MASSIVE PRIZE POOL INCREASE - Design the Most Aussie Steem T-Shirt Competition Update!

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Our Aussie Steem T-Shirt Design competition just keeps getting better and better! We have some incredibly generous Steemians out there who have donated to the prize pool for this fantastic competition.

Find out the details of the competition here!

Our prize pool for this competition has had a massive boost! Our generous benefactors have provided the following to be given out as prizes for the Aussie Steem T-Shirt competition:

  • @jackmiller has given 10 Steem Dollars to fund the winning T-shirt design and printing
  • @mattclarke has given 20 Steem to be distributed as prizes.
  • @gohba.handcrafts has given 2 Steem to be distributed as prizes.

This fantastic news means that now we have enough prizes to award the winner, 2nd place and a third place with prizes!

The new prizes will be as follows:

  • 1st Place will receive your own T-Shirt design printed and delivered to your door and 10 STEEM!
  • 2nd Place wil receive 8 STEEM.
  • 3rd Place will receive 4 STEEM.

We now also have our judges selected! They are:

Thanks Judges!

So get your Aussie T-Shirt designs flying in Aussie Steem Team!


good luck to the winners!!!!

So how do I enter the competition of T-shirt designs?

Click the main competition post in the post above. Simply submit your design in the comments along with a paragraph about why you think it is the most Aussie Steem T-shirt.

OK @mazzle, thanks for the advice.

WOW exciting !!! Prize increase and judges revealed :D :D

Good luck everyone!!!! :D

Get your entry in. :)

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WoW!!! Thanks for the info.


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