Narrator: Die or Change!

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Did you know that the phrase "internet connection" means dial-up back in the 90s? When I first had internet, broadband and wifi were unknown but modem screech sound was heard all over the house.

Since I started using the net, I still remember Friendster where I could easily connect with my friends abroad. But that's not where I began, I can't forget the chatrooms where I learned emoticons, netiquettes, and endless debates. The internet is really about social interaction so Facebook is at the forefront here.

Hey, let's talk about niches! My first experience using the internet for a niche I would say is about trivia, i.e. researching and publishing noteworthy info but there's no Google back then, AltaVista was my first search engine.

When I became interested in making info retrieval as a career, I created an online journal called weblog. Yep, I became an infologist (an edublogger of Filipino trailblazers) who collated profiles of interesting personalities. Eventually, I joined Wikipedia, Urban dictionary, and Quora because of local info I wanted to share to their list too.

In the early days of blogs, I was making money online through ads but when it weakened I sold books on Amazon and #LoveMe I'm a Person t-shirt on Teespring. Whether it's fiction or non-fiction writing, I did it for free on Wattpad just to remove stress and negativity. Still lacking, so I went into freelance jobs like web designer and translator. I've also added memes posting to blockchains such as Steemit, Whaleshares, Minds, and Narrative as we can't be sure what the future of jobs, money, and connections will be to websites today.

When I have time to enjoy, I play chess on PC, but with the rise of role-playing games, I have joined multiplayer games like MU and Ragnarok. I stopped playing addictively when my oldest girl was born. About 9 years later I started gaming again, it's Mobile Legends, not on a PC but a smartphone running the internet.

It's nice that we're online, you're connected, you have a niche too and can do fun and meaningful things no matter where you are in the world.

Indeed, I'm an active digizen and this is my edited appearance now (thanks to the notorious FaceApp), walling with my meme for you.

This means that, wherever you are as a digizen or narrator, if you don't grow old or die in cyberspace (aka the digital world), it will change you. I wish you all the best if you are just getting started. Ha!

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