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A new hope was begin to Bashar -al- asad government but, If this situation remains same, that time is no far, Syria will loose his Identity. And in future may be the wave of civilian war may arise in any Asian, African, American or European countries.
In this crisis of Syria , we need countries like Iran which exports 500 to 800 tonns of flour, but not Chemical weapon
Pray for Syria
For regaining it's beauty from ‘now’ to ‘then’

Let pray for them to make the peach rain

War Breeds Death. It should always be Avoided .

I prayered.

Thanks for your prayer

We don't pray for war in any path or region. That everybody prayer

Yes ooo .. Thanks you

Prayers up

No one knows the end of any war, you can only know the begining. I pray God comforts the families who lost their loved ones!

The war started when Arab Sunni Muslims were protesting against Bashar Al-Assad & it's dominant Arab Shi’ite Muslim government over basic human rights!! The Syrian regime decided to kill those protesters across the land!! Nations like the U.S., U.K., Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar send money & weapons to the Syrian Rebels; Nations like Russia, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and China did the same for the Syrian Regime!! If no country jump in, the war would've ended in 2 years!! Most likely, Al-Assad would win!! Because of the war, ISIS rose from the shadows & conquered territory in Syria!! The West failed cause they backed the Rebels who were too weak to beat the Regime!! Some of those Rebels joined ISIS or other Sunni Muslim terror groups!! Over 400,000 people are dead, 600,000 wounded, 10 million displaced, 6 million fled cause of the war!! I dislike both the Regime & the Rebels!! To end this war, the U.N. must send peacekeeping troops from all nations, establish No-Fly Zones, disarm the Regime and the Rebels, replace the Regime with an U.N. mandated government, return refugees back into Syria!!

I dislike both the Regime & the Rebels!!

Ok, I agree, but isn't this a simple matter of SOVEREIGNTY?

Imagine a purely hypothetical scenario where some anti-government-protester-rebels started causing a ruckus in THE UK, like, I don't know, maybe sorta like THE IRISH REPUBLICAN ARMY.

Now imagine that foreign governments (like Russia and Saudi Arabia) started providing weapons and funding to THE IRISH REPUBLICAN ARMY.

Don't you think that would be a violation of THE UK's SOVEREIGNTY?

Foreign governments should never interfere in the affairs of a SOVEREIGN NATION unless they are EXPLICITLY INVITED.

Even vampires have the common courtesy to wait until they are invited before entering into someone else's home.

the syrian war is indeed pointless. Bashar al-Assad, leader of Ba'ath party (a socialist movement) has decided to maintain political power which has lead to the ongoing civil war. although, the entire issue started as a protest against Assad's regime but the government present at that time did wrong by tackling the issue violently. i feel this war would come to an end if Russia, Usa and Isreal would intervene properly. their help isnt enough yet.

you're absolutely right. but nevertheless, you should know that there are political laws guiding countries that decide to aid other countries. as at when ex-president Barrack Obama was in power, the congress was angry at his late decision to act swift and precisely. besides he gave them no room for congressional involvement. but anyways, you are right.

I think the Syria war is more than useless, like all middle-east wars started by the united states. The only thing that matters here is the oil, while the people perish.

I am not a illuminatie guy, but Imo this is just a next step on a path of doom. Other steps of this path where for example: the founding of Israel, the ban of Iran and the gulf wars, all started by the western giants.

This is my opinion on your topic, first time I'm responding on your contests!

Following and resteemed!

this war uncalled for. but i think that, instead of focusing on who caused the war or what caused the war, we should turn our attentions to those affected by the war. mother, fathers and children that have been killed, raped, kidnapped, and made homeless. the U.N needs to play a major role to help regardless of rules covering their operations

