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Everything you need in a single platform


The cryptocurrencies are currently at the top of the internet chain, at its peak. Many people around the world work with them, and the stock market and investment went to a digital area with cryptocurrencies.


The transactions with cryptocurrencies is something of the day to day of many people, the fact that it is a digital economy widely used at the present time in the world and that is very technological does not make it escape from many challenges and problems that it still has to face and to get better.Security is a sensitive issue, and even more so when it comes to finance, the universe of cryptocurrency transactions tends to be vulnerable to attacks by hackers, in recent years there have been multiple attacks that have generated large losses of money in the investors, even according to experts, if you do not take action on the matter, that will become common. It is important to highlight the scalability problems of cryptocurrency transactions since transactions take too long to complete.

For its part, the motto of "The customer is first" is completely removed in many of the platforms that work with cryptocurrency exchanges because they do not take into account customer support, therefore they leave this in the background, being the first priority. . Other problems faced by the world of the digital economy are the lack of liquidity, which is fatal for the purpose of transactions. It is also of utmost importance to mention the lack of regulation, the lack of regulations and control regarding cryptocurrency transactions.

All these are factors that the cryptocurrency exchange industry must face, are realities that avoid the massive adoption of this type of economy, these details to correct lead people to use many platforms at the same time to make the perfect platform for them. , currently there is one that allows them to manipulate a large amount of tools to fulfill all they want in terms of transactions with cryptocurrencies, and the world of trading, this is ONAM, a very interesting system that will solve problems mentioned.

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ONAM, all in one platform.

It is a platform for exchange, trading and transactions with cryptocurrencies. ONAM offers an ample amount of tools, so that to handle the transactions with cryptocurrencies it is not necessary to work with many pages and many platforms since within ONAM everything is ready.

What is ONAM ?
Truly scalable, innovative, exchange with built in with enterprise grade security, risk management, and advanced trading tools. ONAM Exchange is ushering in a new era of standardization in digital asset trading by placing an emphasis on adhering to compliance, security, and usability.

Why choose this platform lies in the fact that it is not necessary anymore to work with trading and transactions with cryptocurrencies, everything that the user needs is in one place. Of fact it is very important to mention that it is the strongest and strongest exchange platform of the market.

ONAM is a platform aimed at both civilians and merchants, or investors in the field of the critomy, which is quite useful since it has a very broad market. The vision of ONAM is beyond the present, they think about the future massive adoption of cryptocurrencies and this type of economy and transactions. The platform is based on factors such as security, scalability, transparency, customer support, liquidity and compliance, to offer the user the best in each of the mentioned areas.



Currently, the work involved in cryptocurrencies is very important, it is for this reason that it is necessary to look for the best options for transactions, trading and everything related to it, ONAM arrived to answer the problems faced by this type of digital economy, as well as to offer the necessary tools in one place.

Solutions with ONAM

Security: The insecurity within the network is a fact that pursues people around the world on a daily basis, therefore security is paramount for ONAM, so that for the sake of efficiency and economics I implement some systems created in an original way, to offer the better service, these are called: Advanced Threat Prevention, Intrusion Detection and trade surveillance. Thus they give the greatest existing and innovative security to the clients.

Scalability: Scalability is not a problem for ONAM since while other platforms promote highly scalable being with 1 or 2 million transactions, ONAM allows 10 million transactions per second, being much faster than any platform and therefore having a lot of more scalability

Shocking rapidity

It is important to highlight that it is very beneficial to have such fast transactions, since they not only help scalability but also give the user the possibility of trading with their transactions in a much shorter period of time than expected or which is known as fast even, since ONAM is the only platform that processes 10 million transactions per second with latencies as low as 40 nseconds.

Market Manipulation: So that security and the customer is a priority for ONAM have developed a real-time monitoring system for market surveillance, together with a supervision system with which they monitor the trading activity. With their security philosophy they eliminate market manipulation, turning it into a secure environment to work with cryptocurrencies.

Customer Support: With the philosophy that the customer is first, ONAM offers a live chat service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to solve any problem within the platform.

Poor market liquidity: The vision of ONAM is focused on attracting miners, traders, among others, so that they are encouraged, through this and the and using order books, it is possible to increase the liquidity of the platform breaking with the frequent problem of cryptocurrency platforms.

