What on earth? in Macro #27

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Win the liquid author rewards for this post.

#22 was not won . It was "scratched plastic" so it rolls over to #23

Sratched plastic.JPG

This was the hint:

#26 has not been won yet so potential roll over there.

This is macro Photography so its something small that is enlarged in the photo.

First correct answer wins all the liquid author rewards for this post... after its paid out.

I'm looking for one word, 10 letters:

this is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


If nobody gets it the pot will roll over to the next one (#28)

One shot per account.

You don't need to vote or anything (although it may increase the pot)

I will put up the result a couple of hours after we have a correct entry.

This one

This one

This one

and this one have not been won yet so try them out.



We have a winner... of the roll-overs from 21-26 if nobody gets 26

Wow. That's fantastic!

That was part of the answer to a previous contest, unfortunately its closed already...