Art/Graphic Design Contest - Steem: The Gateway to Cryptocurrency

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The last Steem Meme Contest was a huge success. Let's do it again!

This contest will be based around the theme Steem: The Gateway to Cryptocurrency.

Entries can be in the form of professional looking graphics or memes.

Here are a few examples of graphics that have been created in the past:
(They do not have to be animated in order to qualify, although motion does obviously help to grab attention.)

^ from @rannarvasa1

^ from @kyriacos

^ from @overkillcoin

The rules of the contest are:

  • Entries should be images/gifs/memes that are related to the theme Steem: The Gateway to Cryptocurrency.
  • You must permit the community to use the image(s) (royalty free) for promotional purposes.
  • Submissions must be made as a reply to this post with a link to the image file, so that the image shows up in the comments below. (You can also create a post on your own personal blog, but just be sure to include the image as a reply here too.)
  • Users are able to make as many submissions as they would like.
  • The winners will be chosen by me (based on my subjective opinion). I will take upvotes and comments from other users into account, but they will not necessarily be the deciding factor.
  • Submissions will be accepted until the payout period of this post is closed.
  • Winners will be declared and paid within 24 hours of the contest ending.

One thing to keep in mind:

Be sure to promote Steem (not Steemit).

The prizes are:

  • First Place: 50 STEEM
  • Second Place: 30 STEEM
  • Third Place: 20 STEEM

I'm very excited to see what everyone comes up with!


Hey @timcliff , I tried something different :p (please open it on new tab for better resolution)


  • date on the graphic is when steem first joined the exchange market

Here is my entry , about which I also made a post:

Update : Here is the new one, with the fix resizing all images. Also added a couple of dapps.

Steem The Gateway to Cryptocurrency.gif


There is a little black line that shows up on the bottom of a few of the images, can that be easily fixed?

I am not seeing any black line, however, I have the original images, which is used for animation. I can share them, and you can have a look and then we animate again ? May be we can discuss on discord ?

Also I missed adding utopian, so I can add couple in the first image to make it look better.

Looks great!!

Hey @timcliff, I made a Drake no/yes meme. In the first part, the police shows a "cigarette" which is considered as a GATEWAY DRUGS or GATEWAY TO DRUGS along with alcohols and drake says no. In the second part, the police shows Steem which is a GATEWAY TO CRYPTOCURRENCY and Drake likes it:)



lololol ... how cool is this! I was laughing so much right now ... yeahh, I am addicted to steem, I have to admit that :)

Thanks for that man:) HAHAHAHAHAHA

Still laughing ... Yeahhhhh, you're more than welcome!

Here is mine.
I uses a search kinda animation.
Inkman Steem.gif

This is awesome!! Can you slow down the last two slides though (where there is a lot of text)? It disappears before I think most people can read it.

Okay what i did was to freeze the parts you pointed out for few seconds respectively. If you want me to freeze it for longer, I can still do that.

Hi @timcliff, I created my own idea of Steem as The Gateway to Cryptocurrency. I made a gif in which "Steem" is the vault and inside the vault is the cryptocurrencies. Basically, It means that Steem is the gateway to cryptocurrency.

Please open it on a new tab for a better resolution:)


Okay. I actually designed a 2 different gifs for Steem as the gateway to cryptocurrency.

Gateway 2.gif

Hope it does the job.

Second Entry for the Contest:




SteemThe Gateway to Cryptocurrency Entry 2..gif


Hi @timcliff, here's my entry. Thanks

Can you do an alternate version that uses the word “stuff”? :)

LOL, here you are sir! ;)


And with a slight colour variation - bringing in the steemit greeny-blue...


Hi again @timcliff, I've made an animated version of this as well.


Read more here

Here is my gif design.
Hope you like it

Post: Here

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I don't think the STEEM themed RPG that I'm making in RPG Maker will qualify for this... :P If anyone makes a truly hilarious STEEM Monsters Themed gif as the gateway to crypto, I'll throw a common foil Zintar Mortalis summoner card into the prize pool.

Edit: Remember the part about you needing to own the rights as Tim Cliff mentioned above!

Awesome... I will try one.

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So I would need to do a hand drawn Steem Monster to qualify

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Have rexxie poop a steaming pile the steem logo then it is a magic gateway for all the neanderthals to get into crypto... mmm needs rethinking .

steem gateway 2 (350px, 25fps).gif
Your Mind, first Gateway to Cryptocurrency

nice work on this one!


My sixth entry to the contest @timcliff

My seventh entry to the contest @timcliff

Greetings, @timcliff. This is my third entry to the contest. May the force be with us.

"Always in motion is the future": Steem.

Hahaha! My fourth entry to this contest, for today. Greetings. Remember young Padawan: "Always on the move is the future": Steem.

Hi. This is the first time that I participate in one of these memes contests. I hope you like it.

My quick mock up for a Light show in St Louis...

I will do a drawing of this when I get to my computer...


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Here's my entry!

I love that one most.
You could also produce a version with: a hurricane, a supersonic plane and another fast running animal (a hyena maybe). Or just mix a little more. More suggestions: a long-distance jumping insect, the quickest submarine, ISS's peed, the fastest cell growth, the fastest moving asteroid ...

How about a German version by @limesoda?

Hello, @timcliff. This is my first entry to the Art / Graphic Design Contest contest - Steem: The Gateway to Cryptocurrency


steem gateway Copy (345px, 25fps).gif
Your Mind, first Gateway to Cryptocurrency

my Entry every time when i got some cents :D :D newbiess of steemit can understand this :D


Lol that's cheating!
Of course the cat meme gets the most upvotes! :)

hahaha thats not cheating thats fact :D

Oh this looks like a fun one! Not sure if I'll have time but resteeming for sure :)

Be sure to promote Steem (not Steemit)

Is the old three blue waves the Steem logo and the new circle Steemit? Or is the Steemit logo just the Steem logo as well? Genuine question.

Edit: Found the answer here

Is still the logo

Hello, @timcliff this is my second entry to the contest.

Wow it's really awesome contest dear
shared on twitter

Greetings, community. Here is my second entry to the contest sponsored by @timcliff

Greetings, community. Here's my third entry to the contest sponsored by @timcliff:

Hello, @timcliff my fifth entry to this contest:

If we must own the rights why is the first example of cyanide and happiness?

Good call. Rules updated.

I am not a good designer and also I don't have graphic designing software. I already have lost this chance. Congratulations to winners in advance.

Some entries with a whale of a theme (click here and see bottom of post for blooper reel)

Hello @timcliff. My images to participate are:

Steem gateway 2.png

Steem gateway 1.PNG

The post with the images is this

Thanks for the contest. Awaken the creativity of the steemians.

this is my 2da entry to the contest @timcliff


Excellent contest @timcliff. I'm already working on the idea to present.

I'm not good at art myself but this is a great example of how we can crowdsource on the Steem platform.

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Hello, this is my entry to the contest @timcliff


My second entry to the @timcliff contest

This is my entry to the contest @timcliff:


When will this event end? I am making an animation.

When the post payout closes. (Seven days from the time it was posted.)

Upvoted and Retweeted to get you more entries....

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Wow those are some great prizes ... will have to submit something .

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continue to succeed in steemit. Hopefully this article is useful for others to be an inspiration. and continue to create scientific works.

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Great concept . I am interested . I will try to stay with this contest .

Great contest... Steem is the best.

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