New Years Contest Winners!

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Congratulations to the winners of our New Years Contest! Happy New Years 2018 to everyone!

Most Rewards Winner (Highest Paid)

@mehta is the winner of the reward vote with $0.20 (won both popular and reward prizes but our rules stated the popular prize would go to runner up if they were both won by the same person)! View Comment

Most Votes (Popular)

@shaivpidadi won the popular prize with 9 total up votes! View Comment

Proof of Prizes:

5 SBD to @mehta:
5 SBD to @shaivpidadi:

Thanks again to everyone! Happy New Years! 2018 is going to be even better than 2017 was and that year was the best to date so far!


Congratulations to the winners.I wish I could participate in this contest but i missed it :(

Don't worry we run contests at least once a month!

Congratulations to the winners and Happy new year everyone. I registered with shadowbot but haven't been receiving upvotes. Please verify.

The system is designed to allocate votes fairly, part of our anti-abuse measure is to gain data on your account in the first few days after you register with us. You will notice after a few weeks if you are performing as a good steemian to grow faster and faster. This is simply a way for us to ensure people do not abuse the system by creating multiple accounts and low quality content with the intent to get more votes than those who work hard to actually develop good quality content.

We are working on a way to look through history of accounts and automate a process in the future where we can boost good authors in the future at sign up but currently this is not available. We will always make sure to "even" things out when needed and even provide our own up votes to those not getting them if needed that should be!

Thank you for explaining things. I appreciate.

Think of it this way. We do not charge for our service. So how do we avoid abuse? Well we TAKE votes from you in the beginning (cost) while we monitor your behavior. As we see how you perform ORGANICALLY on steemit that either increases or decreases your Shadow Rank (your priority in the pool of posts to up vote). Those who want to sign up and abuse us land up GIVING up votes to the big fish who over all make this system possible while those who sign up and are good steemians move up in the ranks and get back more over TIME than they could give! This isn't a get rich quick scheme! We are a community! We work together and grow and learn over many months, years even! I hope this makes things more clear!

Congrats!! Don't spend it all in one place :P

Many many congrats! Way to go guys!

Thanks you @shadowbot !!! Easiest money I've ever made :)