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Do you want to advertise your product or service? In the 20th century it has now become easier for a company to advertise their own product/ service towards the right audience to get a good results.
But the problem is that now most of the companies charge you a lot and do not focus on the demographic and the right audience for the particular service/product. So as a result the company would get a less amount of engagement on their ad.
As we already know about the two big giants of the advertisement industry that are Facebook and Google. As both have a large amount of market cap. Google has a market cap of $ 742.14 Billion .whereas the Facebook has a market cap of $ 528.56 Billion. But do you think that if they are providing a good service to the user? For me I would say no because I have been using Facebook and google ads for a long time for my website. Few years back when I started using Facebook ads for my website I got good engagement on my posts. But with the passage of time my post engagement become lesser and lesser with the same cost. My pages do not grow faster as they were growing a few years back. Facebook forces the user to pay more and more for better results so as Google. People nowadays needs a safe and secure platform who can keep their information safe and secure, which Facebook didn’t. Facebook sold their user data to a third party company.
As the hot topic now a days is the cryptocurrency and the block chain technology .People are moving towards block chain technology as it is safe and secured for the end users. So with the help of @originalworks I got a great oppertunity to introduce Kind Ads, a new platform that runs on block chain technology. Kind Ads is a decentralized ad platform. The Kind Ads protocol is a decentralized protocol on Ethereum block chain that allows the publishers to be rated so that it would become easier for the advertiser to engage online with the publisher through Kind Ads Protocol .Kind Ads is a great platform that keep your data safe and secure and can pay you for your data if you allow them to use it.

Decentralized Advertisement With Kind Ads.


Kind Ads is a great platform that connects the business with their target users. So that they would get a good response. Kind ads excluded the third party and made the platform more transparent and effective. So that the advertiser can get a targeted advertisement at low rates. It will help the advertiser to get more and more engagements. This would also be helpful for the publisher as they won’t be having any extra fee, commission and late payment. They won’t be waiting for their payment for weeks.

Shopping for Ads: Be your own lead.


If you want to buy a laptop .You have to search for various websites .So it means that you are our own lead. As many of the websites are offering various laptop of different brands and every website wants the user to buy item from their website. So with Kind Ads you can choose the best product with good rates by providing your information. You can get better result and compensation for sharing your information with Kind Ads.

Kind Ads (KIND) token:

The transactions in Kind ads will be done through a cryptocurrency token known as KIND. The whole platform will run through ”KIND” as the advertisement companies will pay with KIND token.

Why Kind Ads?

kind ads 3.jpg
Kind Ads is the first platform on block chain technology that offers digital marketing. Some advantages of Kind Ads are given below

1:-Removing of Middle man.

As many of the other platform has middle man who charge extra fees, but Kind Ads is a block chain platform that has no middle man .so it means that there would be no extra fees.

2:- Instant payment

Publishers has to wait for weeks for the payment but with kind Ads they would get an instant payment in the form of tokens.

3:-No Extra fee.

As there is no middle man in Kind Ads. So there won’t be extra fees.

4:- No popup Ads

As many people dislike popup ads because they do not feel comfortable with it .so with kind Ads there won’t be any irritating pop up ads.

5:-No spam

With Kind Ads the publishers can easily control the ad. They can easily choose that what type of ad is to be shown to the end users.

Kind Ads Team:-

Kind Ads has a great team which is headed by Saulo Medeiros. Kind Ads has some great experienced advisor like Neil Patel. Neil Patel has an experience of 17 years in the marketing industries and has some good contacts with big advertising companies. The Team having experience and knowledge which will lead kind Ads to success.






Nice blog . Hope so that it will bring a change in the advertisement industry.

Thanks for reading .. It will grow like a rocket ...

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