After a few days of quiet, the fight in Eastern Ghouta enclave appears to have gotten again as President Bashar al-Assad's administration propelled another round of air strikes on Douma, the main city still left in extremist hands. Pioneers of the Islam Army, the restriction local army that standards the city, have demanded that they will remain in Douma no matter what, however they don't have the military muscle to pull that off if Damascus and Moscow choose something else. Should administration revolt talks separate and end in a restored, full-scale hostile, nearby regular citizens will be in danger. Other parts of the enclave have just been retaken since the hostile started in February, with rebels from Failaq al-Rahman, Ahrar al-Sham, and Tahrir al-Sham either executed, compelled to surrender, or sent to northwestern Syria alongside numerous regular people—as per the latest UN numbers, upwards of 49,000 individuals. In the interim, somewhere in the range of 123,000 tenants of Eastern Ghouta are thought to have gone under government control, either living inside retaken neighborhoods like Erbeen and Harasta or having fled to Damascus and an arrangement packed IDP protects close to the city.
The retaking of Eastern Ghouta appears to be very nearly an idea in retrospect to Assad's December 2016 triumph in Eastern Aleppo , yet this is in certainty the greater fight. It is being battled about a bigger region, on the doorstep of the Syrian capital, with numerous more warriors included and more regular people in danger. Regardless of whether a bigger number of individuals kicked the bucket in Ghouta than in Aleppo, I don't have a clue—however many, numerous individuals have passed on.

The Syrian war is an unfortunate series of events that could have been prevented if so called World superpowers stayed out of it.

Assad's Syria was a tolerant, rich and diverse Country. He had his detractors and is by no means perfect but he had a system that was working.

Following the protests by some groups and a call on him to step down, the Obama Administration heightened tensions by backing his removal and supporting militant groups.

Then came ISIS who took advantage of the mess to gain control and inflict mayhem. Then came the Kurds, Russia as well as Dozens of militant groups - some of which are fundamentalists

If the US and other Western nations had minded its business, there would be peace and prosperity in Syria by now.

Then again, it's obvious that some people benefit from wars and chaos in the World.

The Syrian government, according to its inhabitants, did not give them the attention that needed, the government with its power has caused much damage to the population. The fight turned into a civil war, but in those countries there are many religious sects and taking advantage of these internal struggles they started to get involved.

According to me, there is no reason for a war to originate..

"War is a massacre among people who do not know each other, for the benefit of people who yes, they know each other but they do not get massacred. "

(Paul Valéry, French poet, 1871-1945)

The war is syria is a war between stubborn leaders who are not ready to backdown to each other, the problem now is the innocents are the one suffering and dying , i think Al-Aasad should make peace with other World leader to stop the war if truly the life of his innocent followers matters to him because as the situation is they are the one suffering the whole unrest and war

Yea there leaders are all behind there problems, they need to backup in other for peace to reign

Backup? How ?

Agreed , Al-Asaad need to make peace for the interest of his people

As a leader, the welfare of your followers should be your top priority

Very true brother cause all this killings are taking them nowhere

You are right dear

Innocent citizen are the one suffering...

You are right bro

As a leader , securing the life of your people/followers should be you optimum priority , I agree with you on this

The problem we have all over the world is leaders after tasting power not willing to bend and adjust to situations to better the lot of those they so claim to serve and innocents pay for their negligence. If only they will let peace reign...........

You have said it all

Nice suggestion bro

The conflict in Syria is as a civil war as much as the 9/11 attacks were a civil war.

It’ll end with more blood, a huge defeat for the invaders and their plans, Syrians will rise again with a thriving economy, they will get over the pain and those who contributed in spilling blood will have a hefty price to pay, directly and indirectly.

The central government will remain central, no autonomous entity or safe zones will be established, the invading Turk forces and their thugs will be encircled and Turkey will need a miracle to save them.

Gas, oil, farming and manufacturing industries will revive again, and of course the infrastructure and development. Companies based in the US and its allies are stripped of any contribution in this massive development except in paying compensations.

God Bless Syria

It is shame for humanity!!! People are worst than animals.Animals have instinct of survivor but people use brain.We have. 20018 and what?????? Behaviours and politic from 1300 behindThe rich are richer and poor are poorest

My thoughts, after reading several responses, is that people need to hear some outside voices from MSM. First hand reporting by Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett shows how this is not a civil war, but a sovergn country trying to rid itself of foreign funded terrorists.

