 💲 -SBD Price- ❓Steemit Quiz Contest❓ - Quiz #3 - Here we go again, have fun ✌

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Here we go with the next quiz, have fun!


Quiz #3

How many sticks do you count?

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-02 at 20.19.33.jpeg

The quiz will be resolved the next day.


For the steemit user, who did not see the post before:

This is how it works:

I will post one Quiz a day until someone reaches 3 points. The question can be anything.

The first right answer will get 1 point

The first user with 3 points (=solving 3 Quizzes) will get the 💲10

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The requirements are pretty simple:

👉 Upvote this post 👈

(applies for all steemit user! If you want to get the point, you have to upvote this post)

👉 Resteem this post 👈

(applies only to user, who did not resteem this contest so far. One resteem is enough!)

👉 And of course comment the right answer 👈


This is a hard one. I see 36 sticks for sure, but I'm not sure if there is another one beneath, as it sems like there is one, but I'd think it would be too big, so I guess it's a bent one/I'm mis-seeing it? Anyways, my answer is: 36

After multiple counts I could only come up with 36 too.