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"Japan's influencer service to the world stage, Power of social network"

Patron's Philosofy

Currently, the use of social networks has increased, from being a bridge to communicate between friends and family, to be the new television and new entertainment, even it is normal in the morning wake up and the first thing that is visualized is social networks through the devices you have at home, as they are the new newspapers or news. With so much use of networks has developed a tendency for someone to be behind them, someone report, entertain or tell your life behind the screen, these are the creators of content, they are called as they create a diverse amount of material for one or more social networks, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, among others. The creators of content vary too much and they are for each public, there are some that are in charge of tutorials, others of comedy, reviews, cooking, makeup, video games, news, and thousands of other things, that is, entertainment for all tastes and ages.


The use of social networks has reached such a high degree of importance that it is already considered a shaper of society, thousands of people every day enter them and listen to opinions or stories, hence the term "Influencer" for content creators. , even more so for those who have a greater number of followers, fans, or public. These influencers currently have a fairly large power before society because they are able to reach anyone through a video, a publication or a photo, it is incredible the boom that has been the creator of content, so much so that already It is considered a work all over the world. Influencers are the new stars, the new idols and role models.

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Challenges to face in social networks

Influencers / content creators

Social networks are a window for thousands of people, now it has become a job, many young and not so young people go to these means of mass entertainment to express their ideas, opinions, show what they like, or teach in they are good. From the outskirts the networks look very simple but it is a complete universe, for the creators of content is their life and therefore they face several challenges in that world, besides the fact that they must be attentive of their content as it reaches many people. The fact that YouTube, facebook, instagram or twitter a job gives a little more pressure and maybe some influencers earn more money than others or feel less valued than others. Many people do not know it but the internet business is hand in hand with advertising, that is all within this. Sponsors play an important role for each creator of content, meanwhile this represents a challenge, since some creators may not receive many offers of promotion, as another may receive some that are absolutely the opposite of the content that your audience expects, for therefore it would be a loss for both the influencer and the company that hires it.

Companies / sponsors

Advertising and marketing is really important for any company as this guarantees greater sales of their products which translates into profits. It is important to mention that in order for all this to be possible, sponsorship campaigns are carried out where services are exchanged. Within the logic of sales since time immemorial companies have always sought to have publicity by celebrities or famous people who are known by many worldwide, now this has become a challenge because although you still have that belief, of a greater amount of fans greater sale, since the world is not the same and it is necessary to look for quality over quantity. For this year the celebrities are mostly creators of content for social networks because they are the ones who have the ability to reach a broad audience at all times. It is for them that companies should think more about this type of advertising medium, it is worth noting that the importance of this lies in being able to reach a more select public, which would undoubtedly break the problem of increased sales for sponsors.

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Patron, the answer for influencers, users and sponsors

It is a platform that is responsible for uniting the influencers of the world with the right sponsorship companies, in a few words it is a bridge between the creators of content and the companies that want to sell their products. All this bridge going through the followers.



The main point of Patron, is to connect the right users with the products they would like, taking into account more quality than quantity.

Patron is the platform for supporting the influencers’ market. It’s provides influencers’ sharing
Core Function of PATRON:
1.Sharing the influencer's SNS delivery frame at the spot. (Pay every time)
2.Share an Influencer exclusively for several months (Pay monthly).
3.Acquire favorite influencers and monopolize (annual contract)

Why Patron?

Nowadays, social networks are a means of mass communication and a job, both for influencers and for companies, it is a very big benefit to share promotions or advertising of products to the right people, so that there is a percentage of purchase guarantee. or acquisition, of the product in question, wider.

Patron is a platform that offers a service for companies, influencers and users, through a blockchain technology and the sharing economy. This service helps connect the right influencers with the right companies.

Patron fulfills the function of categorizing the influencers by the type of content they create, in this way the right companies can be connected to them.

It is important to mention that this platform is responsible for putting a price on each influencer. Patron fulfills several functions that involve the profile of the exposed influencer, in a way that connects better with the appropriate sponsor.

Why use this platform lies in the fact that through an excellent blockchain technology creates an appropriate environment that responds to marketing and advertising in a world so seen today coo is that of influecers and social networks.

For the platform the value of the influencer is key information to achieve the proposed, it is worth noting that it is determined by three methods to judge this and are:

1.“Dissemination ability / reachability (number)”: It does matter, although it is not taken as an absolute value if the number of followers is important as a factor for the determination of the value of the influencer.

2.“Power to engage / Engagement”: It is very well seen that an influencer has enough contact with his followers, these are the ones that determine what type of influencer he is, so they are an important factor, both they and the public as well as the commitment of the influencer with them.

3.“Trust / evaluation by users”: For a sponsor the reputation plays a fundamental role and that is what the score that can give through likes and views, the users to the influencer.

Depending on the research obtained from the three, a value is given to the influencer in question, these factors are the key determinants to know what type of influencer is.

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Patron mechanism

Patron is a platform that has subdivisions, these being some categories:

  • Host: This denomination is given to the registered influencers on the platform

  • Guest: This is about the sponsor

On the other hand, the fan or follower must also be considered part of the mechanism. The fans even make use of the token to give more votes to their favorite influencers, in this way they also increase their rating.

These denominations are also made with the purpose of carrying out intelligent contracts. It has been suggested that social networks are currently a job and as work must be taken seriously, that is why it is appropriate to establish legally established rules for any service. Certain rules apply to each user whether sponsor or influencer, each has duties and rights within the stipulated in the contract, it is worth noting that these are of several periods of time, which are agreed by the parties involved.