Syria war must be stopped because many families were killed by Isreal . Isreal have no humanity . If someone kill your son or any family member how you fell? . I want to stop this war

I think the Syrian civil war is run as a proxy war by the US and its allies to keep the region unstable. There is no way that ISIS would be able to have so many weapons without the state support of many countries... The fact that the MSM fails to even raise this question of how they got all their tanks and endless supply of ammo, tells you all you need to know. This is not a war that is beneficial to any "people", it only benefits the heathens of the military industrial complex and the masters of the universe behind the curtain!

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The Syrian war?
Another attention booster! Whenever this topic races through my head I ponder over the contrast between opinions of those that place state the center and those that characterise the war as being proxy. Nevertheless I ll give my piece of mind although it tilts towards an institutional point of view.
Russia invaded Afghanistan but the Middle East begins to sing their praises when it comes to tackling western democracies that seem to eavesdrop in Syrian affairs. The United States interfered in Vietnamese and Libyan affairs yet Libya is not Vietnam. One still calling it a kind of proxy war or an extension of the Cold War needs to put at the back of his mind the existence of limits in international relations and diplomacy.I have brought the issue of the so called proxy actors here first because it seems to be the path most observers follow, forgetting that these States are just entities that govern according to the rules of the departments that organize them. They rule by the rules. They promote their own interests. The button under the North Korean leader's desk can testify.
Now let's go the Syrian way. I see Bashar Al Assad as one who burns all bridges inadvertently now. I d term it "playing economics on politics" when it's supposed to be the other way round, at least for the survival of a dictator.My opinion is that things have changed drastically but his dispositions towards the unrest seem to make a double standard appeal,hence the thoughts of a Cold War extension. Syria will be fine as I believe the war is just a mild and misleading reflection of what exactly goes on inside. Assad is really desperate and this has continued to frustrate his ploy and that of the rebels.
What exactly do I think about the war? A manifestation of the slow adoption of changes in reaction to public policy. I also see it as a 21st century pioneer of the trend "winner takes all even when it means total wreakage" as we can see in Libya. Syrian internal politics unfortunately needs a turn but how sturdy is it to withstand the contrast between the ongoing trouble of public and foreign policy.
Bashar Al Assad. You ve got work to do!

I try to not follow the events, I know it is important to keep up with the news and understand what is going on around the world but it doesn't help my mental health.

I can't see any way to end without UN peace keeping troops

If the current regime collapses massacres will happen (by extremists who are in power of most of the opposite forces) against minorities especially alawites, christians and druzes and mostly civilians because now (according to opposite speeches) they take responsibility for the survival of the regime because of their support or even silence.

If the current regime stays this means also revenge acts on civilians who hosted the rebels, I can say that many soldiers in the army where killed (and a lot killed in inhuman ways ) and these soldiers' relatives enrolled in army (or in national defense forces which was created to support the army), you can see that the regime is currently doing this by sieging some areas and leaving civilians to die of hunger unless they push the rebels to surrender.

I really do not know what to think about war, I know innocent people will die. I know both sides think they are right. I know both sides are wrong. I know the leaders of both side do not really care about the people. And I know there will be a lot of death, destruction, and finger pointing both during and after the war. I know the only way to win a war is for both sides to not fight. But I also know that when someone has something that they want, I mean really want, then they are going to do whatever it takes to get it. Wars are no longer about expansion, they are about contracting the power down to as few people as possible, and those few people do not give a shit about anyone.

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Syirian war is an attempt of two Giant countries to show the world their power. And this is not apart from their respective interests.

I was so sad and sympathy to the Syrian's people because it is the largest amount since world war II. More than 470 thousand people were killed, and more than a million wounded. About 85% of those still alive had lost their job, this condition is exacerbated by the scarcity of food. Million of children can not enjoy their school needs, it is really sad.

holy shit do you have any references?

I think the war in Syria is all about their Central Bank.

RT says...

Syria’s Central Bank is state-owned & controlled – In other words, it manages its national currency so that it serves the Syrian people and not the Rothschild-controlled global bankers operating from their New York, London, Frankfurt, Tel Aviv, Basel and Paris hideouts.

There are only a handful of nations who own their own central banks. We (the US and allies) have taken down a few in the last decade. (Libya was going to bring out a gold based currency for all of Africa and the world.)

