Comment Contest: Give SBD A Price

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Hey, achievers!

It's been awhile since our last comment contest and we thought it would be fun to have another one. This contest will run week-long and winners will be declared after the payout.

THEME: If in an alternate universe, you are given the powers to control the SBD price, how much (USD) will you set it and why?


  1. Just comment your entries, but if you want to make a post about it, feel free to do so.
  2. English comments only.
  3. Make as many comments as you want.
  4. Just have fun and win some SBDs for it.


50% of the SBD payout will be shared by 5 best comments, thus, the winners.
50% of the SBD payout will be shared by non-winners.

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Thanks to @steemitachievers for this amazing comment contest.

Here is my entry...

If I have the opportunity to be in control of SBD price and value, I would let it be between the $3,500--$4,000.

The reason is that, I would prefer the price not to be see stabled so as to encourage people from investing. If the price is stagnant, people we see no need to invest in steem and sbd again.

It will justified and encourage users of this amazing platform. Some people have backed off because of continuous decreasing in the price of sbd.

This days, you hardly get upvote or curated by people. You get lesser amount of upvote in your post this time, so if the price is at $4,000. Then, the one you got will be of value to you.

If i had given the chance to control the price of SBD. I will make it at minimum value, not that big enough and not that small too. Because when it is too big, people with bad intentions will do make dirty business from it. And not too small to help those who needs to earn money out from their posts and comments.

I won't ask sbd just I will ask everybody should see my post if they upvote then,I will get some sbd that is enough to me

If I could control the price of the SBD, I would set it as high as possible minimum at 80 USD for several reasons:

  1. It would help to increase the popularity of Steemit in my country Venezuela, and in turn the popularity of the page.
  2. In my country you need minimum 80 USD to eat and live well for a month and the average salary is around 3 USD, many people in my country (including me) have survived the crisis thanks to Steemit.

This price of the SBD would help many Venezuelans survive and raise their quality of life, giving them hope and strength.

I would set it at $1000 .. Which is something realistic.. Cos I want SBD to have value.. And for it to be respected around the globe... So all Steemians would be rich.

From what I've read, I gather that SBD going too high would actually bad for Steemit... and, yet, we all need money. A compromise?! Let's keep things as they are for the whole year, with just one day when SBD magically gets pumped to say 100 USD. Sometime in December works just fine - A Steemit Christmas, when everyone can enjoy a bit of profits. Work hard all year and get a nice Christmas bonus!

I will set it to a price higher than steem atleast once a month. That gives me a good chance to convert all my SBD to steem.
I don't have to worry of the price because I know steem will rise sooner or later. Its bound to grow.

I will make it negotiable. I will set it at 10$ for minnows and 5$ for whales to avoid misuse of power and to shun their egos and boost minnows.

Of course everybody wants sbd to go up so high in that alter universe,
That would be nice to think.
For me, It can go up but not too much, maybe just around 10usd(500PHP) each,
if everyone is already rich earning just a few sbd (with very high usd), then
there will be time that users here on Steemit would lost, They already have money
so they will get bored posting here or staying, no active user because they're busy
spending there money. Just be thankful what is enough, they say also that too much is really bad.

I would set it to 13$, it will create an healthy balance. This was the price around december last year and I know the kind of impact it had on people's lives

It would be nice if SBD will be 15$, so people will be inspired and lots of newcomers will join steemit. Favorable for people who are in need and for investing in other cryptocurrencies as well.

Well. If I am given the opportunity to fix a price for SBD I will go for $12,000.
The Reason is I had always dream and wish to see SBD toping the list of all crypto currencies (blockchain)

woow really interesting & its helpfull for me thanks for this big offeer


i set sbd price 50 usd cz its good for me

& i have some small sbd

yeah sir @steemitachievers sir i want to win this contest so we need more same contest love it
thank you

if i got this possition i set this 700 usd
cz i love it

when i am in that place i want 100usd
i want alltime SBD rank 1,2,3

i whould like good with recpect #sbd at the top of side to be

If i was given power to control sbd then i will make the price to $100000 above all coins

If I have the power to set the SBD price, I will set it to $10 because that is the minimum wage of a typical Filipino worker. I will not let it fluctuate too high because that can tip over our economy leading to higher price of goods and reward pool rape. SBD only needs to be sufficient for the necessity of everyone because too much of anything is harmful, especially when it comes to money.