It is important to note that the model worked by Patron is based on the Airbnb with a blockchain technology from the sharing economy, so that it gives more security to deal with strangers through the network.


The technology of Patron is based on the blockchain, making it a safe platform and that guarantees conifiables transactions between those involved. On the other hand, the fact of having smart contracts guarantees transparency and influencer a fixed and secure income, and adequate payment for their work, while for the company means a guarantee of the increase in their sales.

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Token PAT

Patron is a blockchain platform that has its own token which has multiple uses within it.

Among the uses and benefits of this currency are the following, according to the whitepaper page 30

Contract between host (Influencer) and guest (contractor) using PAT
・Use PAT for host (Influencer) and guest (influencer) co-starring
・Ambassador agreements using PAT
・Use PAT to buy, sell and trade with influencers
・Influencer followers and fans can buy PAT from PATRON
・Followers and fans will cheer and do a fan vote with PAT for influencers
・If the Influencer who voted has been able to make a contract,
you get money from the Influencer at the rate of voted PAT (stable)
・Fan polls to drive engagement on the platform and award contracts and incentives
based on popular demand



Token Information


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Patron, Benefits for all


Currently the word influencer is a term that is often heard and many are taking more importance, which is the right thing, since they are responsible for what society sees today. The consumption of other media has fallen with respect to social networks, this is how this has become a job, for them content creators seek benefits from it. It is important to mention that each creator has a specific public according to the topics he deals with or the information he manages in his social networks. Some people are not aware of how everyone currently manages social networks, through sponsorship and advertising, in this way the influencers can obtain financial benefits for their services. As it has been exposed since not everyone handles the same public, it is logical that they can not advertise the same things, or maybe if it is possible but it will not have the expected result on the part of the sponsoring agent.



The benefits offered by Patron are very noticeable, because the influencers will count within the platform with a categorization and a valuation, that valuation is given regarding 3 factors already mentioned (Numbers, Commitment and reputation) on the other hand the influencers will be within a category because in this way the connection with the sponsoring company will be much more accurate and not randomly given as many cases in which the advertising agreement results in a disaster due to the fact that the public does not agree with the product.

In short, but the benefits of Patron for the influencers go further as they are based on a shared economy with high security in the chain of blocks, also gives the opportunity to anonymously search for the best job offer, and with contracts They can establish the most convenient work period, counting with a secure payment.


From the point of view of business it is very beneficial to use a tool that helps to choose the right influencer for advertising, since many times the company does not know the content handled by the influencer is guided by the numbers of followers, with the belief that the more senior followers will be their sales, this is absolutly false, since the number does not turn into sales unless it is focused on an adequate public interested in the product in question.

This is how Patron gives companies the benefit of accessing the right influencer, guaranteeing higher sales due to being demographically categorized and facing the public that is interested in the types of products it offers.

It is important to mention that both the influencer, the company and the followers will feel more comfortable with the advertising that is handled as it would go, thanks to the demographic categories, according to the type of content created and the audience that it takes. Patron is a win win, for all involved since the platform is responsible for connecting everything that has interests in common.

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If I were influencer ...

One way or another most are influencers, or at least creators of content, since almost all of us create publications or share opinions on our social networks, some more produced and others not so much. Sincerely I would like to take that in my life a step further and be a more consolidated content creator, if that comes to mind I think that a tool like Patron would have a huge utility since as an influencer I would like to work with the appropriate sponsorship and The fact that Patron creates a category with a demographic objective is absolutely useful. Companies and influencers can connect correctly. As a frequent user of social networks, creator of rising content and influencer in dreams I think it would make a great use of Patron within my work tools, I would have a lot of benefits that would help me as an influencer and also would be a sponsored content of quality for my followers.

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Use case 1

Luna is a content creator, she has several social networks, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and her main one, YouTube, is therefore not on the rise with a high number of followers like celebrities, but she tries to take her users a quality content. Its channel focuses on reviews of books, movies and series, with a public between 16 and 25 years of age. Several highly paid advertising proposals have been sent to your email, but none of them are focused on their content, so it would be uncomfortable to show those products. Tired of not being able to obtain that income, she began to investigate and that is how she found the solution to her problems, Patron, this platform shortly after joining her, she contacted a publisher that wanted to promote books for young people, as well as articles related to her characters, That publicity was something that was completely in line with Luna and her social networks. So it became a relief and a steady job all with the help of Patron.

Use case 2

A video game company wants to test their new game and at the same time promote it, they have had problems with the promotions since they have gone to celebrities that by not taking it to the right audience only caused them losses. This is how, in search of a better promotion option, they begin to investigate a way to contact the right person, and that it would be impossible to review content by content, this is how they find Patron, this platform saved life to the area of business sponsorship since I connect them with a gamer, then he was able to take his new video game to the exact audience which resulted in a high increase in sales.

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In conclusion, at present the influence of social networks on people outweighs any other means of communication, this is how the content creators within these have managed to shape society, that is why they are called influencers. This being a job must be treated more seriously and with more tools that allow its proper development. Companies and inflluencers have something in common, they want an adequate sponsorship, this is how Patron comes into play with its mechanisms and categories, efficiently giving a quality service to connect the right influencer with the right companies, therefore say goodbye to the ads that are not according to the content and goodbye to the lost by the public to the wrong public thanks to Patron.

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The team behind the project




Road Map


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More Information below

Patron Website
Patron WhitePaper
Patron Telegram
Patron Facebook
Patron LinkedIn
Patron Bitcointalk
Patron DEMO

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