🔥🔥NBA Finals Contest Game 5! Winner receives $50 SBD! LET'S GO!!!💰💰

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The #NBA Finals, Game 5
Monday, 6:00 PM (ABC)
Oracle Arena, Oakland CA.
CLE Cavaliers vs. GS Warriors

Contest Rules

  • All entries are only allowed one "bet"
  • Contestants must pick the winner of Game 5 and the closest in total points without going over.


Example: If the final score is something like 137-116. The total would be 253. In the example given above, basically anything over 253 would be considered a loss. Even if a contestant picks the team winner, but goes over the total, they are ineligible to win.

  • List your "bet" as follows, Team, Total #. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • All contestants must UPVOTE post to play.
  • All contestants should try their best to circulate the post/contest.
  • $50 of the liquid SBD from this post will be paid out to the winner/winners.

In the event of a tie $50 SBD will be split among the winners. If the SBD doesn't get up to $50, it will be provided by our sponsors. Therefore, the maximum payout to the winner will be 50.00 Steem Backed Dollars.


I want to give a special thanks to our sponsors: @trafalgar @jrcornel @donkeypong as well as a couple other silent sponsors. Much appreciated.

We will continue to do one of these contests for each game of the Series. So, if you don't win this one, there will still be other chances for you. Everyone loves the NBA Finals so get in on the action and have some fun with it! Best of luck!

Sports & Coffee




GSW 247

Cavs 228

Cavs 235

GSW: 221


Golden State Warriors: 230

Cool contest!

And while we wait it out...

Funny Facebook memes

Invalid bet.

Entry submitted at 8:47 pm. Game tipped off at 6:00 pm.

Cavaliers: 226

CAVS: 236

Golden State Warriors, 236

GSW: 230

Cavaliers 250

GSW: 211

Golden State wins. 230 pts total..

Golden State Warriors, 237 points total

Golden State 235

Cavs: 241

GSW; 226

Golden State 234

Golden State, 245

What would be awesome is if, in the unlikelihood of a game 7, instead of "collecting" money you would splash whatever the "pot" is, with an extra $200!

Golden State Warriors: 234

Cleveland Cavliers, 238

GSW 238 points

Cleveland 238

Golden State, 258

Warriors, 242

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Golden State Rules!

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