Thank you @steemitachievers for this wonderful and fun contest!

Here is my entry! Hehehehe.

Well i would like to take 'alternate universe' literally to make it more fun!
So the theme is:
If in an alternate universe, you are given the powers to control the SBD price, how much (USD) will you set it and why?

My answer? Well... I would want the sbd price to be five times as much as the cost of a back and forth spaceship ride to that universe!
And oh by the way, I just checked my wallet and I only got 1. 36 sbd. Hehehe. So I will borrow enough money to have that ride to that universe and bring my 1 sbd with me. Convert my 1sbd to the aforementioned amount above and then comeback to Earth as billionaire where I could share it to my family and friends!!
Of course I dont want to become bilionaire but alone! Haha!

When I come back to Earth I will pay my debt for renting spaceship and invest more sbd with my billions! And that woud give a spike to sbd price here! I know my co-steemians would love it! Hahaha!

Well-planned, eh?
Thank you.

If given the chance to set Sbd in USD I would change its value equivalent to how much it value during year end or by month of December. I've read lots of post last January and February about the fall of sbd then people keep saying don't worry to much about the fall for by December we will going to celebrate and have fiesta for its value will be at its peak. so that everyday may seem like Christmas with the value of Sbd (I just hope to have the spirit of Christmas during this time, the giving and sharing thing, so that everybody happy in the community) .God bless

I would say I will set it to 15$ per sbd. Not to high and not too low.

I think around $15 - $20, trying to avoid a bubble

If i am to control the price and value of SBD, i would have love it to be among the winning and fast going cryptocurrency.... I would have love to set its price to be @ least 10000$

3USD minimum so that everybody feels the hardworks of earning.

i think i just leave it the way it is, to see those who want to success will strive and not in instant.

My current goal is for SBD to reach 10USD, so I guess this would be a good value. If it got too high I think the atmosphere here, on Steemit, would become unbearable. At the same time, people earning too much would not be motivated to post regularly. People would be like 'well, I'll just post something tomorrow and get myself some money'. Lack of motivation would kill the spirit of Steemit.

Cool! I'm the 2nd one to comment. I wouldn't set the price of SBD. I'm just happy to get an upvote. It will go up when it goes up. :-)

Do no harm but stand your ground.

I would say $10,000. (Just a little over the price of BTC-USD).
Why? Because not all people can understand how BTC mining works (me included). Its not for everybody.

I would like SBD-USD on top because of how you can grow financially and as a person.

If I have the power to give a higher value of Sbd,I want it high above the moon.If they say let us take steem to the moon I will take sbd to the highiest because sbd helped me so much in buying milk of my granddaughter.

Off Course $29!!!
Why? Coz its my lucky number and even its my BIRTHDATE... 😃

For me, I wpuld set it at its right value, which is
not too high, and not too low. Because we all have that purpose on why we entered this platform.

Not too high because they may abuse this platform like they can just up-vote easily whenever they want and just earn a high value of SBD, or just post a simple yet nonsense posts and in just one click and woalah! They will just become a millionaire and in that case they will abuse it.

Not too low because we all know that we came so far in using this platform and we also had the attitude of being consistent to a thing, if there will be no changes in using this platform then is there a person who is consistent as hachiko? No right, because we all have the purpose on why we enter this platform one of it is finanacial purposes.

Thats why I really want to have the right value for the right person in this platform, not too high and not too low.

