@Steemitcentral FLASH FICTION CONTEST Week #4

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Hello everyone, welcome to the fourth edition of the @Steemitcentral Flash Fiction Contest. We are organizing this contest because of the growing need to promote short fiction on the Steem blockchain.

What is a Flash Fiction?

Flash fiction is an extremely short fictional work. An average flash fiction can be read in three minutes.

This Week's Contest:

**In not more than 150 words, write a flash fiction on the topic, "Unknown Soldiers".

Contest Rules and Submission Guidelines

  • All entries MUST be posted as a comment to this post. However, participants may share their work elsewhere.
  • Upvote and Resteems are not compulsory but may be used to decide a deadlock.
  • Only ONE entry per user is allowed.
  • Only original works will be considered. No plagiarism.
  • Only Contestants who follow these rules will considered.
  • Entries will close by 24 hours to the payout of this post.


  • The top two winners will be added to the @Steemitcentral whitelist for a week. During this period, the winners will get two upvotes (daily) each currently worth $0.4 on their blog posts.

  • Entries will be selected based on the following key criteria:

  • Rereadability

  • Creativity

  • Grammar

  • Clarity

Thanks for visiting this channel @steemitcentral. Use the "steemitcentral" tag in your Steemit or crypto-related posts and get rewarded with some upvotes.



Hola esta es mi Flash Fiction

"Soldados desconocidos"


The village was awoken by the loud blasts of cannon fire. Hundreds of villagers rushed out of their huts, clutching their children and running to the forest for cover. They watched as bombs fell from the sky uprooting trees and destroying farms. Then there was quiet again before the helicopters came.

Ropes brought soldiers from the helicopters; each armed to the teeth. They began to shoot at everyone and anyone. People ran farther into the forest but the soldiers gave chase. They killed and maimed all they could. Suddenly a large siren rang out and they withdrew to their aircraft which flew off without a glitch.

No one knows why they attacked the village. All we heard was that they were "unknown soldiers".

Disposable Pawns

The party candidate shouted into the microphone, rousing the crowd with each syllable. He talked about how they would vanquish the opposition. He talked about the better life they were going to enjoy in his second term.

Everyone cheered and clap; ten thousand voices chanting the party slogan. No one asked why his party was better than the other party. No one asked what 'better life' meant and why they didn't experience it in his first time.

The party candidate dropped the microphone, eager for the cool air of his air-conditioned jeep. Most of the people at the rally knew nothing about governance or politics but it didn't matter. They were simply unknown soldiers, disposable pawns in the grand scheme of things. Whatever he spent on them would be reaped in hundred folds when he returned to the seat of power. He only needed them for that long.

This my is entry

We were protesting civically because of the bad situation in my country, it was already eight hours of protest in the middle of the street, about fifty meters there was a squad of police with tear gas bombs and armed with shotgun pellets. We only pamphlet and our flag, they proceeded to disperse the demonstration by throwing us tear gas bombs, but suddenly we heard shots were not shot, but real bullets. They were firing at the unarmed civilians, they were not the police that were close to us, but a guard that was on the roof of one of the nearby buildings, we ran for our lives but it was so much the fuss that when we turned in the middle of the One of the protesters had been left lying on the floor in a pool of blood, one of the bullets in the head had been hit by the rifle of an unknown guard.

Unknown soldiers

"Stop there, you bloody civilian!" Was the order Mr Ade, the prominent human right activist heard from the army van behind. But he didn't bother to stop because he thought the order wasn't addressed to him. He drove to the nearest junction and joined other cars waiting for the traffic light to turn green.

He looked at his rare mirror and saw three millitary men charging towards the director of his car. "What could be wrong?" He thought to himself. Before he could figure out what is going on, they had already descended on him, beating him mercilessly.

After they were satisfied, one of them quipped, "next time you won't over take us like that!" "What!" exclaimed Mr Ade. He got up and rushed to the nearest barrack to Lay a complain. But the army head there claimed that the soldiers were unknown. What an Injustice!

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