Prague/Czech Republic - Thursday photo challenge

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Dear Steemians,

Here's my entry for Thursday Photo Challenge hosted by @czechglobalhosts.
This may not be a great photo technically but captures the mood perfectly. I was busy strolling in the Wenceslas Square, taking in the sights of this beautiful city called Prague. I was just about to drown completely in the delicious aroma of Trdelnik (a baked delicacy) when I heard the familiar sound of a Tabla( Indian Percussion instrument ). I turned to find a duo jamming where the guy was playing the Tabla and the girl was hitting the highest notes. I didn't get a word of what she was singing but she had a captivating voice. They seemed rather happy with the performance as it shows in the pic. The music hit the right notes. Loved the experience :)

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That's a nice story. I too want to visit Prague sometime. I am new here. Following you.

Thank you for the comment @verysteep. You must visit. It ia one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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