The remaining banks owned by their respective countries include: Cuba, North Korea, Iran. Now you know why the war drums beat against these countries...

The 5 or 6 family dynasties which own all the other central banks in the world are responsible for the biggest scam in human history. They create money out of thin air, loan it to governments and charge interest. Creating debt as money is a scam, since the debt can never be repaid. They milk the entire world except about 4 countries...

This war, I pray is over soon

The war in Syria is looks like a stadium for US and Russia to test it's millitary might. Syria became a playground of death.

Syria's war is just one reflection of human being´s savage nature...It is totally absurd, why those people can´t just take away its differences and to move ahead thogether for the future of its own country??

I think it's important to consider that it isn't "the people". It is only corrupt politicians doing these things. The people want only to live in peace.

Like all wars I think the war in Syria means old men talking and young men dying. It’s more of a business and power conflict rather than a conflict on ideologies/beliefs.

I think its difficult to know what's really going on because most of us can only go by what we see in the media, and how can we trust them all the time?
I think most of the troops from around the world that were fighting over there or over in Afghanistan wouldn't even be able to tell you what they are doing over there, Only the top generals probably know what's really going on. Maybe I have just watched to many conspiracy theories.

Syria will erase in this entire world, because of the american idiots. The people of Syria only depend his freedom to live. Did you notice what american do to Iraq. They massacre. and killed Saddam. in a terms of they have weapon of mass destruction. But The idiots American. found nothing. where is HUMANITY? |Why Syria and other Country who is want to live to their own fat of the land. Fucking American idiots. PRAY FOR SYRIA POEPLE, THEY WANT ONLY TO LIVE FREELY TO HIS HOME COUNTRY.

just so you know, Americans didn't want this. some of our corrupt politicians did. Our people are kind and loving. Our politicians are the problem.

I care about your thoughts. But what what your citizen are doing? What everyone of you did nothing? And why all of you voted for that corrupt official? Are you are afraid of them? stand what the right is? Fight for the humanity. we are only live once in this planet. all we have to do is do with the right things.fight for the right to live freely for all humanity of the world not only for the power of rich people who is in power with being selfies.Look at what happen in Syria and other country the life of the youth being destroy they are all killed for the bombing of American Tyranny. They are little children without sin all of them are innocent. Ohh My God I pray not for the children who is suffering from the pain. Because now all of them are in GOD Hands in heaven!!But I was praying to those people who is trying to killed all of the people who want only to live freely. God Forgive them for his sinners! Amen

If You are caring kind and Loving do it with your dignity, do it and show to the entire world to help,do your work not only for your words I am so sorry, I just wanted to waking up not only you. please spread my words to your community. I am not a Syrian I am only one humanity that love people in any kind of human race.

Not sure the answer, but what I do know is that both sides needs to be dearmed with all the shit that is being pumped in from the East and the West. No Fly Zone should be HUGE and enforced with immediate taxing sanctions on those countries for violations.

the solution to government is not more government. we can stop any war simply by removing the corrupt parties on both sides. power to the people.

I will not talk much. The war that began one man, a war that can end one person. War in which the death on the conscience of one person. But, for these crimes, the entire entourage of this person, with him at the head, should be responsible, from Kaliningrad to Komsomolsk on the Amur. Have you watched the series "Ates Bocegi", or "Serenity"? Nothing reminds? March of the aircraft-carrying cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov"))) towards Syria .... devourers!

In case you want to know the whole war process check this video out:

Congratulations to winners of Question51: What would you do if the world was ending in 24 hours from now?

I don't know a lot about the situation, but it really seems like corruption to me. I bet Asad is just doing a money/power grab to let Russia dig around in his country. I fear that he wants to clear out the dissidents so Russia can have a "stable" foreign base. Proxy war stuff.

In the end this is probably a response to the Israel obsession of Reagan-loving US Republicans. There is a really weird culture in the US that if you're not utterly insane about Israel you're an anti-Semite, but if you look back at the history, it seems pretty clear that while the some religious books claim the land for Jews, there were people who actually held that land at the time. Anyway kind of off topic, but yeah I feel like Syrian war prob has a lot to do with proxy war corruption.

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