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A person named Ajeet was murdered by someone at his work place.

A nice detective the famous one named PAPA worked on this case and he summarized and found three SUSPECTS.

  1. His brother Mr John Paul
  2. His Secretary "Jason Kumar"
  3. Wife of Ajeet "Janet"

All the three suspects went to meet Ajeet on the day of his murder for some reason they told to the detective PAPA!

Police could not solve the case, so PAPA did
There was also a note on his office desk on which it was written "7B91011"

When PAPA saw the note he in seconds told who was the murderer!
Who was the murdered?

You need to upvote this post and resteem to participate and upvote one of the three options!
Only one upvote should be there in comments, multiple options are not allowed if multiple found you are disqualified!
HINT: So its very easy riddle!

Happy Riddling!


Answer is Jason Kumar ( Secretary)

Jason Kumar

John Paul

The Russians did it.

Jason Kumar

I chose option 1

Dont know but upvoted and following

Wasn't this riddle something about a bussiness partner though? or is it just my bad memory fooling me? 🤔

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