Thank you @steemitachievers

If I had the power to control sbd I would put it at a price of about 100 USD give or take because if it's too high then people will try to cheat the system and if it's also lower than that then minnows will also be discouraged so 100usd seems a fair price

If alternative universe used the same Steem blockchain like Steemit, I will set 1 USD for 1SBD. Why? Because SBD actually has been designed to be pegged closely to 1 USD. It will help users to know approximately how much they are worth in real dollar and keep relatively stable currency for Steem.

Personally, I think that the current system seems logical and fair. Pegging SBD to USD won't make it lose value overnight. I don't foresee value of USD dropping dramatically anytime soon. Hence, there isn't a need for change i suppose.

if i had the power to control the price of SBD, i will ensure the price was stable for 3 months at least. The price will be higher lol, but payout percentages will be higher for minnows than whales.

If I had the power to control the sbd price, how much usd would I set for it?

If I had only the power, I will double the sbd price ( maybe $100 or plus) so that there will be more people that will have interest and will be joining in this great platform and we'd have a huge population then. Also I want the sbd to be on the list with etherium, bitcoin, and any others. I think the sbd price flunctuates it's because to balance all the other crytocurrencies. To have a harmony. I know there would be time that the sbd price will get higher that the usual. Anyways, that are only my opinions, it doesn't hold other's opinion.


If I had a chance, I'd prefer that SBD values go back to $1. That was the real intention of this SMT - to be a dollar-pegged stablecoin. There would be more perks on holding it, and would make the value of steem rise again, since most would want to hold SBDs. Why?

Stability is an important feature of successful global economies. Without stability, individuals across the world could not have low cognitive costs while engaging in commerce and savings. Because stability is an important feature of successful economies, Steem Dollars were designed as an attempt to bring stability to the world of cryptocurrency and to the individuals who use the Steem network.

From the Steem Whitepaper itself, SBD was intended to be a stablecoin. I believe that what's more important is the value of Steem to rise, rather than SBDs. It was intended for that use, and when SBDs are pegged to the dollar, holders get paid in interest too.

I would make it to be the same price as bitcoin.... My theory is that all cryptocurrency should be valued. Although it might not be the same price, at least it should value up to 200 USD.

The topic doesnt' provide any other details about the Alternate universe. So there must be so many assumptions to be made like is there only US dollars there not any other currencies like Yen, Frank, Euro etc.

I think in most of the countries there more number of poor people who could not afford a square meal than rich people which clearly shows the distribution of wealth is not uniform. So why we need think about the same SBD - USD price in the same way that the system prevailing now in an alternate universe when the power is being given to me to change it.

I will ensure that the system must be changed to such a way that every one will be treated to equality and the SBD distribution is benifitted for the poor masses in Steemit (like me hehe)

Bitcoin is $7,600 + in value so far, so SBD is better to dream in value becomes $10,000 if Bitcoin reach that amount in value, SBD can surpass that amount because steemians who own SBD is whale inside. That's all...thank you😊

Peg it at 10USD for the next 2 years so people have peace of mind. Thank you. 😎

Haha.....if i had the chance to set the price of steem, it's going to be a big party for the holders and hardworkers. I would set the price to $15 at first, make it fluntuate around $15-30$ over a few months and then set it to $200 for a few days and make it drop again to $50-30$, till it gets back to $15. And then i would repeat the cycle 😂😂😂😂

to see the price fixed by the SBD is 5 USD since we can not place the high prices that I have seen in the comments since this is how the world should be balanced, people can not say I want it to be worth more I need more SBD that is not possible if a SBD would cost so much nobody would buy SBD and it would not become profitable and I would not be in a stable market and capitalization would be very low so I say it should be 5 USD to be balanced so that we all earn good But the market is successful.

For me, if I'm going to have an opportunity to control the SBD price, I'll use that opportunity to make the SBD price ranging from $5-$10 since it is not too small or too big, some people will still earn it easily, and it will help us to save those money and we'll still working hard to make it more. Because if it's price goes too big, maybe it will be hard for others to earn SBD just like Bitcoin. Since it has a big amount, it takes too much time to earn at least 1 bitcoin. And maybe some people will just be lazy because they already have much money so they won't have to work hard. Well, that was just my opinion.