Regulatory compliance: The rules and regulations are necessary to achieve success, which is why ONAM, at the hands of the SEC, complies with the regulations for virtual transactions of cryptocurrencies and assets, it is sad to mention that this is an achievement because, on the contrary, there are many platforms that they work without any kind of license, this is not the case of ONAM, which complies with everything necessary.

All these are the solutions that ONAM gives to the current situation in the area of cryptocurrencies, which faces many instabilities, which leads to the non-adoption of massive, on the contrary, with ONAM the vision is towards that massive adoption, so that It gives both merchants and individuals solutions to all the faults they observed in trading and transferring with cryptocurrencies.

The fact that trust and security are the pillars of ONAM calls more companies and large investors to work with the platform, in this way they gain the confidence of the masses.

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knows the characteristics of the platform

The ONAM platform has many features which make everything work correctly. This is a system that implements many factors such as trade surveillance, with quite advanced tools in the field of cryptocurrencies, designed to avoid money laundering and market manipulation, in fact it is linked to the SEC regulatory system for total security. .

Below the features that this system offers:

Advanced Order Types: This represents an aid for the day to day of the trader, so that ONAM will always be present to help the client not to lose his profit.

Margin Trading: With this margin tool, users will have the opportunity to pay low interest for the borrowed funds, but nevertheless they will have a high purchasing power.

Margin Lending: It allows users to earn interest on the funds they have foreseen with the trading margin, in addition, ONAM gives its clients the opportunity to have more control since they can choose the duration and rate of their loan.

Composite Index Fund: ONAM has great interest in its clients that is why it allows them in a smart and safe way the exposure of their assets.

Paper Trading: ONAM wants its clients to be successful, therefore it has a tool that helps beginners and intermediate users without compromising their official capital.

Modular User Interface: It allows the user to customize their trading interface in a modern way that fits their needs

Trade Assistant with Trade Alerts and Signals: They work with each other, with the energy provided by machine learning limits the risks based on balance sheets, current positions among others.

Auto-Trading: Users can create their own bots with the strategies designed by themselves or in which case use one of those already pre-designed by the experts.

Social Media and Sentiment Analysis Tool: It is a tool that is powered by machine learning and a rapid analysis of the current market conditions therefore allows ONAM users to position themselves in front of traders from other platforms.

  • Market Scanning: The market scan is necessary for any trader, but manually takes a lot of time and is tedious, so ONAM offers an automatic tool to perform them, which is also powered by machine learning.

Advanced Charting: Without the need to leave aside the platform, you can analyze the assets within it, it is a way of optimizing the analysis history and others.

Trading Expert Coaching: One of the concerns of people is how to start in the world of trading without knowing anything, but with ONAM that is not a problem as it offers a training tool through articles and videos for beginners.

News and Announcement Feed: Space of all relevant news of the world of cryptocurrencies, helps to keep users informed.

Push Notifications: In order to keep the user informed, like any app, ONAM has notifications for its clients, so that it informs in real time of what is happening.

OTC Trading: Fulfilling his vision, ONAM tfacilita the purchase and sale of assets for institutions, plus the creation of smart contracts among other facilities.

Multi-Language User Interface: The user can choose the language of their preference.

Multi-Language 24/7 LIVE Chat Support: If the user needs help, ONAM has a live chat 24 hours a day all year round to cover the needs and concerns of its users.

FIX Server for Institutional Traders: For the trading community the FIX is quite important, and it is also one of the financial tools offered by ONAM, with which the financial information is reduced to what is necessary.

Advanced and Custom APIs: In ONAM the user has control over their interface and even the applications, so that they can be customized according to their needs.

Affiliate Program

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The security of ONAM's hand

Currently the rise of cryptocurrencies is increasingly strong, the management, transfer and trading with them is a daily activity for many people, it has become a fixed income, which is why every day there are more attacks by hackers to steal the income of people, which is why some people choose not to adopt this type of digital economy, taking into account that there are many attacks on money, they are concerned about putting themselves at risk, so that they do not massively adopt commerce. with cryptocurrencies. It is then that the need arises to implement greater security in the platforms that market and work with cryptocurrencies.

