What on earth? in Macro Result of #26 and Start of new challenge with 5 possible winners and multiple sub-rounds

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#26 was not won . It was "Phillips screw" so it rolls over to #27

Phillips or Quadrex screw.JPG

This was the hint:


I'll be finishing this series off and then have a few variations that I will be trying out next.

The first in this series is a type of Easter egg hunt for content with 5 winners per round and multiple sub-rounds.

I've put it on its own account so follow that one too. @whatonearth



Never would have guessed that - another tough one!

since the other was counter voted on the other post

Thanks, I really appreciate it - it's very decent of you!
There seems to be a few serious power users of Steemit that are aware of everything that goes on - everyday digital superheroes =)

Check out the new ones that will come out on @whatonearth next week, I'm thinking of adding a slightly expanded picture every day, starting in small and difficult but getting progressively easier as the week progresses

I love your little challenges, and I think expanding it slowly throughout the week is a great idea, that way we can keep guessing!