I million doll hairs!!! Just kidding,I kind of like it the way it is now. At any time I can look at my Steemit account value, and maybe it's up...or maybe it's down. I don't know, to me just that parts pretty fun. But if I had control, I would buy and sell to make okay profits...AND THEN HAND IT ALL BACK OUT to those who don't have it or that are just in need of a helping hand. I figure it's what I do here on steemit now, and it gives me such a sense of fulfillment, imagine if I was rich and could it!

If in an alternate universe, you are given the powers to control the SBD price, how much (USD) will you set it and why?

Well, if I given the power of course I wouldn't take second thought in using it. I will grab a once in a blue moon opportunity. I will control 1SBD to $1,000,000.00! Why? It's an alternate universe right? So, I live there alone. I want this universe to be the most livable place literally. A place where there is peace and harmony. I know one of the reason why there is chaos in this world because of money. People are stealing in order to live, people envious because of what others have and they don't. People engage in drug addiction because they lacked of love and affection. Some of them are depressed and feeling hopeless about their future so they commit suicide. Some lost their ways and become rebels.
The root of all the problems in this world is money. People may control over people because they have money. Money is power! If we live equally in this world where money is not a problem I think we could have a better place to live in. A place which I will make paradise. I Will start a universe and build many establishments.I will provide anything and everything to make people live happier. I believe if you can provide everything to your family less work and live more. I want people enjoy their lives by steeming. Sharing their happy moments with their family and earning SBD at the same time. I want people to eat what they want to eat and go to a place they want with their loveones. I want them to be happy for the rest of their lives that money is not a problem when they are sick. Life is so beautiful I want them to appreciate life by serving God not by people who rule over them. I want people to live equally where there is no bosses aside from God almighty in heaven. I want people to live like a fairytale where troubles and hardships were end just like living happily ever after. If we have plenty of money I guess no one will suffer. Steeming can change the universe into successful and worry free lifestyle.

In order for SBD not to loose its value because too much of everything is bad. And for people to value the little upvote they get, I would have loved to give SBD a fixed Price of 50USD if i had the opportunity.

Thanks to @steemachievers

This is a 'deep' question. The selfish part of me would of course set the price of sbd to be the highest possible value. Then i would make a lot of money even if i don't earn much. But humans are known to take advantage so it really won't be the best for steemit. The best price for sbd is one that is high enough to help put food on the table as we know steemit is a source of income for a lot of people and low enogh to dissuade greedy individuals from taking advantage.

The value would be $10
I remember that in the month of December I was almost at that value. So I think that's a good figure. Most enjoyed when it was $ 10. Anyone would invest in SBD, and would help each of the steemit users economically no matter where they are in the world.
Why do not I put a higher value?
I do it because then the platform would go out of control, many more harmful users would arrive to want to steal accounts, and quality content to profit themselves. If this happens steemit would become a chaos very difficult to stop. And the users will go from being happy and sad and with all their SBD lost.

I would fix the SBD at $ 6. I am sure that a large part of this platform would solve your economy a bit.

If I had the power to control the SBD, I would fix it at $ 8 because it would be of much more help to all the people who like me live a bad situation in our country.

If I had the power to control the price of the SBD, I would choose to put it in 7. dollars.

But why?

Easy: seven is a number related to luck, magic and religion, even paganism.

In the real world, real coins are also related to magic and mysticism as in the case of the USD and Freemasonry, or the Euros whose colors represent each of the chakras.

This means that it is a common denominator that the human being links money with magic and with religion as this is a relationship of power.

Also, if the SBD were at 7 dollars, it would be a very good price. High enough so that everyone can enjoy it, and low enough so that everyone can continue to invest in the community.