Reminder: First Chapter Contest Deadline Approaching!

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Tick tock! We're on the clock! The deadline for our Chapter One contest is coming up fast. We have some fantastic entries already, but hope to see more. We love offering these types of challenges because they seem to draw talent out of the woodwork. With our new front-end site and publishing house launch just around the corner, it's no wonder we're scouring the Steemiverse for content creators!

So far, we have entries from the following people, listed in alphabetical order:


If we've missed anyone, please let us know right away. To enter, please leave a link to your post or Google document in the comments on our original contest announcement post.

For details about this contest, please see THE ORIGINAL POST. There's still plenty of time to enter, and we hope that you do!


Thank you so much for your submission!

Thank you so much for your submission!

Here is my entry. The genre is children's fantasy. Thank you for the contest :)

Thank you so much for your submission!

Thank you so much for your submission!

How exciting! Thanks for the opportunity TWB!

Hey @johnthefelon - your entry isn't listed? Did you leave a comment with the link on the original competition post when you posted your entry?
E x

My entry is in its final edit - I should be sharing it soon! Looking forward to the feedback on it, but I already had a blast writing it. First time I’ve ever written fiction, so fingers crossed!

Still putting the final touches on, but soon, heh.

This is a fabulous contest. Thanks for having it! :)

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