With $100's of Steem in Cash Prizes on offer there is always a Contest running for everyone.

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#Promo-Steem - Promoting #Steem around the World - #Contest tag

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Helping to Support and Promote the #Contest tag

With so many Contests and Competitions now running on #Steemit it is great to see the #Contest tag continuing to grow.

Just hit that #Contest tag and see if there is anything you fancy taking part in.

$100's of #Steem in Cash Prizes

With $100's of #Steem in Cash Prizes on offer there is always a #Contest running for everyone.

Whether you are into Photography, Art, Music, Sport, Gaming, Dancing, Singing, Writing, Cooking or Promoting there is always a #Contest ready for you.

Supporting the #Contest tag

Looking forward to continuing to support the #Contest tag with as many 100% Upvotes and Resteems as I possible can.

Organising or Running a #Contest?

If you are organising or running a #Contest please feel free to leave a link to your #Contest in the comments below and I will try and support as many of you as I can.

Keep up the great work guys.

You are all doing an awesome job.!!

Thanks again for reading.


#Promo-Steem - Helping to Support and Promote the #Contest tag

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Hello @stephenkendal I organized a contest Art Contest "Visualize your dreams!" by @ARTSteemit


I want to attract as many artists and talented people as possible to the platform and create a place for them to share their creativity! This is my first contest and the community is still new. I will be grateful if you support my initiative!

I don't have a Twitter account, but I do have a Facebook account where I've shared posts about contests.



I hurriedly hopped in to see a new contest. It's rather your selfless support for contests. Thanks always sir. But seeing a new contest from you will be a great honour. Thanks for this sir.

I have never seen so many contests on various topics as on Steemit. This is very motivating. Competitions for every taste.

my entry, promoting steem steemit by designing the logo and making clothes ,,, #contest


I love sports contests @stephenkendal, it's good that you support the #contest tag and thus give us more opportunity to grow and help each other in Steemit.

In 2.018, I was posting MLB, NBA, NFL sports contests, among others. And I would like to do it again.

Here is the link to my presentation to the SteemSports Community and there is the format of the contests I used to do.


If you could see it and give me your comment, I would appreciate it.

I shared this post on my Twitter


#contest is the key to do something awesome here in steemit and it helps #promo-steem. Sir Stephen please have a kind look to the #steemsummer contest week:03
Thank you for kind support!

I have never seen so many contests on various topics as on Steemit. This is very motivating. Competitions for every taste.

You are promoting #contest tag for a long time. Now we are wishing a new #contest from you.😂

I propose to donate these 100 steem to @veta-less who has organised a new community. Let her organize a competition! I will help her with the organization. This will be a great presentation of the new community!

Awesome idea.

Looking forward to seeing the Competition.


Hello @stephenkendal I thank you and my friend @mister-omortson for your attention to the new Artsteemit community

I have many plans to attract new members to it. I would also like to organize art contests - after all, there are many talented people on the Steemit platform! In the near future, I will write a post with the contest and report here. Thank you for your interest!

#contest is great for them who have less SP like me.It is the easiest way to earn on steemit. Thanks for your support.

Thanks for sharing this great post. #contests are really interesting. I like to join #contest.You are supporting #contest its actually great work.

Wow! so much cash sunk into supporting #Contest. I am really motivated. I hope to do something like this some day.

Thanks for your support sir.

Eldecor regards

When we talk about the contest, we will always be in competition, and there will be a lot of support, from various communities, and I agree with you @sthepenkendal

Very nice to know about #contest, I had no idea about this, next time sure will use it. My most of the post garden related, can I use this tag?
Resteem and Retweet’s done.

Sir, it is request to you that, please make a post with many #contest link. It will help them who are #contest announcer and participater.

Thanks dear @ stephenkendal for your great and kind heart!

very good information ,, promoting teg #contes is one of the developments in steemit and steem, i am very supportive, let's all use teg #contest
Thank you @stephenkendal

Excellent idea @Stephenkendal, to help other tags like #contest, there are many users who try to publish contests, but because they do not have support they stop doing it.

Shared on twitter.

Please help to promote #Steem and #Steemit by sharing your Blogs to twitter.




That is really amazing, in our community #steemhealth We also organized contest every week.

Please check the current Contest, you support will help us to do this continue-

There also one more contest from my end, please check this-

You work consistently on promoting steem. That's good initiatives.

It is very important to support #contest. You are doing this important work. I hope you will make a #contest for us. Thanks for all that you are doing to support us.

Thanks for sharing this importent work.

Hello Mr. @steephenkendal
My Contest link on April 17, 2021 Clik Here

Title: Bring Newcomers to join Steemit

Contests created by @dobartim

And another one, sir @Stephenkendal, this is your contest that I make one April 16, 2021 . Please understand if there are many shortcomings that are still left. I've been studying recently sir. Regard

This is my contests link Click here

Nice to meet you Sir, thanks