ONAM, with the aim of providing the highest quality platform to its users, offers a high standard of security, with the help of the regulators, Securities and Exchange Commission, better known as SEC, FINRA, FinCEN, take for granted the complete security of the users' assets. . Compliance with standards is a path to success, and also the safest, the fact of having everything in order and safe by such an important organization presents ONAM as a serious organization committed to giving the client the best of experiences, with everything in one place and with the security of the correct handling of your income.

ONAM has a large number of tools that offer high security for the user, in fact it is important to mention that this platform has developed its own security system.

At an institutional level they are adapted to an anti-money laundering system that filters users' data, giving even more security to them. Understanding the lack of security in the platforms for international investors, ONAM tries to fix this by means of a key with BitGo. With all the systems applied by ONAM, it becomes an absolutely safe platform for working with cryptocurrencies.


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The consumer always first for ONAM

Currently more than one person works with cryptocurrencies, it is for sure that the platforms that carry out transactions, or handle them, have become platforms for customer service or public relations. The success of a business lies in giving a good service to generate the best possible advertising and therefore get more customers, that's what ONAM is doing, for this platform the customer is always first in a way that offers several tools that will they give it the opportunity to customize its interface, in addition to basically offering a shielding service for the income and capital of each user.

It is important to mention that not only benefits the individual but also the institutions, so that large businesses would also benefit from this platform, which handles very low interest rates with calls more attention to new customers, in addition to this would greatly benefit the traders, so low interest rates are taken advantage of by all those people who currently have the cryptocurrency platform as a main job, so they look for the best platform to work.

This table shows how this platform gives many more benefits than other



ONAM complies with the vision of generating a massive adoption of cryptocurrencies, since it brings all its benefits and features as necessary to obtain more interested users, everything is on a platform with ONAM.

By way of example below a case of daily use of how ONAM is presented in the day to day of people and how their characteristics can be exploited.

Use case. Individual

Sam is a young visionary who is looking for how to profit from the internet, see that several people work with cryptocurrencies and it does not seem so complicated but a bit tedious the fact that you work with many pages at once, in addition to one of his friends He is fully in that business, that impelled him to work in the same. Sam was watching for a long time everything that involved trading and transactions with cryptocurrencies, but one day he saw that his friend was the victim of a hack, he lost profits, that's when they both started to investigate more about the platforms they used, in such a way that one day they came to ONAM , a platform that works with cryptocurrency and trading transactions but with a perfect security system for what they were looking for, It is important to mention that for Sam as a beginner in the world of cryptocurrencies it was perfect to find ONAM as it offers a lot of help as a beginner consumer, such as live chats and articles to get into the world of cryptocurrencies, so they did not have to work with other platforms and the security problem was solved, no more risks to run, all thanks to ONAM .

Use - case. Institutional

Star Inc. It is a very important investors firm, they have international stature, they want to update, so they joined the cryptocurrency trading market. Their experience leads them to distrust how many things are handled by the platforms, from there, an arduous investigation begins to find the best option to work with cryptocurrencies. From that search emerged ONAM, this platform was the most attractive with its low rates, its high security and facilities for organizations, I leave no doubt to be chosen as the main platform of these investors.

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ONAM's Tokens

The platform has its own cryptocurrency, called as the page "ONAM" so that it has utility within it, it is important to mention that the use of the token opens the doors to users within the utilities of the page, besides that You can save 50% on trading fees.

ONAM tokens are important to utilize the full capabilities of the ONAM platform. Users will be able to save on trading fees, unlock extra tools and features including but not limited to trade Assistan, Market scanning tools, Trade alerts and signals.


It is very important to say that the token will not appear in any exchange list outside the ONAM platform.



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Exchange Fees


Supported Assets at Initial Launch


Road Map


The Team


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Check my video and know more about the subject

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At present, the use and application of cryptocurrency technology is very common, so that the work with them became a job. More and more people need platforms to exchange with them, among other activities with them, many of these people make use of 2 or more platforms to meet their needs. From this need arises ONAM, a platform that seeks to improve what already exists because it offers tools such that give a total security to the user with compliance with all regulations and a myriad of features already mentioned that give more than confidence the confidence of working with a platform like ONAM, not only for an individual but for organizations, goodbye to work with multiple platforms, everything is within ONAM at the disposal of the consumer.

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