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Thank you so much @papa-pepper for being so generous. you are going to gift away your camera.and I think I am the suitable guy for this camera because I am a passionate photographer. I am taking photos from my Huawei phone (model y560-02) it has an 8MP rear camera, but still picture quality is low.when the phone was new, the photo quality good, but as time passed, the quality of the photo is decreasing gradually. my phone is giving more trouble these days, it gets hang frequently, the phone doesn't respond more these days.I don't have a college degree in photography but, I have learned photography from youtube.

GENEROUS @PAPA-PEPPER15163376253962135035670.jpg
I have a dream to capture best photos and share in steemit. I am always interested to participate in your contest, but I could never participate because I don't have a camera.
Next thing is I love making the short real story. the real story of the people. I take some time to listen to their story and share here. I have shared about2/3 stories, and I have some photos of next story.the story is real, the persons met can be contacted.

my next dream is to do pranks. I love to see the people reaction while doing pranks on them. if I got the camera, I will be contributing a more real story of the people. I will be sharing beautiful photos around me.and I will be the prankster in Nepal. I will be uploading these pranks in dtube. I hope I will get the camera. I will be participating in more of the contests organized by you.i wish I could get this camera.15163375128671783408710.jpg15163374226051594079935.jpg

some photos taken from my phone by me20171222_153515.jpg


i have a video too. how can i upload a video here


@papa-pepper I've been your follower from my beginning days at Steemit and have probably told you that you are my inspiration for parenting and homesteading. The only reason I chose not to participate in the contest is because I think this guy is more deserving than me for the camera. Young, hard working and perfectly capable of making great contributions to the community. I'm rooting for @sanjay2011s on this one.

Thank you so much @tagsplanet . this means alot to me . steemit has given me many good friends and brothers too

No worries man. You deserve it.

Nice post ...keep going in steemit community.

thank you so much

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good luck to win the camera, I see you don’t have a Steemit Profile Picture I made a contest post to make it simple to do just click Here
Also here is another contest I have going on Here

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I think you can upload the video to Dtube and paste the link into your post. Waiting for your great pictures taken using your Canon ^_^

Ok sure thank you so much i will try to post the video. Hope i will get the canon. Of i get the canon i will be probiding much content to steemit community

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