Daily Contest: Riddle Game #30 Winners and Announcement

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Hello Steemit Community,

We had "If I have it, I don’t share it. If I share it, I don’t have it. What is it?" as the previous riddle. Let me announce you the Daily Contest: Riddle Game 30th(1 SBD/1 Steem) for grab winners


"If I have it, I don’t share it. If I share it, I don’t have it. What is it?"
Syempre, e sesekreto ko lang iyong sagot ko dito, baka malaman pa nang iba matatalo ako sa riddle mo @sfp-ilocosnorte at mawawalan pa ako nang pag-asang manalo ahahahahahah

hello!! kapag meron akong boyfriend di ko talaga isheshare! no kayo sinuswerte? kasi kapag shinare ko it means wala na akong bf DI KO NA SYA BF THAT MOMENT.. huhu and I wont let it happen.. hahaha

My answer is my Life.
Ofcourse this is my Life,God gave it to me .
Kaya lang kung dumating man ang araw na bawiin ni God ito, di ako magdadalawag isip na ishare ito sakanya kahit na binigay niya ito para sakin. I know that from the very beginning God own my life, kung tutuusin pinahiram lang niya ito sakin, kaya di ko ito ipagdadamot na iShare ito sakanya. 😇

Jusko lalo na sa panahon ngayon. Ang daming makakapal ang mukha na hackers. Hahaha. Di paghirapan mga gusto nilang makuha. Karma sana. Hahaha

Ang ka guapohan ko ang hirap kapag e share ko pato. Kahit pilitin mang e share yung mukha ko di talaga pwd kasi akin lang to. hahahahahahahahahaahaha

We are giving 0.200 SBD for all the winners. Congratulations!!!

Today, we are announcing that the Daily Contest: Riddle Game(1 SBD/1 Steem) for grab contest of @sfp-ilocosnorte will take a break. It was a tough decision from all of the admins of this chapter but after a long and careful consideration in all factors we come up with one decision to pause the said contest.

We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who participated and supported our Daily Riddle Game Contest from the 1st day up to the 30th day. We were pleasantly surprise and overwhelmed when a lot of steemians from different places participated the 30 days riddle contest. Thank you for sharing us your witty and funny answers who always made our day every time we visit the comments of the blog. Thank you also for putting us in a difficult situation every time we pick the winners.

To the sponsors @kryptonia, @sydesjokes , @rjd , @kborillo who made the daily riddle game contest possible. Thank you so much!

Thank you for unselfishly sharing your time, effort and presence in our daily riddle games from start to finish. May your efforts and generosity be rewarded a hundredfold. We know that saying thank you to all is definitely not enough to tell everyone how much we appreciate everything. We will still be active in posting blog on this platform and hoping that you will still support @sfp-ilocosnorte because we will still be here to support.

To end this announcement and before we close the Daily Contest: Riddle Game(1 SBD/1 Steem) for grab contest, we would like to hear your best experience in joining our riddle contest.

CONTEST: Tell us about your best experience in joining Daily Contest: Riddle Game "


2SBD/STEEM for the winner.
if 2 or more winners, we will split the prize, so it will be fair to all the contestants.

UPVOTE and RESTEEM this post
Use the tag #riddle-experience. It is not necessary to be the first tag.
Comment the link of your entries so it will be easy for us to see.
Answers: English, Tagalog and Ilokano
You can also add pictures, memes. Make it creative as you want.

NOTE:You can send your entry 3 days from now (March 26, 2018) and make sure to follow the rules so your entry will be valid.
If I will get a higher number of upvotes and rewards, we might give a higher prize. :)

We will be waiting for your entries!






Is it a secret. If I had a secret I would not share it with anyone.

Best experience is maybe asking my classmates, roomates and schoolmates on what will be a possible answer that would fit the riddle. Tapos magbrainstorm agad 😊 .salamat haha it was rough but fun. Bahala na if 1time lang nanalo😂 huhu mamimiss ko to.

Thank you so much @sciencepro for sharing your experience :)

Salamat sa 30 days riddle contest!!@sfp-ilocosnorte! It's really a fun experience I got in this contest.

My best experience is when the best answers are already taken by other contestants. At yung entry ko ay parang walang kwenta tas sasabihin ng mga kaibigan ko na CANCER yung sagot ko hahahaha. Pero pag nandyan nayung result, di ko aakalain na mananalo pala ako tas nga-nga yung mga friends ko hahahha.

thank you also for joining,it is deeply appreciated. please share your experience through a post to join this contest too :)

thank you for joining, we will just take a break and sure we will come back.. :)

i will look forward of thats thanks

aww.. i will miss the riddle contest.. you break my heart @sfp-ilocosnorte.. but surely i will join this contest..

Hello there @sfp-ilocosnorte thank you sa lahat ng effort mo na gumawa ka ng contest gaya nito
Daily riddle. Here's my entry, hopefully you like. :)


Here is my entry...this is not the end only the beginning of greater things! Cheers!

Thank you so much, @spf-ilocosnorte! I really had fun participating in your riddle games. :D
Here's my entry: https://steemit.com/riddle-experience/@jemzem/daily-riddle-game-experience-spf-ilocosnorte.