Design our thumbnail and banner image please! 50 SBD in Prizes available!

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Hello everyone, we'd really like some assistance with the design and production of the two main 'profile' images, can you help?


Looks a little plain doesn't it?!

Yes, we have finally gotten bored of looking at grey (or white if you are not in 'Night Time Mode'), and no doubt that some of you have too. We would like to offer the task to design these 2 images for @steemcommunity, to the community.

We will of course give prizes out to the winner/s - you will be saving our embarrassment for not being the least bit design orientated!

Saying that, we're going to take a leaf out of @v4vapid's recent contest post (which is still live so worth checking out!) and suggest the following guidelines:

What we’d like to see are Thumbnails and Banners that are:

Trim, but stylish
Clear color scheme
The right size!

The prizes are as follows:

Thumbnail: 20 SBD

Banner: 30 SBD

Hopefully the reward is enough to attract talented designers to come to the rescue and brighten up our profile.

You can submit up to 2 entries for both images, and we'll look to send the prizes out in 7/8 days time.

If we cant decide on a image (which is unlikely cause we are desperate!) then no prize/s will be given, and we'll likely ask again.

Please use the tag #steemcommunitycontest in your post so we can find your work.

Thank you!

Paula and Asher


Here are few ideas, unfortunately I'll be offline for a week or so. Hopefully there will be lot more designs to choose.


nice, thank you for the entry

Thanks to @beeyou for the recommendation.

In the following link you can see my participation for the contest----->> HERE

Thank you very much @jogreh!

nice entry thanks

Very colourful! Thank you @charisma777!

love the colour

Thanks for the opportunity and the idea was from @thehive comment...i liked the vision they painted lol😊

We can help you! @maverickinvictus recommends us to participate here and we will! It would be very helpful for all contestants to know if you already have an idea that we all could follow.

If you're not willing to edit this post you can contact us through Discord without any compromise with us related to the contest @themonkeyzuelans#9087

Both of you are awesome and was the first person I thought would be great for this!!

This comment was made from

This comment was made from

Thanks guys!

Ideas? Not really, we are open to anything. Maybe a draft or two could be posted as a reply here, and we could say 'go complete that one'? I am on discord too if you have questions,etc. Cheers!

That idea about drafts is a good one! Even so, we'll try to do it as a surprise haha

we really have no idea - kinda scary really. Engagement, curation, inclusive, long term thinkers, delegators, supporters - so many words I could throw out there

We we're talking about graphic ideas haha but this helps us to know what you guys want to transmit with your image design!!!

great stuff

Just in time again! This was a hard one! We hope you like it @steemcommunity, @abh12345 and @paulag

[ESP/ENG] Diseño de logo / Logo Design (@steemcommunity)

Hi Asher and Paula, below is a draft banner that I offer you. It is in two versions, with and without text (the four words "engagement, curation, support, delegation"). I haven't made a post for it and will leave it here for now. Should you wish me to develop it further, I'd be happy to take feedback/requests on board.

The banner is sized to 1440 x 192 pixels. This post discussing banner sizes suggests that this is best across PC, tablet and mobile displays.

I'm not fussed, nor delicate, so it's fine if this doesn't fit your inner image :D - no issues with anyone using any ideas in here either, nothing comes out of a void anyway, and I have, for example, used a couple of @thehive's suggestions, and tried to integrate the concepts you list (engagement, curation, inclusive, long term thinkers, delegators, supporters), as well as no red 😱.

Cheers and I hope you find what you guys are looking for 🔆

with text:
without text:

this is going to be a tough contest to judge, nice entry

Thanks @barge, very cool!

No need to produce a post, but you can if you wish of course. Seems like we will have a tough job on our hands in the next few days 😊

thank you for the entry - we will take a look

thank you for your entry - we will be looking at all the posts in the next few days

Say, if any suggestions from you!

fab I will take a look

Say, if any suggestions from you!

I wonder if @jogreh is still active? I did like the designs he submitted for your curation/engagement leagues. It was tough competition. Perhaps he could do something for steemcommunity?

I will also give a shoutout to @roldamn who won that contest.

Hola! acá estoy. I was really busy sorry

I'm glad you saw my tag and made a submission @jogreh. :)

Sadly Steemit logo is under copyright, you can't use it without permission.

Read here:

I do remember Asher saying the same thing once. I'm not an artist, but perhaps the gents will see your comment and know not to use the logo @naufal.

