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At 1Ramp, we are running contests for the last 6 months. We built the entire tool to host, manage, and declare results in a contest to make running contests easier for everyone on Steem. In this duration, we've hosted a total of 25 contest and distributed prizes worth more than $150.

If you've noticed, we are also maintaining a leaderboard on the contests page. This leaderboard is decided according to the total prizes the participants won in the last 10 contests.

Currently, the top 5 people on the contest leaderboard are --

#1 -- @barbarabezina

#2 -- @elikast

#3 -- @vibesforlife

#4 -- @norwegiansteem

#5 -- @rahesi

Please check out the entire list here: https://alpha.1ramp.io/competitions

You'll find some of the most active and popular creators on Steem in that list. Some special mentions who are constantly setting a higher bar for the contest entries are @bil.prag, @trincowski, @manoldonchev, and @axeman.

1Ramp for contest hosts

We are glad that @stuffbyspencer, @steempampanga, @swapsteem, @hedidylan, @teamhumble, @steemcasting, @curtwriter, and @simonpang have used 1Ramp to host their own contests.

Please let us know your experience of using 1Ramp to host your contests. We'd be glad to know if there is anything that will make managing contests easier. Please write your suggestions in comments and we'll implement them ASAP.

If you are new to 1Ramp, here some blogs that'll help you to learn more about us --


1Ramp is a Social Media platform for creators (powered by Steem blockchain). On 1Ramp, you can join communities of your interest: Art, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film, Literature, Photography, and Travel and earn rewards for sharing your work. We are on a mission to give all creative communities one stage where you can compete, collaborate, and make good art.
1Ramp is Available on Google Play and Web.

Join the conversation on our Discord or write us at [email protected]


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The contest tool is awesome! Quite nice to have a dedicated & simple solution to this. Thanks for the hardwork! :^)

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Why is all of my Steemit content on 1Ramp without my knowledge or consent?

Hey @reveurgam,

Your content is not on 1Ramp, it is on the Steem Blockchain. And just like Steemit, 1Ramp is a platform built on Steem Blockchain. This app is not showing any content without your consent, it is just showing your profile from the Blockchain.

Your profile would be visible on any Steem Blockchain social interface, for example --
Busy: https://busy.org/@reveurgam
Steempeak: https://steempeak.com/@reveurgam
Partiko: https://partiko.app/@reveurgam
Steeve: https://www.steeve.app/@reveurgam
On eSteem app etc.

I see. I had no idea that the blockchain allowed anyone to access and redistribute content in this way. Thank you for explaining.
Does this mean that anyone who sees my content on these other platforms can then vote for, etc. it there, too? How do I access these accounts? How do these other sites differ from Steemit?

I'm dissatisfied with Steemit - it does not do what it was promoted as doing, which is to say it doesn't allow authors to earn based on their worth. People earn by joining voting blocs and they can post utter crap and earn money. I work hard and earn pretty much nothing.

Anyone who sees your content on any of these platforms can vote, comment, follow you, and do most of the things that Steem blockchain provides.

The different platforms are made with different purposes. For example, Busy.org provides a really nice interface, 1Ramp is for creators, communities, and contests, eSteem is a mobile front-end for steem. And Steemit is the first platform that was built on Steem.

Those are not different accounts. It is like accessing Steem blockchain from different apps. To access those platforms, you can log in using the same username and password (SteemConnect or posting keys) as you use on Steemit.

A lot of people find it hard to earn on Steemit. But building a reputation on Steemit and a vote value is a process. People who are steadily earning on Steem has spent almost a year by posting regularly, interacting with others, participating in contests/challenges, and establishing an identity.

The circular voting, vote blocks, groups, bots etc. are big flaws with the Steem model. But the community believes that different platforms and the Steem inc. itself is trying to fix those things.

Also @reveurgam, the kind of reward model that Steem has built is one of its kind and it'll take it years before it becomes perfect.
If you've any suggestions on improving the Steem ecosystem or any platform, I suggest that you write about it on your blog and tag the official steem accounts and the developers associated with the project. I am sure they'll reach out to you. I'd also like to know your suggestions on how we can make Steem better for all.


Thank you for the great explanation! It really helped!

I already submitted several suggestions to them this past month. One thing I forgot that would be nice is screen width control. I have wide screens but a lot of it gets wasted. Isn't Steemit mobile-first/responsive using media queries?

Personally, one thing I don't like about using Steemit is that the editor is crap, and HTML and MDL are quirky and only partially supported and I had to make my own documentation because old articles about it were no longer valid. At least they finally resolved the issue of the preview being the same size as the end result, which drove me nuts when making tables.
In an ideal world, a robust editor or at least fully functional HTML and/or MDL would be super.

Are you aware of any articles (preferably with a table) comparing the different interfaces? I'd like to see what they have to offer. I'm not big on using a mobile phone to write an article - too slow - but I'd like to know about website options.

My memory is no longer as great as it used to be - which are the official accounts?

Steemit's Editor is really hard to deal with. I'd suggest that you try out Busy.org's editor.

For mobile, you may give 1Ramp a try. Link to 1Ramp's Android app, it is also available on the web.

For the comparison, you can read an informative series of blogs by @jaff8: Clash of Steem apps.
Here are the links:

Accounts/people who you can reach out to with your suggestions @andrarchy (Head of Communications and Advocacy for Steemit), @elipowell (Managing Director Steemit Inc.), and @steemitblog (Official Steemit updates).

On a lighter note, I'm curious and I'd like to know what brings you to Steemit in the first place?

Thanks again!

I found Steemit in early 2017 and liked the idea of writing to earn money based on content being voted for instead of just posting for free on other socmed. After my wife died a couple months later, I took a long break. My head was all messed up.

Unfortunately, Steemit is a flop in that regard.