Good idea - thanks @beeyou! :D

Hope they are still active @steemcommunity. Perhaps @palikari123 might want to give this a try? He's having fun learning art for v4v's contest.

love the color - nice

Thank you very much @paulag

Thank you very much! :D

Love the way you've presented your entry @cathyhaack. Love the entry too :D

Hello steemcommunity. I am podanrj, i am dont enter for the contest. But, if you are need a team in graphics. Let me know. Cheeer.

Could you pass the post on to anyone who deals with graphics? I guess they could help!

Yes. Resteemed. 🤗

Hello brade. Do u need the logo. Mybe, i can propose one. Or, i will think about the branding for steemcommunity. I will DMs you on discord. 😁

I cannot do the graphics myself, Maybe for one of the designers who may see this or you may have some designers you know to share the idea with for development.

I am guessing you accept and promote people of all nations, Though the languages you promote may need a member of that language, putting those technical things aside.

I would suggest a representation of the world map or a globe With a representation of people from all locations, on the map/globe. Above this a united symbol Similar to the Olympics banner A symbol of coming or working together. Or hands reaching out and connecting across the world.

Some nice ideas here, thanks!

hmmm yep some real good ideas here

Hi here my designs for your contests, I hope you like it
sc logo 1.png

I resteemed this article. I pray that good works for @steemcommunity will be entered. @abh12345 @paulag

I'm not much of a graphic designer, but I did drop the link in one of my favorite discord groups, that have a lot of good artist, so hopefully they will see and try.

Thanks very much dude!

perfect, thank you !

I love!! The creation of this type of contests helps to stimulate so many creative people ... Success to all!

are you going to enter?

I'm looking forward to seeing the entries @steemcommunity. I hope you get a big, talented response. 😊

Me too, it's about time we had a bit more colour!

I could do with some too @abh12345. I had a go at a cover image when I first joined and couldn't get it to work and since then I haven't had the time to go back and try again. I don't really notice the black anymore. 😂

I had the same one for ages, cant even remember where from and why i chose red - it's not one of my favourite colours at all!

Ha, ha ha. I'm not keen on red either @abh12345. That's a bit weird you ended up with that though if it's not a favourite colour.

I haven't got time for such trivialities nowadays. I'm ploughing on to 1000 Steem Power.

I notice Steem is dropping rapidly again so hopefully it will get to $1.25 and I'll start buying. No guarantee of that of course. If it goes down too quickly I'll start hanging on for the $1 mark again. 😂

It's going in the right direction for me though.

I haven't got time for such trivialities nowadays. I'm ploughing on to 1000 Steem Power.

haha, ace!

I would be surprised to see it at $1 after the recent move, but it could get close. buy buy buy! :D

I'll try, try, try. 😂

going down again...I have not looked at all the last few days

I'm definitely not a designer, but i think, one try is possible :)

Please do :)

looking forward to your entry

First version, minimal-style


first impressions - not bad at all :-)

I seeing the others, and think: "Sh*t, i'm really amateur." :D

Great contest, resteem

Thank you! :D

thanks for the resteem

Sorry not about the contest- - - - -I use @abh12345 as my witness proxy, much to my surprise someone has chosen me as a proxy for witness voting, does the fact I have Asher as a proxy mean that individual has him as a proxy also, or am I going to have to try and find 30 witnesses to pick?

No problem :)

Yes don't worry, the proxy is inherited and can go many levels. The votes I have cast stand for you and whoever has proxied you (and whoever has proxied them, etc).


Okay thanks for that information. A question I thought I would never have to figure out.

Is this still open? My wife does design, but I just saw this one.

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Sorry Joe it's closed!

Very generous rewards you are offering, I am sure there are plenty of digital artists around that could this justice so I will do my best to spread it around for you - the more people that get the opportunity to join in the better!

#thealliance #witness

Yeah we had some SBD in the bank and thought why not - If I had an ounce of art/design skills I'd be entering myself! (whoops, Asher here :) )

Cheers for the Witness vote!

What are the correct size for the graphics?

Honestly, I don't know but in the comments above and links within, some have stated the sizes they used and shown how it would look.

I am very interested in this contest. may I ask a question? What size do you need for Thumbnail and banner?

Honestly, I don't know but in the comments above and links within, some have stated the sizes they used and shown how it would look.

Sadly, I have no artistic talent whatsoever. Hope the post will reach more people!

Same here! Thanks @beeyou 😊

This is a contest that awaited by the designers after so long there is no Task Request from
Interesting contest, BTW I will participate :)

Great, good luck 😊

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Is this contest still open? I am considering entering and wanted to check first.